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Tools: Horse Names

Select the attributes of your steed to narrow the list of names. The list has been built for Lord of the Rings or other fantasy settings, avoiding names that reference mythology, modern culture, and other social icons that would not exist in Middle Earth. It includes names in Westron, Rohhiric, Quenya, Sindarin and Khuzdul.

Þ and þ can be substituted with "th". Æ and æ can be substituted with "ae".


Nimroch (White horse - Sindarin)

Grim (Fierce - Rohirrim)


Mith-helleth (Grey hide - Sindarin)

Hwitmolda (White blaze - Rohirrim)



Eru-heleth (Desert coat - Sindarin)

Duvain (Beautiful darkness - Sindarin)

Aleapan (Leaps up - Rohirrim)