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 Camdon Turned Me Into A Vampire–The Introduction Posted: Fri, 20 Sep 11:30:11  
Camdon Turned Me Into A Vampire–The Introduction
One day, a few weeks ago, I received a message from the incomparable Camdon Wright. Camdon asked me if I would be interested in looking at Thousand Year Old Vampire, a single player “journaling” RPG by Tim Hutchings, Kickstarted in November of 2018. When I started reading through the PDF, I was seized with a […]

 Gnomecast #75 – Get to Know an Old Gnome – Phil Vecchione Posted: Thu, 19 Sep 12:00:45  
Gnomecast, Angela Murray, get to know an old gnome
Gnome Stew's Gnomecast
Join Ang as she continues the “Get to Know an Old Gnome” series with one of the original gnomes, Phil Vecchione. Learn Phil’s gaming and blogging origins, his current projects, and his plans for the future. Will this founding gnome keep from finding himself in the stew this week? Download: Gnomecast #75 – Get to […]

 The Indie Game Shelf – Unity Posted: Wed, 18 Sep 12:00:09  
Indie Game Shelf, indie game shelf, unity
The Indie Game Shelf - Unity
Welcome to The Indie Game Shelf! Each article in this series will highlight a different small press roleplaying game to showcase the wide variety of games available. Whether you’re new to the hobby and looking to see what’s out there or you’re a veteran gamer looking for something new, I hope The Indie Game Shelf […]

 Consent in Gaming Review Posted: Tue, 17 Sep 11:30:25  
Reviews, Tools for GMs
Consent in Gaming Review
Generally speaking, I don’t usually review short-form products on Gnome Stew. Additionally, I often don’t do formal reviews for products that are free. I also try very hard not to do reviews for the same company in back to back review articles. This week’s review is going to be a special case. This week, I’m […]

 Playing Non-Verbal Characters Posted: Mon, 16 Sep 13:03:43  
Player Perspective, Tools for GMs, droids
Blue Mustang statue at Denver International Airport -- a large blue mustang, rearing, with glowing red eyes
Image taken by Mike Sinko and used via Creative Commons Attribution license. I recently had the pleasure of playing Bad Horse at the gaming table. Yes, that Bad Horse. Leader of the Evil League of Evil. The Thoroughbred of Sin. Occasional Neigh Sayer. Actual horse. With some handy dandy Monty Python coconuts, what I hoped […]

 Creative Curses Posted: Fri, 13 Sep 12:00:28  
Game Mastering, GMing Advice
Black and White Scary Face
With this being Friday the 13th, I figured I’d roll with a post about curses. There are a multitude of reasons (some with more legitimacy than others) on why we’re so afraid of Friday the 13th. The historical event that I think makes the most sense is the capture and eventual downfall of the Knights […]

 What Games With Asian Settings Get Wrong — and Why They’re Important Anyway Posted: Wed, 11 Sep 13:00:15  
Orientalism is prevalent in western art. Games are no exception.
Oriental Adventure-style games are ahistorical to the point of hilarity, but there's something seductive about them anyway.

 Your Best Game Ever Review Posted: Tue, 10 Sep 11:30:47  
Your Best Game Ever Review
At some point,  I realized that I enjoyed reading about how games work and why, as much as I enjoyed reading and learning new games themselves. While I have gone out of my way, in the past,  to find new books about the process of running and managing RPG campaigns, even if I wasn’t looking, […]

 Gaming with Anxiety Posted: Mon, 09 Sep 08:00:01  
Gaming with Anxiety
I pull up to the house, park out front (not t0o early, I hope), and sit for a moment. I consider briefly taking off again, I’m pretty sure that no one saw me. I’ve known Ken for several years, but that doesn’t take away the gnawing feeling of being out of place. I take a […]

 Find Your Joy Posted: Fri, 06 Sep 08:00:39  
Find Your Joy
If it wasn’t obvious from the fact that I’ve been writing for the Stew since 2014, or that I constantly talk about roleplaying games, let me state for the record that I love gaming. Gaming is such a source of joy in my life that when I was without it, I finally dredged up the […]