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 A Solution For Drop-Ins, Casuals, And Other Sans Character Players Posted: Wed, 23 Jan 13:00:08  
Tools for GMs, npcs, pregens
The one legged cheetah man? Or the Bindlestiff? Hmmm......
I, like I suspect many GMs, have a “player” that I have difficulty actually getting into a game. There are many reasons for this, but the one I want to focus on is a specific type. They want to play. They like to play, BUT: Read a rulebook? Fill out a character sheet? Come up […]

 Create Your Own Games on Demand Posted: Mon, 21 Jan 14:00:11  
GMing Advice, GMing Community, community
Create Your Own Games on Demand
  Do you have too many games just collecting dust on your bookshelves? Is it a struggle to get your players to try something new? Are you just too busy to finish reading that new tome of a game book?   You are not alone. As Convention Coordinator for the Indie Game Developer Network and […]

 Commitment and Scheduling Posted: Fri, 18 Jan 08:00:05  
Commitment and Scheduling
I’ve written about the agony and frustration of organizing a gaming group before, offering advice on how to coordinate schedules and expressing my frustration when the rest of the group isn’t on the same page. Recently, I was talking with a friend about this subject again and we were commiserating on how hard it is […]

 Game Creatives to Follow in 2019 Posted: Wed, 16 Jan 14:30:52  
Game Making, General
Game Creatives to Follow in 2019
It’s a new year, which means you’ve got an excuse to look for cool new people to inspire you. I’ve curated some of my favorite creators doing cool stuff right now in ttrpgs, and what projects they’re working on. Jabari Weathers Jabari Weathers has been killin the rpg illustration game recently. Their vibrant colors and […]

 Part-Time Gods Second Edition Review Posted: Tue, 15 Jan 13:00:38  
Part-Time Gods Second Edition Review
Enc I had a lot of early influences that led to my later interests. I can just barely remember seeing Star Wars at the drive-in when it came out. The first birthday present I can remember is a toy Batmobile. More to the point, one of the first non-Star Wars movies I can remember seeing […]

 Our game space and some ideas for yours! Posted: Mon, 14 Jan 13:00:03  
Common Problems, Gaming Trends, Nature of GMing
Our game space and some ideas for yours!
WHERE you play the game is important. I mean, it’s not as important as having good people, and a good game, but a well-thought-out game space can enhance the enjoyment of any event. Here are a few design principles that I’ve uncovered in the process of creating game spaces in my own home, and in surveying game spaces in other people’s conventions, stores, and homes.

 An Elementary Alternative to Combat (Fire/Water) Posted: Fri, 11 Jan 15:30:17  
GMing Advice
Fists made of fire and water meet in the center of the picture.
As any number of language classes have taught most of us, stories are what happens when characters who have goals meet people, places, things, or ideas that prevent them from accomplishing those goals. Most of us can probably name off a handful of the more famous ones: “Gnome vs. Nature,” “Gnome vs. Gnome,” “Gnome vs. […]

 Gnomecast #57 – Maintaining Tone Posted: Thu, 10 Jan 13:01:22  
Gnomecast, Angela Murray, Kira Magrann
Gnome Stew's Gnomecast
Join Ang, Kira, Senda, and Wen for tools and tips for maintaining game tone at the table. Can these gnomes keep their tone steady enough to avoid the stew? Download: Gnomecast #57 – Maintaining Tone Keep up with all the gnomes by visiting, following @gnomestew on Twitter, or visiting the Gnome Stew Facebook Page. Check […]

 Missing Session Zero Posted: Wed, 09 Jan 13:00:42  
Game Mastering, GMing Advice
Lonely Chair
As highlighted in a recent GnomeCast, Ang, Matt, and I talked about how to approach session zero and handle launching a campaign. Near the end of the recording, Matt pondered about how to handle a missing player. I decided to create an article (this one!) about that very occurrence. In case you missed the episode, […]

 Troy’s Crockpot: Character Background Generators Posted: Mon, 07 Jan 08:01:01  
Crock Pot, Game Mastering
Troy’s Crockpot: Character Background Generators
When a GM is plotting a campaign, one of the things she or he wants to do is identify points of conflict that will directly affect the player characters. Published adventures will have all sorts of thrilling moments and engaging encounters. But making the story personal can often be what makes it memorable — what […]