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This glossary is comprised of gamer slang, RPG terms, common quotes and cliche "rules" that apply to a wide range of systems. There are currently 815 entries.

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  • John Steed - to consume inhuman quantities of alcohol in a short period of time and not be in the least affected.
  • Gazebo - a mundane, unimportant item that exists only to provide scene dressing.
  • Butt break - a brief get-up-and-walk-around break taken late in a game session, for the purpose of recharging energy and restoring feeling to certain parts of the body.
  • Mob - a large group of foes that attack together.
  • Game time - measurement of the passage of time in the world of a game; not the actual, literal passage of time according to the clock on the wall in the real world.
  • Chartmaster - derogatory nickname for the Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) roleplaying game Rolemaster, so named for the unusual number of charts that one must consult repeatedly in combat.
  • Inverse Ninja Law - a paradox in games where a single ninja is an extremely dangerous foe, but a group of ninjas can be killed with ease; ninja threat 1/# of ninjas.
  • Player revolt - a situation where one or more players, having spotted the direction the adventure is supposed to go, refuse to play along and fight back; generally a response to railroading.
  • Fetch quest - a mission to find a specific item which will be necessary to advance the storyline.
  • Fanfic - fiction created by an amateur writer, based on characters or situations in a favorite novel, film, comic book, anime or game.