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 Infinite Galaxies Review Posted: Tue, 11 Feb 12:00:10  
Infinite Galaxies Review
Space Opera is one of the earliest genres to enter the roleplaying game space, along with fantasy and cosmic horror. While it’s never quite broken through to the same popularity, space opera is always out there, on the fringes of imagination, waiting to go where no campaign has gone before. If you have never seen […]

 Gnomecast #85 – Decuma Interview with Kimi Hughes Posted: Thu, 06 Feb 13:00:33  
Gnomecast, Decuma, Golden Lasso Games
Gnome Stew's Gnomecast
Join Jared and special guest Kimi Hughes of Golden Lasso Games for a discussion about Kimi’s new game Decuma, on Kickstarter now! Download: Gnomecast #85 – Decuma Interview with Kimi Hughes Check out Decuma, crowdfunding on Kickstarter through March 3rd, 2020. Follow Kimi at @GoldenLassoGirl on Twitter and @GoldenLassoGirl on Instagram, and check out her other work […]

 Moodlists; Making Better Playlists Posted: Wed, 05 Feb 15:30:17  
Game Mastering, GMing Advice, Tools for GMs
Moodlists; Making Better Playlists
I believe anyone would agree that the right kind of music can improve any given situation. However I find that it’s done too similarly to video games; scenes and situations are given one song to codify them. That sort is often insufficient and distracting in tabletops as is, but scenes are typically measured in hours, […]

 GM Currencies and Building Trust Posted: Mon, 03 Feb 12:00:02  
Game Mastering
GM Currencies and Building Trust
I’ve seen some recent discussion online regarding rules that constrain and inform how game moderators modify ongoing narratives in games, and this made me think about why I like GM currencies. In many cases, these narrative changing rules default back to some kind of GM currency, either by providing players with a resource to spend […]

 The Height of Annoyance Posted: Fri, 31 Jan 08:00:02  
The Height of Annoyance
One of my regular groups has been playing a modern paranormal game using Savage Worlds. It’s a mash up of the Dresden Files along with a little bit of the World of Darkness, but with our own spin on the setting. Our eclectic group of supernatural folk include a nervous changeling fae, a rich kid […]

 Troy’s Crock Pot: Intrusion of the Fantastic Posted: Wed, 29 Jan 08:00:37  
Troy’s Crock Pot: Intrusion of the Fantastic
Gamers, such as I, who are devoted to Dungeons and Dragons and similar tabletop experiences, are all about big, showy magic. It’s all about fireballs and magical webs and dazzling color sprays.  And if the spells in the main player’s handbooks aren’t enough, there are usually equally thick supplements replete with even louder, more demonstrative […]

 Destroying Clever Maps Posted: Mon, 27 Jan 13:00:49  
Game Mastering, GMing Advice
Destroying Clever Maps
In the early days of published adventures, quite a few dungeon features were used in a clever* manner to add confusion to the mix. This confusion was largely placed on the shoulders of the players, especially those that tried to create a player map to track where the party had been and where they need […]

 Finish Strong Posted: Fri, 24 Jan 13:00:41  
Game Mastering, GMing Advice, campaigns
Finish Strong
Over the last few years, my gaming group has gotten really good at something… finishing campaigns. We have over the last two years and four campaigns been able to bring our campaigns to a satisfying conclusion before moving to the next game. This is in contrast with nearly all my past gaming where we would […]

 Gnomecast #84 – Without the Books Posted: Thu, 23 Jan 13:00:52  
Gnomecast, Angela Murray, Di
Gnome Stew's Gnomecast
Join Ang, Di, and Senda for a discussion about when and how to run a game without the rule books. Can these gnomes wing it well enough to keep out of the stew? Download: Gnomecast #84 – Without the Books Check out Di’s list of open SRDs here. Follow Di at @DiceQGM on Twitter, and check out […]

 Imp of the Perverse Review Posted: Tue, 21 Jan 12:00:26  
Imp of the Perverse Review
There are times when I am drawn to a game because it seems like a twist to a similar concept that already interests me. Anyone that has read a good number of my reviews knows that I’m an easy mark for urban fantasy and monster hunting games, so a game about hunting monsters inspired by […]