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 RPG Review: Ruins of the Undercity (2013)    
Playtest Review by Endzeitgeist (3/2): Succeeds admirably as a solo-adventuring, GM-less Labyrinth Lord engine, but fails badly as an adventure/sourcebook

 RPG Review: The Mini Manor: Faces without Screams (2013)    
Playtest Review by Endzeitgeist (4/5): Really effective, evocative dark fantasy/horror adventure; warning: For adults only, contains some pretty grisly ideas

 RPG Review: Dungeon Master's Guide (2014)    
Playtest Review by Antonios S (4/5): Probably the best Dungeon Master's Guide ever written.

 RPG Review: Player's Handbook (2014)    
Playtest Review by Antonios S (4/4): The D&D edition that tries its best to learn from past mistakes. The results fully vindicate it.

 Board/Tactical Game Review: Estrella Drive (2017)    
Playtest Review by Antonios S (3/3): If you are looking for a backstory-free scenario in T.I.M.E Stories, this could be it.

 Board/Tactical Game Review: Expedition: Endurance (2017)    
Playtest Review by Antonios S (4/3): What are you most likely to find in a failed, frozen expedition in the Antarctic in 1914?

 Board/Tactical Game Review: Lumen Fidei (2017)    
Playtest Review by Antonios S (4/3): A tough scenario themed around religion that progresses the game's backstory in complex ways.

 Board/Tactical Game Review: Pandemic Legacy - Season 2 (2017)    
Playtest Review by Antonios S (3/5): The world has managed to barely survive, and it falls upon you to save it. Minor detail: you are not a doctor.

 Board/Tactical Game Review: Pandemic: Rising Tide (2017)    
Playtest Review by Antonios S (4/5): Just because it is called Pandemic doesn't mean it deals with diseases.

 RPG Review: Degenesis: In Thy Blood    
Capsule Review by Chad Walker (5/4): A murder mystery in a holy cloister degenerates into a local apocalypse its inhabitants deserve. Name of the Rose, after the Eschaton.

 RPG Review: Noctum: Full Corpse Edition (2014)    
Capsule Review by MR (4/5): Looking for a mature role playing game? Look no further...

 Accessory Review: Legendary Metal Coins Season 3 (Japanese) (2018)    
Playtest Review by Antonios S (4/5): Producing Legendary Metal Japanese Credit Cards would have been more accurate, taking that society's cashless nature into account. Yet, these coins are by far a better choice.