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 Mashups & Conceptual Writing In Roleplaying Games Pt. 2 Posted: Fri, 16 Mar 12:00:25  
Game Mastering
image of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. black and white image of a woman standing and looking to the right with branches of a flowering tree in the foreground
Featured image is of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, sourced from The Poetry Foundation. You can find the first part of this article posted here. I’ve found myself more and more intrigued with single player roleplaying games. The Beast by Alek­san­dra Son­towska and Kamil Wegrzynow­icz is an unsettling erotic game for one player where you […]

 The Future of Pathfinder Seminar from Gary Con 2018–An Overview Posted: Thu, 15 Mar 12:00:35  
The Future of Pathfinder Seminar from Gary Con 2018–An Overview
The original Pathfinder roleplaying game beta launched at Gen Con in 2008. At the time, I was one of the volunteers for the brand-new Pathfinder Society, and attended the “Future of Pathfinder” seminar held that year. Now, in 2018, I was at Gary Con, when it became clear that the “Future of Pathfinder” event being […]

 Yes, And; No, But Posted: Wed, 14 Mar 12:30:48  
Game Mastering, GMing Advice
Yes / No
In writing fiction, a popular concept to make things harder on your main character is a concept called, “Yes, but; No, and.” At a high level, you present a character with a challenge and then ask the ever-important question of, “Did the character succeed?” If the answer is “yes” on the first challenge, you have […]

 The Edition Wars Inside My Brain Posted: Mon, 12 Mar 09:00:17  
Game Mastering, General
The Edition Wars Inside My Brain
Did you hear the big gaming news last week? Paizo announced they’re working on a second edition for Pathfinder. Cue the Sturm und Drang of the conflicting excitement and irritation that the announcement of a new edition always elicits. Have they released another wave of the endless Edition Wars upon us? I am avowedly polygamerous. […]

 Are You Crying For Real, or Just Pretending? Posted: Fri, 09 Mar 13:38:49  
Are You Crying For Real, or Just Pretending?
Phil Vecchione wrote an article on safety tools at the table, and we were approached around the same time about an article on larping lessons that could be applied to tabletop RPGs regarding safety. Since the topic of safety at the table is one of incredible importance, we decided to move up the running of […]

 Gnomecast #35 – Meet a New Gnome: Kira Magrann Posted: Thu, 08 Mar 13:34:45  
Gnomecast, Ang, Kira
Gnomecast #35 – Meet a New Gnome: Kira Magrann
  Join Ang and get to know the newest Gnome, Kira, in this new episode of the Gnomecast! Enjoy this full episode of getting to know a gnome and learn about Kira’s game design and snake babies. Will Kira successfully avoid the stew, or will her first appearance be her last? Download here: Gnomecast #35 […]

 It’s Your Game Too You Know Posted: Wed, 07 Mar 13:00:10  
GMing Advice, enabling player fun, I call bullshit
Visit Puffin Forrest on YouTube
One of the channels that keeps popping up in my YouTube feed is Puffin Forrest. It’s a guy who animates stories from RPGs he has played or run. For the most part I get a laugh out of these or shake my head at the shenanigans he has had to put up with on both […]

 Why Safety Tools Are Important To Me Posted: Mon, 05 Mar 13:00:33  
Editorials, Game Mastering, GMing Advice
Why Safety Tools Are Important To Me
I grew up in the 1980’s when D&D came in two flavors: Basic and Advanced. Back then, we just played the game and didn’t worry about table safety and how people felt. That was in a large part for two reasons: First, we lacked the experience and lexicon to describe the concept of table safety. Second, […]

 Love Your Players, Love Yourself Posted: Fri, 02 Mar 13:00:57  
Game Mastering, General, GMing Advice
girls kissin
The night was cold, the fireplace was roaring, and we were gnawing on the delicious ratatouille and fresh baked bread our host Leslie had made. We warded off the three adorable pups as we idly chatted and a few people lazily looked over the Monsterhearts skins.  It finally happened, my lady and genderqueer friends convinced […]

 Unsolicited Advice and Player Agency Posted: Wed, 28 Feb 13:00:57  
Game Mastering, General, GMing Advice
Unsolicited Advice and Player Agency
Recently a gamer friend sent me a message asking for my perspective about a situation that unfolded at a game table where they were a player. In the situation, some players and the game master were directing a player on how to spend her turn. Shortly afterwards, an article began circulating on social media that […]

 High Plains Samurai Legends Review Posted: Tue, 27 Feb 13:00:59  
High Plains Samurai Legends Review
Genre mash-ups can be a great premise for a campaign. There are times when a genre doesn’t interest you all that much, but you understand it well enough that if there were just something “more” added to that genre, you would be all over running or playing a game in that setting. In my case, […]

 Magician’s Choice: Using an Age-Old Conjurer’s Trick at the Table Posted: Mon, 26 Feb 14:08:29  
Magician’s Choice: Using an Age-Old Conjurer’s Trick at the Table
Today’s guest article, by Noah Lloyd, is about the illusion of choice and makes multiple references to the classic film Labyrinth, which hooked us from the beginning. – John “Hoggle is Bae” Arcadian When Sarah encounters two doors, “one that always tells the truth, and one that always lies,” in the Labyrinth, why does she […]