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This glossary is comprised of gamer slang, RPG terms, common quotes and cliche "rules" that apply to a wide range of systems. There are currently 815 entries.

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  • "Yoink!" - a word that translates to, "I like that idea so much I'm stealing it (for my game)".
  • "Have fun storming the castle!" - phrase used when a party is about to set out on an adventure, especially in an epic story or when fighting against the odds, meant as a humorous form of "good luck"; quoting "The Princess Bride".
  • Saving throw - a die roll to determine if a character can avoid the effects of a spell, poison, fire, trap, or other adverse circumstance; any attempt to avoid harm.
  • Boffer - (also: dobber) any foam-rubber weapon employed in a LARP game.
  • "Fezzik, jog his memory" - phrase instructing the strongest, and usually largest, character in the party to violently extract information; quoting "The Princess Bride".
  • Smoking Morleys - keeping secrets, being secretive, spying, or having a clandestine meeting; originates from "The X-Files".
  • "Would you classify that as a launch problem or a design problem?" - phrase used when a device fails to work, or a plan goes awry; quoting "Real Genius".
  • Crossover - when two or more genres are mixed together for one story or game, or when characters from one genre visit another.
  • Yotz - curse word similar to "heck", most often used as a noun or expletive; originates from "Farscape".
  • Wolverine clone - a superhero character based upon the Marvel comics character Wolverine, or any character who is blatantly ripped off from any popular character from TV, comics, movies or computer games.