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Penny Arcade
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 News Post: Marketopathogen Mist Posted: Fri, 20 Sep 19:09:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: I did a search for E3 Leaks, to get something I could put in the post about their recently exposed presentation about the future of the event, but the article that came up first was about another, different leak.  Generally speaking the “dunks” on this presentation refer to some of the language used, and that’s the ground we cover in the strip.  It’s hilarious, but it also feels weird to read, which is why it’s travelled so far.  But the idea that they want to add life to the show by actively recognizing the texture of the moment we live in…

 Comic: Marketopathogen Mist Posted: Fri, 20 Sep 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Marketopathogen Mist

 News Post: Endgame Posted: Wed, 18 Sep 17:55:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: Because I spend so much time thinking about Theranos, I must have thought that Gabe did as well, even though that’s not how thinking works and every moment of our union would have indicated otherwise.  For my part, I think about it a lot. He couldn’t believe what he was watching, which is the correct response - to be utterly dumbfounded by it.  I would say that Scientology and Theranos are two of my bugaboos, real molecules of fear, because in either case they are about people that have caused reality to bend around them.  The ramifications of male thirst in this…

 Comic: Endgame Posted: Wed, 18 Sep 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Endgame

 News Post: Vampirism Posted: Mon, 16 Sep 19:37:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: The first roleplaying game I ever got Mike to play - this was back in high school, so at a much less amenable point of orientation toward the Table - was Mage: The Ascension.  Yes, that’s correct.  I started a neophyte player with a game about the interplay of philosophy, belief, and magic, which is to say, I pushed him head-first into the deep-end of an empty pool.  That’s kinda my move. Mage is the little brother of Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse, which you might know better.  I played Vampire in high school, like most people who were…

 Comic: Vampirism Posted: Mon, 16 Sep 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Vampirism

 News Post: Fifo Posted: Fri, 13 Sep 19:01:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: I stopped playing mobile games that weren’t by Nintendo when it became clear that most games on phones don’t actually function under the circumstances you want them most, or when I do at least, which is on planes.  I’ve had this policy for a while now and I’ve been well served by it.  Even games you wouldn’t think would necessarily be stymied by a lack of data join this dark fraternity of useless lures. I didn’t really give a shit about Apple Arcade at first; like I said Wednesday, this is just the phase of play we’re in and only once…

 Comic: Fifo Posted: Fri, 13 Sep 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Fifo

 News Post: Call Of Daddy Posted: Wed, 11 Sep 18:13:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: I definitely can’t keep track of this kind of shit anymore, and I don’t think it’s only because my advanced age has converted the tender parts of my brain into porous bone.  I think it’s because increasingly what’s required to Open The Seals of a beta is indistinguishable from some morally tenuous blood ritual.  The shortcut, invariably, is whatever subscription service the publisher happens to be offering now.  If you have worked in IT at all you’ve seen centralization and decentralization occur many, many times, but wow.  I guess…

 Comic: Call Of Daddy Posted: Wed, 11 Sep 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Call Of Daddy