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This glossary is comprised of gamer slang, RPG terms, common quotes and cliche "rules" that apply to a wide range of systems. There are currently 815 entries.

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  • "Can you form some sort of rudimentary lathe?" - phrase used to offer facetious and unhelpful advice; quoting "Galaxy Quest".
  • TS:SI - abbreviation for "top secret/sensitive information".
  • PC halo - (also: PC tattoo) a convenient excuse some GMs use to encourage characters to make initial contact, interact, and form a party.
  • "What's your marching order?" - phrase uttered by GMs to tell players to arrange their miniatures, or make statements describing their character's relative positions.
  • Train - the act of fleeing while being chased by a group of foes.
  • Potty Rule - PCs never need to use a bathroom.
  • "All your base are belong to us!" - humorous way of saying that you intend to take, or have taken, your foe's territory and supplies; quoting the game "Zero Wing".
  • Bolt from the blue - random damage (or the threat thereof) applied to a PC, usually as punishment for the player's actions.
  • Stupid paladin - refers to characters forced by the GM to behave according to their alignment, even if said behavior is stupid or suicidal.
  • Stinking cloud - a magic spell which causes clouds of caustic green vapor to be emitted by the caster, or the after-effects of a player eating fast food.