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 War's End    
Cubicle 7's Call of Cthulhu license is expiring at the end of the year! Thus, it might be your last chance to get their Lovecraftian goodness! To help guide your final decisions, we've got two World War Cthulhu reviews today, coveringWorld War Cthulhu: Cold War and Section 46 Operations Manual. Being Monday, we've also got the newestFuzzy Thinking which reminds us that Bards Rock.

 The Usual OSR Friday    
We've got more OSR reviews. Fantastic Heroes & Witchery is an OSR rulebook that doesn't try to duplicate any specific game and Dungeon of the Unknown is an adventure for Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

 The Rule of Three    
Today Superseeds returns to song-inspired supers with Songseeds, Volume 2 and Lev offers up his third SF review, GURPS Reign of Steel. Also, please consider pledging to RPGnet's 2017 drive, which ends today.

 Too Many Bernsteins?    
Today's RPGnet Interview talks with Brett M. Bernstein of Precis Intermedia. We've also got a review of a semi-deductive card game called Too Many Cinderellas.

 What's a MAP?    
Business of Gaming Retail talks about MAPs and why retailers like them. Then Lev continues his SF reviews with a look at Transhuman Space. Also, if you enjoy RPGnet's year-round content, please consider supporting this year's pledge drive, which is ending on Thursday.