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Dog Names

This is a dog name generator based on the physical attributes and gender of the animal.
These names have been drawn from a variety of canine media sources, including news and movies.
The list has been built with several different categories to help you find the perfect name.

Select the dog's physical attributes.

Ember (Smoldering remains of a fire)
Raban (Means "raven")
Cedric (From "Cedric's World" and the "Harry Potter" movies and book series)
Albus (Latin word for "white", from the "Harry Potter" movies and book series)
Beast (From the movie "The Sandlot")
Juno (Roman goddess of marriage and women)
Shadow (From the movies "Eight Below", "Sign of the Wolf" and "Snow Dogs"; dog that saved blind owner from dangerous stalker)
Snooker (A variety of pool, a course in dog agility trials)
Duke (From "The Beverly Hillbillies"; "Bush's Baked Beans" mascot; dog that alerted family when infant stopped breathing)
Magnus (Means "great")
Mugsy / Mugzie (A Looney Tunes gangster)
Auryn (A mystical talisman; from the movie "The Neverending Story")