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Penny Arcade
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 News Post: Cataclysm Posted: Mon, 22 Jul 19:52:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: We have a strip about it later this week, all of this SDCC-ness, but man.  I think going to it as long as I did, particularly in the way that I did, messed me up somehow.  It remains now in the form of a recurring Naked School dream, a succession of interpersonal challenges each a little more beyond my ken, coupled with the constant, jungle awareness of a low level, perfectly plain, but plausibly deniable enmity.  Also, if you want to see the blue blood crawling beneath a person’s face, the lighting there is optimally calibrated for it. Occasionally a dangerous…

 Comic: Cataclysm Posted: Mon, 22 Jul 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Cataclysm

 News Post: Transmutation Posted: Fri, 19 Jul 20:46:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: Sometimes when you are endeavoring to create something exaggerated and ridiculous specifically to make light of something, you end up with the game suggested in the third panel which… I would play, frankly.  After getting into Gaslands, in truth, I think there’s no beloved toy that could not find its truest expression being carefully, affectionately modeled in a wargame.  Also, the young man in the strip is my son.  He got big, somehow. My oldest Warmachine figurines are all chunks of heavy metal, dangerous and poky, such that they could be hurled at the wall and…

 Comic: Transmutation Posted: Fri, 19 Jul 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Transmutation

 News Post: Thy Neighbor’s House Posted: Wed, 17 Jul 19:03:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: I thought Dragon Quest Builders was cool but Dragon Quest Builders 2, with it’s promise of a multiplayer endgame existing in perpetuity and a commitment to ongoing content, essentially dominates my free time.  It’s all being poured into this tiny device.  I will watch Gabe stream it while also playing it, in an effort to “hack” living such that I can experience more of it within the clutching and greedy span capricious fate has allotted me.  I run this battery into the ground daily, and then must resort to - avert your eyes, Mother - playing in docked…

 Comic: Thy Neighbor’s House Posted: Wed, 17 Jul 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Thy Neighbor’s House

 News Post: I love DQB2! Posted: Tue, 16 Jul 17:28:00 PST (Gabe)
Gabe: Thanks to the folks who stopped by my Dragon Quest Builders 2 stream last night. If you watch the VOD you can see all kinds of goofy stuff happening on the screen while I’m playing. I remember to turn the microphone on after a few minutes. Last night my MixPlay buttons let viewers grow crops and build a little house around my avatar. I had it set up so that people could spend Sparks to “water seeds” and “collect materials” during the stream. So as I was playing, the chat was building little scenes of their own and I’ve got plans for even more elaborate…

 News Post: Virtual Virtue Posted: Mon, 15 Jul 19:32:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: It’s actually true that there is a thing you can use, specifically, a gridded interface you use to place interactive elements and define their behavior.  I’m not saying that to diminish his accomplishment; if anything, it’s to laud them for theirs.  But he has a history of discovering some new concept and then effortlessly mastering it in a way that is profoundly annoying. Do you remember when Flash was a thing?  I mean, obviously Flash is still a thing, like a haunted stump is a thing, but Flash was creating a Web for a little while there that was more like…

 Comic: Virtual Virtue Posted: Mon, 15 Jul 07:01:00 PST (Tycho)
New Comic: Virtual Virtue

 News Post: Call For Enforcers Posted: Fri, 12 Jul 19:03:00 PST (Tycho)
Tycho: There is a lot about PAX that makes it what it is, but it would be very hard to imagine PAX at all without Enforcers.  I know people who attended the show one year, got the help they needed to have a great show from a member of this powerful coalition, and became an Enforcer the next year.  We’re looking to build that world class force for PAX West, and if that sounds like something you’re ready to explore hit up the site and let us know what you think. (CW)TB