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Roleplaying Games Glossary

This glossary is comprised of gamer slang, RPG terms, common quotes and cliche "rules" that apply to a wide range of systems. There are currently 815 entries.

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  • Juicer - a character who derives his powers from the introduction of drugs into his system, usually a combination of powerful ability-enhancing pharmaceuticals.
  • Geas - a spell or enchantment intended to compel (force) a person to complete a specific task or perform a specific action.
  • Cactus up the ass - used to describe a no-win situation, usually as a half-mocking reply to the GM.
  • Module - a published adventure, usually designed and written by someone other than the GM, often containing maps, location descriptions, NPC dialog, and artwork.
  • Gamer - someone who regularly participates in console, live-action, online, board, miniature or roleplaying games.
  • Cheese cloth ribcage - the physical property of a vampire's chest that allows it to be punctured by any half-hearted stab with a sharp wooden object.
  • Iron rations - foodstuffs designed to withstand the rigorous hazards of dungeon exploration without spoiling.
  • Playtesting - running scenarios for a group of players who have created "throw away" characters with little or no background, for the purpose of testing the rules, game balance, and overall playability of a system.
  • Fighter mage thief - (also: lesbian stripper ninja, vampire werewolf, Navy seal ninja hacker) - derogatory term for a character that combines a number of specially trained, unlikely concepts in an attempt to be stealthy, deadly, sexy, agile, and smart at the same time.
  • Farnsworth combat - a combat system where injury causes no negative effects until the character runs out of hit points, he fights normally until he falls over dead.