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 Comic: Lil’ Heretics Posted: Fri, 25 May 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Lil’ Heretics

 News Post: Lil’ Heretics Posted: Fri, 25 May 05:37:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: I’ve heard a bunch of really amazing shit about the new Warhammer 40k stuff; the last time I played my Necrons, games still took six hours.  From friends, it sounds like it’s hitting that ribald, skirmish scale that attracted me to Warmahordes and Infinity.  And let me be clear: I feel like that was six hours well spent.  I just don’t have time like that all in a row these days.  I’m willing to put up with a lot of horseshit when it comes to my tiny men, and I didn’t mind how it comported itself mechanically.  I was into it. But it was…

 News Post: Mumm-Wha?! Posted: Wed, 23 May 19:11:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: I didn’t really live in the Eighties people lionize, let alone lion-o.  I wasn’t allowed to like the music and shows people recall with such fondness.  I always mention this, but the extra part you should know is that I didn’t feel hard-done by it generally.  I didn’t resent it.  I believed in the mechanism that was being used to curate my mental diet:  I understood that the Devil was using the culture to mainstream concepts like witchcraft and, yes, even premarital sex. So the way it worked was that you would be watching cartoons and then…

 Comic: Mumm-Wha?! Posted: Wed, 23 May 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Mumm-Wha?!

 News Post: Divine Posted: Mon, 21 May 20:25:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: Gabriel’s experience with RPGs is a smattering of potent imports from Japan, the occasional Dragon Age game, and Mass Effect.  No Wizardry, no Ultima, no Bard’s Tale, no Gold Box, and certainly no Baldur’s Gate - the inheritor of that august fraternity.  No classic Fallouts.  And no Planescape. What I mean to say by this is that the literary branch of the RPG typically constrained to the PC is not really in his experience.  It was once a point of contention: as proof, I offer a comic strip nearly old enough to vote.  So when he told me he was…

 Comic: Divine Posted: Mon, 21 May 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Divine

 News Post: Lexcalibur Posted: Fri, 18 May 20:04:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: My fever keeps riding a data set that, at its highest point, I think I can see; I’m traversing it on a kind of minecart.  I don’t mind.  Sometimes the thinking is disordered, and sometimes it is oddly interactive and sometimes it is revelatory.  I can see sages of the past from here, and they wave to me.  I wave back. Gabe and I have often responded to queries of the form “what will you do in the future” with what I think is a fairly typical response for people who make stuff, which is to say “make stuff for kids.”  Depending on the…

 Comic: Lexcalibur Posted: Fri, 18 May 16:42:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Lexcalibur

 News Post: Ask Me About My Weird God Posted: Wed, 16 May 17:26:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: We played a bit of Battle Chasers: Nightwar back when it hit on Big Machines, got to the point where we realized that we felt very good about what they were doing, found some bugs and then waited for the Switch version which just came out. Like I said when it came out, Battle Chasers was a book he could reliably get me to read when we were living together.  It kinda came out when it came out, but I was playing a lot of D&D back then and seeing some of those classic ideas through that lens was fascinating.  Of course, as we suggest in the strip, Gabriel’s worship of Joe Mad…

 Comic: Ask Me About My Weird God Posted: Wed, 16 May 14:44:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Ask Me About My Weird God