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The Ogre Cave
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 2018 Spiel des Jahres nominees announced Posted: Wed, 16 May 06:46:26  
Board Games, Card Games, Game Design
This year’s nominees for the Spiel des Jahres – Germany’s Game of the Year, a highly regarded title in tabletop gaming – have been announced, along with nominees for the Kennerspiel des Jahres (“Expert Game of the Year”, intended for game connoisseurs) and the Kinderspiel des Jahres (“Children’s Game of the Year”). Three titles were […]
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 OgreCave review: Goblin Grapple Posted: Mon, 07 May 03:02:47  
Card Games, Game Design, Reviews
On the day of it’s Kickstarter launch, Lars Roberts brings us a review of Goblin Grapple from Silver Gaming Company. A fantasy-themed card game of speedy combat, this Stratego-like design is perfect for playing a few rounds between longer games. Have a look at our review to see what Lars thinks of the upcoming game, […]
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 Z-Man announces Choose Your Own Adventure co-op game Posted: Sat, 14 Apr 21:47:13  
Board Games, Gamebooks, Geek Culture
With board games becoming more story-driven, it makes sense for game publishers to look toward classic adventure stories for design inspiration. It makes even more sense to design a game around the Choose Your Own Adventure books – stories that invented the “gamebook” and captured the imagination of a generation of kids. Z-Man Games has […]
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 OgreCave review: Brothers Posted: Fri, 29 Dec 2017 18:58:41  
Computer and Console Games, Reviews
To close out the year for us, Lars Roberts offers us a review of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons from 505 Games. This adventure game for PC and consoles stands out for its unique controls, which both play off of and add to the game’s story. If you’re in the mood for a heartbreaking […]
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 Eleven Games to Play at your Stranger Things Party Posted: Fri, 27 Oct 2017 14:15:32  
Board Games, Card Games, Dungeons & Dragons
More than anything, watching the kids on Stranger Things obsess over their favorite games hits us with heavy nostalgia for those classic games of the 1980s. When you celebrate this modern classic of kids against the supernatural, whether you binge-watch entire seasons or savor each episode slowly, you’ll want an ideal activity to symbolize that […]
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 Z-Man posts preview of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 Posted: Sat, 30 Sep 2017 17:30:00  
Board Games, Game Design
Z-Man Games has posted a preview of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2015 boardgame. Designers Rob Daviau and Matt Leacock have created a game of both exploration and resource management in the anticipated co-op sequel, which per the “Legacy” line, will permanently alter the year-long game campaign depending on player […]
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 Gen Con game convention wins 2017 Diana Jones Award Posted: Thu, 17 Aug 2017 18:22:04  
Board Games, Card Games, Conventions
At Gen Con 50, the winner of this year’s Diana Jones Award for excellence in gaming has been announced as… Gen Con itself! First organized in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin by Gary Gygax himself, Gen Con has grown to become an annual gaming mecca and affirmation of the gaming hobby, currently raging onward in Indianapolis. Other […]
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 Gaming News Update – Anna Meade (Uprising: The Dystopian Universe RPG) Posted: Sat, 12 Aug 2017 19:56:52  
Card Games, Conventions, Game Design
In this Gaming News Update interview, we throw new OgreCave contributor Lars Roberts to the wolves and have her interview Anna Meade, co-author of Uprising: The Dystopian Universe RPG from Evil Hat Productions. Due to hit Kickstarter for a 2018 publication date, Anna tells us about creating the roleplaying setting based on the card games […]
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 KublaCon 2017 photo gallery – complete! Posted: Thu, 08 Jun 2017 02:18:49  
Board Games, Card Games, Conventions
Okay, the flood of KublaCon photos has reached its peak, and all are now neatly contained in OgreCave’s KublaCon 2017 photo gallery (over at our Facebook page). Final attendee count was reportedly 3,321 – a good sized show! See if you can spot yourself in our gallery, or rather, see if you got spotted by […]
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 KublaCon 2017 photo gallery Posted: Sat, 03 Jun 2017 01:25:08  
Board Games, Card Games, Conventions
Those of you who follow OgreCave’s Facebook page have already heard, but in case you missed it, the first half of OgreCave’s KublaCon 2017 photo gallery is up and running. Have a look, comment, like, and see if you got spotted at last weekend’s KublaCon Game Convention. We’ll have the other half added to the […]
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 MAID RPG, Tokyo Brain Pop, and why GTE couldn’t just fix their network Posted: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 23:01:42  
Geek Culture, Reviews, Roleplaying Games
First, a public apology. A few years ago, Andy Kitkowski, publisher of Tenra Bansho Zero and co-publisher of MAID RPG, sent us a review copy of MAID and was very flattering in a note he attached to it. We’ve felt for a while that we let him down by not getting a review up. Not […]

 Game Designer Eric Lang wins 2016 Diana Jones Award Posted: Sat, 06 Aug 2016 20:00:48  
Board Games, Card Games, Conventions
At Gen Con 2016, the winner of this year’s Diana Jones Award for excellence in gaming has been announced as prolific and impressive game designer Eric M. Lang. Lang is known as the man behind Chaos in the Old World, the Living Card Game versions of A Game of Thrones and Star Wars, and more […]
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