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 RPG Review: Player's Handbook Like A Fucking Boss (2017)    
Playtest Review by Endzeitgeist (5/4): Must own-supplement for VSd6-games; useful dressing for other games, particularly OSR and more rules-lite ones

 RPG Review: The Trail of Stone and Sorrow (2014)    
Playtest Review by Endzeitgeist (4/4): Interesting sidetrek/roadside encounter for PWYW

 RPG Review: Black Dogs 'zine #1 (2017)    
Playtest Review by Endzeitgeist (2/3): Houserules/setting-parts disguised as a magazine; interesting, but is, as of now, somewhat unrefined and, presentation-immanent, incomplete

 RPG Review: The Manor #8 (2015)    
Playtest Review by Endzeitgeist (4/4): Inspired old-school grappling rules; plus a clade for Strange Stars + Hireling-love

 RPG Review: FAITH - The Sci-Fi RPG Core Rules 2.0 (2017)    
Playtest Review by Endzeitgeist (5/5): A nice, card-base RPG...and 300+ pages of the most compelling scifi setting I've encountered in a long, long time!

 RPG Review: RuneQuest Quickstart Rules and Adventure (2017)    
Capsule Review by Sean Carroll (5/5): One of the original RPGs is soon to return, and this excellent, highly playable quickstart points to a polished product that returns RuneQuest to its roots, but with just enough innovation and modernization to get it ready for the start of its fifth decade.

 RPG Review: Thornroot Hill (2017)    
Playtest Review by Endzeitgeist (3/2): Free horror adventure with nice prose, but extremely railroady and requires fooling of players and can make for a ton of issues when converted into a system

 RPG Review: Truly Terrifying Vampires (2017)    
Playtest Review by Endzeitgeist (2/1): Attempts to be a system neutral resource that makes vampires interesting; fails horribly in pretty much all possible ways

 RPG Review: Black Void Quick Start Rules (2018)    
Capsule Review by Edward Kabara (4/4): TL; DR-The D12 DOESN'T cry itself to sleep! 90%