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Dog Names

This is a dog name generator based on the physical attributes and gender of the animal.
These names have been drawn from a variety of canine media sources, including news and movies.
The list has been built with several different categories to help you find the perfect name.

Select the dog's physical attributes.

Kipper (From "Kipper the Dog" TV show )
Brigadier (From "The Incredible Journey", a military rank)
Belka (Went into space on Russian satellite Sputnik 5, means "squirrel")
Tristen (From the "Kate and Allie" TV show)
Betty (From the movie "Bark")
Nipper ("The Gramophone Company" and "RCA" mascot)
Katy (From the movie "Crimetime")
Lakota (Native American plains tribe)
Snert (From the "Hagar the Horrible" comic; a malicious chat room visitor)
Vor / Vortak (Very high frequency omni-directional radio site)
Tango (A Latin-American ballroom dance)
Anubis (Egyptian god of embalming)