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Penny Arcade
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 News Post: Won’t Someone Think Of The Laws Posted: Wed, 23 Aug 18:21:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: I bounced off LawBreakers, and - like usual - I’m happy to accept the blame.  I couldn’t find it; it’s possible I didn’t try hard enough.  It’s also possible that there is more than one game out right now.  I haven’t checked, but I feel confident. As an adherent of what might be called “old school” shooter, Gabe thinks it is super fun - but the art really bothers him.  We talk about it a little bit in an upcoming podcast.  I don’t have his condition, but I do understand it in some ways.  The first time I ever…

 Comic: Won’t Someone Think Of The Laws Posted: Wed, 23 Aug 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Won’t Someone Think Of The Laws

 News Post: PAX WEST PINPOCALYPSE! Posted: Mon, 21 Aug 21:44:00 PST (Gabe)
Gabe: I remember when I first conceived the idea of stealing the idea of pin trading from Disney. I hoped that some day it would grow beyond just our Penny Arcade characters and cover all the things we love about games and comics and nerd shit. Never in my wildest imagination could I have foreseen someone at PAX West 2017 trading Garfield and Master Chief. This is seriously an incredible group of pins and I love that a few of them are for good causes. Speaking of which, I did draw the Take This pin. Gamers and mental health are very close to my heart, so I hope you’ll go pick up the pin and…

 News Post: D&D with kids Posted: Mon, 21 Aug 19:10:00 PST (Gabe)
Gabe: My oldest son Gabe is about to turn thirteen and already I can feel him emitting powerful teenager angst rays. One of the things he wanted for this momentous birthday was for me to run a D&D game for his group of friends. Well I ran it on Friday and I have to say that running D&D for twelve year olds is the absolute best thing ever. Especially when itís everyone’s first game and they have no fucking idea what to expect. I let them pick from some pre-generated characters and made them pick names. I know in Tychoís game the kids are roleplaying as kids but at my table they…

 News Post: AMA With Myself and “C” Team Producer Elyssa Posted: Mon, 21 Aug 17:53:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: It’s coming up fast - only an hour or so until noon PDT.  Drop some Qs in here! (CW)TB

 News Post: The Ring Within Posted: Mon, 21 Aug 16:41:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: Sonic fandom is a robust and layered thing. You need a source of energy, of psychic calories, to endure what they have endured.  The good memories generated by a Puyo Puyo reskin or the explosive Sonic Adventure are as subject to entropy as anything else.  There are some for whom it is a matter of identity, an anthro trojan horse driven deep into the consciousness of a nation.  Some are simply very, very fond of the color blue. For Galabriel, it’s bound up in his pledge to an ancient order - he was a Servant of the Master System, and the Genesis inherited his…

 Comic: The Ring Within Posted: Mon, 21 Aug 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: The Ring Within

 News Post: PAX West Q&A Question Form Posted: Sat, 19 Aug 19:23:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: Hey!  I had a couple requests for this on the Twitch channel, and here it is if you have any questions.  We’ve been putting out a lot of new work lately, on various channels, so it’s worth getting this in front of you if you’re curious about one or more of our nefarious tendrils. (CW)TB

 News Post: The Digital Revolution Posted: Fri, 18 Aug 19:00:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: I love Housemarque - Super Stardust HD is one of my favorite games of all time, and defeating it with Kiko is one of my favorite gaming memories.  I thought Resogun was very good also.  Now they’re dropping this Matterfall shit, and it’s bonkers but I love it too. As an adult, I was surprised and delighted to learn that Hair Metal (I’m aware there are more technical terms, subgenres which begat subgenres, etc.) continued to progress elsewhere in the world after it stopped being a going concern here.  That is the ground Housemarque treads: they make arcade…

 Comic: The Digital Revolution Posted: Fri, 18 Aug 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: The Digital Revolution