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 A War of Attrition Posted: Fri, 21 Sep 07:00:37  
Game Mastering, General, Player Perspective
A War of Attrition
Roleplaying games are this sometimes weird mix of game and storytelling. In old games, story was almost a reluctant side effect of the game’s mechanics, so trying to recapture the magic of certain types of stories in RPGs could be a struggle. Over the years, RPGs have gotten much better about designing mechanics that facilitate […]

 Gnomecast #49 – Wrath & Glory and Iron Edda Accelerated Interview Posted: Thu, 20 Sep 12:56:03  
Gnomecast, Iron Edda, Iron Edda Accelerated
Gnomecast #49 – Wrath & Glory and Iron Edda Accelerated Interview
Join Tracy and Wen in this episode of Gnomecast featuring two gnomes interviewing each other! Learn about Wrath & Glory—the new Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying game that Wen worked on—and Tracy’s new game Iron Edda Accelerated! Will all this awesome game design keep them out of the stew? Download: Wrath & Glory and Iron Edda Accelerated Interview Iron Edda Accelerated […]

 Skipping Stones: RPGs Without Conflict Posted: Tue, 18 Sep 13:00:02  
Editorials, Game Mastering, Gaming Trends
a cozy reading room with natural lighting, a plaid armchair, and stacks of books
Myself and six others gathered around a table strewn with red heart-shaped beads, plush fantasy animals, and adorable character sheets. We were here to play Golden Sky Age, a Dragon Age hack of Golden Sky Stories run by Modifier Podcast host Meghan Dornbrock. Golden Sky Stories is a game about helping friends, village spirits, and celebrating […]

 Pathfinder Playtest Review, Part 1 Posted: Mon, 17 Sep 12:00:44  
Pathfinder Playtest
The big news from the Paizo arena is, of course, their Pathfinder Playtest. I picked up a copy of the physical rulebook at my FLGS about a month ago with the intent of writing a review. Guess what? This is that review. Normally, I have a system for my reviews of RPG products, but I’m […]

 Testing The Float Test: Comparison VS Chi-Square Posted: Fri, 14 Sep 12:30:22  
General, Tools for GMs, chi-square
Seriously? Boil your dice?
Recently I came across another video featuring the float test for testing die fairness. For those not familiar, the float test consists of floating your dice in a dense bath of salt water and repeatedly spinning, rolling, or shaking them and letting them settle to see if a certain face or set of faces routinely […]

 Troy’s Crock Pot: Two Pages That’ll Save Your Session Posted: Wed, 12 Sep 07:01:24  
Troy’s Crock Pot: Two Pages That’ll Save Your Session
The big, bad villain.   You know, your Black Knight, Puppet Master, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes or Evil Mastermind. Not every adventure requires one. But if you’re stuck for ideas and you want to assemble a session that concludes on a memorable note, then you can’t go wrong having the PCs unravel the plans of […]

 Gnomecast #48 – Meet a New(ish) Gnome: Taylor LaBresh Posted: Thu, 06 Sep 12:15:22  
Gnomecast, Angela Murray, Meet a New Gnome
Gnomecast #48 – Meet a New(ish) Gnome: Taylor LaBresh
Join Ang and get to know the not-so-new Gnome Taylor in this “Meet a Gnome” episode of Gnomecast! Learn about Taylor’s start in gaming, his game design work, and his future plans with Gnome Stew! Will Ang and Taylor finally having this interview keep them out of the stew? Download: Meet a New(ish) Gnome: Taylor LaBresh Check […]

 Trouble for Hire Review Posted: Tue, 04 Sep 12:00:20  
Trouble for Hire Review
My brother and I had a weird ritual when I was in high school. On Easter, we would stay up until my niece fell asleep, hide eggs for her, and then watch the Blues Brothers. There was something oddly comforting about watching an obsessed pair of ex-cons on a crazy quest as they traveled cross […]

 The Creative Gaming Slump Posted: Mon, 03 Sep 13:21:14  
Game Mastering, GMing Advice
A lightbulb, cracked, with a little smoke coming out of it
No matter how much you love gaming, inevitably there may come a point when you just don’t have the creative juices flowing to make the magic happen at the table. Sometimes it’s life — for example, you just got laid off, or you have a new baby, or there’s another major shift going on. Sometimes, […]

 The Gift My Character Gave Me: Knowing Myself Posted: Fri, 31 Aug 12:00:45  
Editorials, revelation, roleplaying
The Gift My Character Gave Me: Knowing Myself
Today’s post is a very personal one addressing self exploration through role playing. This is about a positive life change discovered through roleplay that I’d like to share. One of the golden rules of great game groups is to encourage each person to bring their personality and unique ideas to the game. As a dominant […]