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Roleplaying Games Glossary

This glossary is comprised of gamer slang, RPG terms, common quotes and cliche "rules" that apply to a wide range of systems. There are currently 815 entries.

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  • Run - to referee an adventure or campaign; to act as the game master.
  • PineSol Law - in fantasy games, all elves should use flora types or sun references in their names.
  • Hail of bullets - phrase describing a combat or attack with a tremendous amount of gunplay.
  • Take point - to move to the foremost position along the line of advance; to travel at the front of the party, a position usually occupied by someone with exceptional perception or combat ability.
  • Party Compulsion Rule - a PC never leaves the party after they join it, unless they are killed.
  • Inner Ackbar - the tiny, morose voice inside every gamer who frantically screams, "It’s a trap! " in an attempt to warn him when he’s about to step into a dangerous, potentially catastrophic situation.
  • Rule Zero - players should never give the GM ideas, because he may improvise something dangerous or detrimental to the party.
  • "...born, grew up, became an adventurer" - a character background from a player who puts very little time into such considerations; often used sarcastically in reference to backgrounds which are only marginally more developed than this one.
  • Nixon - a LARPer who, no matter how charming and intelligent in real life, can't roleplay a character who doesn't seem slimy, underhanded and leering.
  • Natural - a number, produced by a die roll, that has been unaltered by adjustments such as bonuses or minuses.