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 It’s Retcon Time! Posted: Wed, 04 Dec 13:00:34  
Game Mastering, GMing Advice
Lightning in front of Clock Face
A long time ago… No. Even longer ago than that. Yes. That far back. We’re going to change reality for that long ago, and that change is going to ripple forward into the current time. I’m not talking about going back in time to kill someone we all consider the epitome of evil. I’m also […]

 Headspace: Dystopian Dreams Review Posted: Tue, 03 Dec 12:30:44  
Headspace: Dystopian Dreams Review
There has been a lot of discussion in the past year about cyberpunk as a genre, and the core purpose of the genre. Much of this discussion has focused on the comparison of cyberpunk as an aesthetic versus cyberpunk as a parable. Is it about looking cool as the world burns down around you, or […]

 Behind the Screen–Looking at GM Screens and What We Expect Them to Do Posted: Mon, 02 Dec 12:00:40  
Behind the Screen–Looking at GM Screens and What We Expect Them to Do
GM Screens can be controversial things. A lot of people don’t consider them necessary, and others think they actively create a boundary between players and GMs that should not exist. On the other hand, lots of GMs want to keep their notes and resources hidden from the eyes of the table. I’ll admit that I’m […]

 So You Want to Write an Asian Campaign Setting (Part 1: Historical China) Posted: Fri, 29 Nov 13:00:43  
Approaches and Techniques, Campaigns, Editorials
So You Want to Write an Asian Campaign Setting (Part 1: Historical China)
So you want to try your hand at creating an East Asian Fantasy campaign setting? Start with some valuable research from Daniel Kwan's favourites!

 Unusual Resources Posted: Fri, 29 Nov 13:00:04  
Game Mastering
Unusual Resources
For starters, I’d like to thank the fine folks over at Writing Excuses for sparking this idea in my head with one of their recent podcasts. If you want to hear what they have to say about unusual resources and how it can impact a world or economy, head over to This article is […]

 Gnomecast #80 – Niche Protection Posted: Thu, 28 Nov 13:00:06  
Gnomecast, Angela Murray, J.T. Evans
Gnome Stew's Gnomecast
Join Ang, Jared, and J.T. for a discussion about the meaning of niche protection and how to implement it in your games. Will these gnomes’ niches be protected enough to keep them out of the stew? Download: Gnomecast #80 – Niche Protection Follow Jared at @KnightErrant_JR on Twitter and check out his blog What Do […]

 Roles for Social Encounters Posted: Wed, 27 Nov 12:30:15  
Game Mastering
Roles for Social Encounters
When I was talking with Ang and J.T. on a recent Gnomecast, we were discussing niche protection with characters. The discussion turned to the 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons concept of character roles. Those roles, if you are unfamiliar, are as follows: Controller–Spreads damage or conditions across an area to change the tempo of a […]

 First Time Larp Posted: Mon, 25 Nov 14:06:45  
General, Player Perspective, BEST BIRTHDAY EVER
11 hands all pointing various harry potter-esque wands in to the center
As a long time table top gamer, I’ve played a pretty wide gamut of games. I spent years in crunchy Pathfinder and 3rd edition D&D before my tastes in gaming changed and sent me on the hunt for games that give me the feels. My fun has shifted away from the joy of mechanical mastery […]

 Now I Like Published Adventures Posted: Fri, 22 Nov 13:00:39  
Editorials, adventures, modules
Now I Like Published Adventures
One of the cool things about RPGs is that you constantly evolve through your time in the hobby. One of the bad things about being a blogger for so many years is that everything you ever said is captured for posterity. Seven years ago, I wrote an article about how I did not like published […]

 The RPG Zine Revolution Posted: Wed, 20 Nov 14:00:47  
The RPG Zine Revolution
All the way back in February of this year, Kickstarter hosted an event called Zine Quest, where RPG creators launched a huge variety of projects – short, small, self-contained projects in the form of zines. All told, 108 Zine Quest campaigns were launched in just two weeks. And for me, my eyes were opened to […]