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 Freebooter's Revenge    
Following on from last week's reviews for Freebooter's Fate, today we've got a look at Cult (full crew).

 Mutants & Other DIsparate Characters    
Today's Observations From A Gamer's Chair offers 6 Tips On How To Bring Disparate Characters Together. Then we've got two Mutant Chronicles reviews, for the Dark Eden Source Book and the Dark Eden Campaign Book.

 Strange Stars ... and Stockings!?    
The start of the week brings us a new Fuzzy Thinking: Stocking up in Town. Then we've got two reviews for Strange Stars: the OSR Rule Book and the Game Setting Book.

 Kort'thalis Day    
We're finishing off the week with a pair of reviews of supplements for Crimson Dragon Slayer and other OSR releases: Stairway of V'dreen and His Flesh Becomes My Key.

 Return to Glorantha    
Today we're reviews some new releases for one of the oldest settings in roleplaying. That includes a new edition of King Of Sartar and the new adventure, The Coming Storm.