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 Observations & Falkenstein Are Alive & Well Posted: Tue, 17 Jul PDT  
Observations From A Gamer's Chair returns today with Life Rolls On: What a Character's Scores Might Mean, the first of many new monthly articles. And, did you know that Castle Falkenstein is seeing regular PDFs from Fat Goblin Games? Today we've got reviews of four: The Tarot Variation, The Second Tarot Variation, The Ability Variations, and The Feat Variations. We've got more of those in the queue too! Keep an eye out on our next few Tuesdays.

 The Site of Fantasy & Science-Fiction Posted: Mon, 16 Jul PDT  
Today's Fuzzy Thinking is about The Camoflage Skill. Then we've got a trio of reviews, for the Genesys Core Rulebook and for The Dying Ship (for Coriolis) and Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries (for Tales from the Loop).

 OSR Camp? Posted: Fri, 13 Jul PDT  
Sandy's Soapbox discusses What Summer Camps and Learning Styles Can Learn from Gaming, then we've got two OSR reviews: Mad Monks of Kvantoom and Vacant Ritual Assembly #3.

 More Conan Posted: Thu, 12 Jul PDT  
We're not quite done with the Conan reviews, because today we've got a look at Conan: Paper Map Bundle and Conan Geomorphic Tiles: Perilous Ruins & Forgotten Cities.

 Board Games! Card Games Posted: Wed, 11 Jul PDT  
Today we have reviews of: Rivals For Catan Deluxe (a two-player card-drafting game); Barbaria (a beer-and-pretzels card game); and Bronze (a family board game).