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Tools: Dog Names

This is a dog name generator based on the physical attributes and gender of the animal. These names have been drawn from a variety of canine media sources, including news and movies. The list has been built with several different categories to help you find the perfect companion name.

Zabrina (Means "nobility")



Gimli (From the "Lord of the Rings" books and movies)

Pugslie / Pugsly

Holly (A flowering plant with bright red berries)

Vera (Means "faith")

Trackr / Tracker (Located human survivors at Ground Zero)

Pirate (Someone who commits crimes at sea, a plunderer)

Joker (A playing card; a super-villain from the Batman comic series)

Ironhide (An Autobot transformer)

Oribasos (From Ovid's "Metamorphoses", means "mountain ranger")