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 More OSR    
We end the week with a few OSR reviews: Ruins of the Undercity (for Labyrinth Lord) and The Mini Manor: Faces without Screams (for Swords & Wizardry).

 A Look at D&D 5e    
Antionios S has dived into D&D 5e, so today we're pleased to have a pair of special RPG reviews, on the D&D 5e Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide.

 It's T.I.M.E.!    
Today we've got reviews of four supplements for T.I.M.E. Stories: Expedition: Endurance, Lumen Fidei, and Estrella Drive.

 Superseeds (now with Patreon) and Pandemics    
Today's Superseeds is Who's Captain Holland? We'd also like to announce that Fred Furtado is now running a Patreon to support the continued evolution of Superseeds! If you've enjoyed the column, take a look. And that's not all we have today. We also have a pair of Pandemic reviews, covering Pandemic: Rising Tide and Pandemic Legacy - Season 2.

 Genre Day    
We've got some great genre RPG reviews today. In Thy Blood is an adventure for the post-apocalyptic Degenesis game, while Noctum: Full Corpse Edition is a mature horror RPG. We've also got the newest Fuzzy Thinking, which asks, Did No One Took the Diplomat Prestige Class?