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 Custom Poker Deck (Artistic Project) Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 17:13:18 CDT  
Custom Poker Deck (Artistic Project)Publisher: post world games

Just a poker deck where every card is different and strange.

Price: $0.99

 Norse Style Poker Deck (w/ Runes) Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 17:13:17 CDT  
Norse Style Poker Deck (w/ Runes)Publisher: post world games

A deck of poker cards, with a Norse veneer. Odin, Freyja, and Thor on the face cards (old world artwork). Unique joker, plus runes on all the 2s through 7s.

Price: $0.00

 Cthulhu Poker Deck (Chaos Format) Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 17:13:16 CDT  
Cthulhu Poker Deck (Chaos Format)Publisher: post world games

Price: $0.00

 Publisher's Choice - H. P. Lovecraft Portrait Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 17:05:05 CDT  
Publisher's Choice - H. P. Lovecraft PortraitPublisher: Fat Goblin Games

Publisher's Choice -Quality Stockart

H. P. Lovecraft Portrait

Publisher's Choice - H. P. Lovecraft Portrait 
This image depicts a portrait of H. P. Lovecraft Portrait.

Publisher's Choice Stockart is provided to aid new publishing companies in creating high-quality publications by providing the design essentials to compete with larger competitors. In addition, the line is perfect for adding fresh new content to the seasoned publisher's art library and aiding in keeping design budgets manageable.

Artwork License: A PDF copy of our license is included, allowing our customers to alter or modify any illustration in this set, in addition to rules on crediting, etc.

Price: $0.00

 Questor's Log Level 1 Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 16:08:54 CDT  
Questor's Log Level 1Publisher: DYS Games

The Questor delves into the deepest and darkest pits so you don't have to!

Read the page's from the Questor's Log, detailing the strange worlds and exotic encounters they have uncovered!

Contained within you will find new rules, new skills, and new powers for characters, as well as ways of offering differing costs for skills. You will also find part 1 of Legends a superhero system built on the Dungeon Questing ruleset. 

This fan zine is dedicated to Dungeon Questing but is compatible with other OSR games with a bit of work.

Price: $1.00

 Raven of the Scythe Character Sheet Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 14:57:08 CDT  
Raven of the Scythe Character SheetPublisher: James Embry

This four page character sheet gives you all you need to record the exploits and abilities of your Raven of the Scythe character.

Price: $0.00

 M20 The Art of Mage: 20 Years and More Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 14:52:44 CDT  
M20 The Art of Mage: 20 Years and MorePublisher: Onyx Path Publishing

For over 20 years, the artists of Mage: The Ascension have conjured spirits and constructed hypertech that can transform reality on a whim. 

Within this retrospective, those artists and images depict the ever-changing face of magick. From the debut edition to the twenty-first century, this book explores the people behind the pictures, the process of putting such books together, the story behind Mage’s Tarot iconography, and more. 

Featuring the artwork of:

  • Echo Chernik 
  • Michael Gaydos 
  • Mark Jackson 
  • Leif Jones 
  • Michael Kaluta 
  • Steve Prescott 
  • Alex Sheikman 
  • Christopher Shy 
  • …and many, many more. 
Price: $4.99

 Savage Suzerain Millennium Knights Character Options Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 14:51:52 CDT  
Savage Suzerain Millennium Knights Character OptionsPublisher: Savage Mojo

It\'s 1999 and monsters don't exist. They\'re the stuff of legend and myth, right? Wrong. Our world is filled with paranormal creatures just itching to enslave humanity or wipe it off the face of the Earth.

Only the world\'s finest agents stand between the paranormal horror and an unsuspecting public. Outfitted with the best technology and tradecraft, it\'s time to get to work.

Wear the tuxedo, load the Walther PPK, and save the world!

This book gives you an overview of the Millennium Knights setting and the organization your characters will be working for... the secretive SPA.

Product contains: A 16-page high resolution PDF plus a print friendly version for free.

Price: $0.00

 Unholy Bull - Weekly Beasties Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 13:47:49 CDT  
Unholy Bull - Weekly BeastiesPublisher: Gorgon Breath Games

The Unholy Bull is a Weekly Beastie developed by Gorgon Breath Games! You can support additional monsters through a pay-what-you-want donation, or backing our Patreon. Check out our home page for more details!

Most cities take great pride in arena combat, but few follow the ancient tradition of bullfighting. These battles once pitted expert fighters against prized bulls in fights to the death - all to the cheers of a massive audience.

That all changed upon the discovery of sentient animals. Suddenly the general public became repulsed with the idea of bullfighting, opting to follow other forms of entertainment instead. In a last-ditch effort to save their businesses, some arenas hired necromancers to reanimate and empower bull corpses. This side-stepped any pesky ethical problems while creating a brand-new market for arena combat.

Outside of a few occasions where the undead have escaped their pens, the move has been fairly successful. Many patrons take great pride in “grooming” their bulls to be both effective and theatrical in combat, adding bone armor or arcane symbols for visual effect.

And when a fan-favorite bull such as Zomb the Unholy is killed? There are usually enough profits to make resurrecting the beast a mere inconvenience. After all, what’s the problem with killing animals for entertainment when they’re already dead?

Don’t bother answering if you’re a Lawful Good Cleric. Nobody cares what you think.

Price: $1.00

 Strange Worlds: Dead Planets Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 11:59:28 CDT  
Strange Worlds: Dead PlanetsPublisher: Fat Goblin Games

Draw a deep breath, it may be your last.

Join us on a voyage among the stars to Strange Worlds: Dead Planets.

Strange Worlds is a line of Starfinder Roleplaying Game compatible products designed to give you, as both a player and as a gamemaster, all the tools you need to fully explore a classic motif of science fiction with new character options, equipment, and vessels, as well as a location and NPCs. Designed to be dropped into your existing game, or to serve as a starting point for your adventures, each of the Strange Worlds is ready-made for action. In Strange Worlds: Dead Planets we give you the tools to ‘enliven’ your own campaigns on dead planets, complete with environmental hazards, equipment and the creatures that inhabit such worlds.

Price: $1.95

 BlaszczecArt Stock Art: Flesh Golem Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 11:57:26 CDT  
BlaszczecArt Stock Art: Flesh GolemPublisher: BlaszczecArt

Flesh Golem by Bartek Blaszczec 

Contains three version of Flesh Golem art:

-black & white inked art,
-pencil sketch,
-full color character

- all 300 DPI TIF's with transparent background in single zip file.

This art is part of Undead subscription:

You want me to draw your character, specified illustration? Comission can be ordered here 

also you can find my prints on: Fine Art America

About me:

I'm self-taught fantasy art artist. I love RPG games and drawing so I take inspirations from our own RPG sessions. I thought to share with my drawing and painting skills with community.
I hope you'll enjoy it.
Feel free to contact me for any commission.

Thank you for your support:)

Stock Art License:

Thank you for purchasing this Stock Art by Bartek Blaszczec.

Commercial Use License Our terms and conditions for the commercial use of stock art are as follows:
• The illustrations in this product may appear in print, electronic or web-based advertisements for the product you use it in. You may not include any illustration in this product in a stock art product of your own.
• You may crop, rotate, resize and reasonably modify any illustration in this product as needed, providing the artist’s signature is clearly visible, in the image, or printed just below the image.
• We require that the artist (as Bartek Blaszczec) is credited in your product’s credits.
Private Use License :
• You may use the illustrations in this product in any personal products without restriction.
Price: $5.00

 Shadows over Vathak: Hauntlings - Enhanced Racial Guide Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 11:45:54 CDT  
Shadows over Vathak: Hauntlings - Enhanced Racial GuidePublisher: Fat Goblin Games

Enhanced Racial Guide: Hauntlings gives the hauntlings a full racial review and expansion, following the style of the “Core Races” detailed in books like the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Race Guide.

Enhanced Racial Guide Races: Hauntlings aims to give players of the ghost-touched hauntlings immersive, setting-specific materials and support for almost any kind of play in your Shadows over Vathak games! Included are new and expanded options for alternate racial traits and subtypes, favored class options for all the base, core, hybrid, and occult classes, and three new racial archetypes. The book also has new racial rules for hauntling equipment, feats, traits, magic items, spells and more!

So if you’ve ever wanted to play a gan ceann grim harvester, a ghostly mist hauntling with a tombstone hammer, or just create your own unique hauntling based on myths and folklore, Enhanced Racial Guide Races: Hauntlings is the book for you!

Price: $4.95