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 Getting Players to GM Posted: Mon, 22 Jul 12:00:04  
Approaches and Techniques, Common Problems, GMing Advice
Getting Players to GM
As a GM, do you really get to play like everyone else at the table? Do you get to enjoy the setting and the rules of a game in the same way? Do you experience the unexpected as deeply as you would from the perspective of a single character? Do you get to feel like […]

 Conventional Snacking Posted: Fri, 19 Jul 08:00:20  
Conventional Snacking
From the obligatory treats to share at game night to the nearly professional planning that some people put into convention supplies, we gamers really like our snacks. While I am not necessarily the best person to be giving advice on nutrition, I attend enough conventions to have some experience on the subject. After getting back […]

 Coriolis: My Favourite Sci-Fi TTRPG Posted: Thu, 18 Jul 12:00:58  
Editorials, General, adventures
Coriolis: My Favourite Sci-Fi TTRPG
Here are a couple of reasons why Daniel Kwan loves Free League's Coriolis so much: gorgeous graphic design, ease of access, versatility, and emphasis on dynamic storytelling. Learn more in his latest editorial!

 Scion: Origin Review Posted: Tue, 16 Jul 11:00:38  
Scion: Origin Review
I follow a predictable theme where I tend to be just a wee bit attracted to urban fantasy related games and media. When a friend of mine invited me to play in a game of Scion, it didn’t take too much for me to pick up the big bundle of PDFs and dive into the […]

Small Bites, Campaign Design, city
Obligatory recap: I’ve read about a system for creating urbancrawls (similar to hexcrawls but set in a city) from The Alexandrian. I had also been enjoying the Sorcery! gamebooks by Steve Jackson and their strange magic setting. Enter this series of articles, where I use The Alexandrian’s urbancrawl system to design my own urbancrawl with […]

 Homebrew setting tips with Dustin Posted: Fri, 12 Jul 11:49:37  
Homebrew setting tips with Dustin
Homebrew setting creation is an important facet of the RPG experience. For many of us, world creation is what got us interested in RPGs in the first place. But whether you’re designing a setting for the first time or the hundredth time, there are some simple tips that can make the experience more productive and […]

 Check Out and Vote In The 2019 ENnies! Posted: Thu, 11 Jul 17:19:19  
Check Out and Vote In The 2019 ENnies!
Head Gnome John Arcadian here with some GS news! The 2019 ENnies voting is live and ready for your eager vote. We’ve got some personal selections and GS affiliated projects we want to encourage you to vote for. Wait, where’s Gnome Stew? Aren’t you usually in the running? Yes, Gnome Stew has submitted to the […]

 Gnomecast #70 – Meet an Old Gnome: John Arcadian Posted: Thu, 11 Jul 12:00:58  
Gnomecast, Angela Murray, john arcadian
Gnome Stew's Gnomecast
Join Ang for the first installment of our new series where we give the “Meet a New Gnome” treatment to some of our old gnomes. We start things off with Co-head Gnome John Arcadian. Catch John’s various origin stories and plans for the future of Gnome Stew. Will both these head gnomes grant each other […]

 The Indie Game Shelf: Eden Posted: Wed, 10 Jul 12:00:20  
Indie Game Shelf, eden, indie game shelf
The Indie Game Shelf: Eden
Welcome to The Indie Game Shelf! Each article in this series will highlight a different small press roleplaying game to showcase the wide variety of games available. Whether you’re new to the hobby and looking to see what’s out there or you’re a veteran gamer looking for something new, I hope The Indie Game Shelf […]

 3 Medieval Tortures And The Exercises You Can Do To Experience Them Posted: Mon, 08 Jul 12:00:23  
Game Mastering, General, GMing Advice
3 Medieval Tortures And The Exercises You Can Do To Experience Them
I am currently writing this post with my nose, as my arms are hanging uselessly from my sides like two of those sticky hands from grocery store vending machines; please forgive any typos. You see, being in the midst of what looks suspiciously like a full-fledged midlife crisis, I recently signed up for a personal […]