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 Hot From Gen Con!    
We're thrilled to have a review of one of the most anticipated books from Gen Con 50: the Starfinder Core Rulebook.

 The Laundry & Other Science Fiction    
Todays new Observations From A Gamer's Chair offers Quick-Start Sci-Fi RPG Tips For Newbies. We're also continuing our reviews of The Laundry with The Mythos Dossiers and Cultists Under The Bed.

 Where Will You Spend the Eclipse?    
Fuzzy Thinking suggests you visit At Ye Olde Tavern, while our reviews say, you should just Play your character like a fucking boss.

 Taking Out the Laundry    
Happy Gen Con 50 to everyone in Indy! Meanwhile, we're continuing the Cthulhoid focus of our reviews with a look at The Laundry and Laundry Files: Agent's Handbook

 Call of Cthulhu Continues    
Today we have a look at an adventure anthology called Doors Τo Darkness.