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 News Post: Crop Rotation Posted: Wed, 23 Jan 18:12:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: So, the first session of Brightgrave went so well that the players were hankering for a second session before the weekend was over - seems like a good sign.  I don’t even play in the campaign and I still parse it well.  As I have previously suggested, you and I can only benefit from this: the site functions as a clearing house for the things we make, so it’s only a matter of time before this novel, field-tested work is distilled into a strong, clear liquor here. I’m still pushing for a deeper integration for some of my content, in the same way the hateful seed…

 Comic: Crop Rotation Posted: Wed, 23 Jan 08:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Crop Rotation

 News Post: Brightgrave 1 Posted: Mon, 21 Jan 23:19:00 PST (Gabe)
Gabe: Jerry is a pro when it comes to streaming his D&D games, and I can do it when summoned, but I much prefer to run my games at home and without an audience. That being said, I just started a new campaign and Iíd like to share it with you all because making things and showing you is what I do. So in lue of a streamed game Iíll be doing updates here on the site. I will include art and photos of props when applicable. Iíll post maps and rules that we make up as we go. Basically Iíll do my best to make sure those of you who want to, can follow along at home as we build this world of…

 News Post: New DM Smell Posted: Mon, 21 Jan 20:29:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: Seeing as the cliffhanger for the last Acquisitions Incorporated game at Unplugged had one Jim Darkmagic standing atop a small elevated stage while no less than six articulated saws tried to make his insides outsides.  Coulda gone a couple ways. Independent of actually watching him and knowing for yourself the level of fucking execution the man is capable of, Jeremy Crawford is Chris Perkins’ DM.  I feel like that is a very succinct way of establishing his credentials.  But!  We also had WWE Superstar Xavier Woods at the table.  I got in trouble with Sony PR…

 Comic: New DM Smell Posted: Mon, 21 Jan 16:21:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: New DM Smell

 News Post: ‘Tis Better Posted: Fri, 18 Jan 14:05:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: Of course, the latest version of the story dutifully presented to is that - let me see if I have this correctly - all games exist in a kind of superposition in a silvery twilight realm, at once real and not real, so the open world game they used to distract us from the previous, higher profile cancellation served its purposeÖ?  We posit a quantum conundrum in today’s . incomparable strip. For me, Electronic Arts is now the company that pays Respawn to make games and honestly that’s fine.  I guess they also make the sports games that Gabriel plays for two…

 Comic: ‘Tis Better Posted: Fri, 18 Jan 08:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: ‘Tis Better

 News Post: Audacious Posted: Wed, 16 Jan 21:12:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: I push The Three-Body Problem on every-fuckin’-body.  People usually say it dips in the middle and finishes strong, but I can’t really agree with that - I think the story in general becomes something we’re not supposed to fully understand.  To explain why would be telling.  But the first volume is legitimately substantial and I went after it like a porterhouse. I pushed it on Gabriel for a specific reason: there is a concept in there that may be one most profound I’ve ever encountered in or out of fiction and I wanted to make sure he knew about it…

 Comic: Audacious Posted: Wed, 16 Jan 08:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Audacious

 News Post: My new D&D Campaign Posted: Mon, 14 Jan 22:11:00 PST (Gabe)
Gabe: Itís been about eight years since I ran a home campaign but Iíve decided to start another one. My players are going to be my wife Kara along with my friends Amy the Falcone and Levin Sadsad. I asked them if they wanted to play straight up D&D or if I could futz with it a little bit. They all agreed that they were up for some futzing and so I went to work building out a little custom campaign setting. So we will be playing D&D 5e but it will be set in the world of Brightgrave. Hereís what the players know so far. BRIGHTGRAVE Not much is known about the events that took place…