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 RPG Review: Section 46 Operations Manual (2016)    
Playtest Review by Antonios S (5/5): The absolute must-have for any spy game, irrespective of whether Cthulhu is involved. Attention: you have less than two weeks to purchase it.

 RPG Review: World War Cthulhu: Cold War (2016)    
Playtest Review by Antonios S (5/5): The Mythos in the most involved spy setting imaginable. As expected, it is the perfect fit. There is this thing however about the line being retired in less than two weeks...

 RPG Review: Dungeon of the Unknown (2013)    
Capsule Review by Endzeitgeist (2/1): ~two interesting dressing/locations; the rest is bland, generic, more of the same random weirdness sans rhyme or reason; fails utterly as an adventure.

 RPG Review: Fantastic Heroes & Witchery (2013)    
Capsule Review by Endzeitgeist (5/5): Fantastic, underappreciated OSR-gem; can handle conversions from 1E, 2E, 3.X, PFRPG...hyper-flexible and customizable gem!

 RPG Review: GURPS Reign of Steel (1997)    
Playtest Review by Lev Lafayette (4/4): Tragic-comedy setting where the world is controlled by 18 squabbling demigods. Evocative art adds to the inspired setting. In the end the machines will win.

 Card Game Review: Too Many Cinderellas (2014)    
Playtest Review by Shannon Appelcline (3/3): A shallow game with a clever deductive method and so-so production.

 RPG Review: Transhuman Space (2002)    
Playtest Review by Lev Lafayette (3/4): An optimistic view of the future almost to the point of being improbable. Nevertheless exceptional scope and detail of content making it a very worthwhile product.

 RPG Review: Finders Keepers (2017)    
Capsule Review by Ed (5/5): TL; DR-The Great and the Mixed of the DMs Guild 93%

 RPG Review: A Most Thoroughly Pernicious Pamphlet (2017)    
Playtest Review by Endzeitgeist (5/4): Amazing first glimpse at the world of Pernicious Albion; overall rules-integrity tbd in the final depiction of the setting

 RPG Review: AFG: Adventure Fantasy Game (2013)    
Playtest Review by Endzeitgeist (3/3): D6-based OSR-game that tries, with mixed success, to be rules-lite and complex at once

 RPG Review: Rimward (2012)    
Playtest Review by Lev Lafayette (4/4): A physically impressive and indeed beautiful product of excellent scope and lots of plot opportunities. Writing style and organisation could be improved and chapter on autonomists is woeful.

 Board/Tactical Game Review: Panic Mansion (2017)    
Playtest Review by Antonios S (4/3): Warning: real-time dexterity games in an RPG premise may cause extreme addiction.