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The Lands Of Xina

ItemCost ColorSC ABV% Aging FlavorDescription Origins
Akavar 15 MD 25-30% 1 yr Caraway seeds. Made of fermented potato mash, darkens in color with age. Alkuras
Ale, Brown 3 S 3% None Mild, nutty beer. Made of fermented barley mash. Human lands
Ale, Common 1 S 5% None Herbal beer. Made of fermented barley mash. Human lands
Ale, Dark 8 MS 8% None Roasted barley. Made of fermented dark roasted barley mash. Alkuras
Ale, Red 5 MS 4% None Malty, caramel beer. Made of fermented roasted barley mash. Tanaris
Bourbon, Aged 40 MS 40% 15 yrs Smooth bourbon. Made of fermented corn mash with rye, malted barley and red winter wheat. Human lands
Bourbon, Common 20 MS 40% 2 yrs Bourbon. Made of fermented corn mash with rye and malted barley. Human lands
Brandy, Aged 22 MS 60% 10 yrs Smooth brandy. Distilled wine aged in Valian Oak barrels. Human lands
Brandy, Common 7 MS 40% 1 yr Mulberry. Distilled wine. Human lands
Brandy, Plum 18 MS 35% 3 yrs Plum. Distilled wine and plums. Human lands
Deveron 18 MD 40% 2+ yrs Whiskey. Made of fermented wheat mash. Athanar
Jenever (Rogue Water) 2 D 40% None Gin; anise, angelica root, orris root, cinnamon, coriander or cassia bark. Produced in a common still, often sold on the black market to avoid taxation, a good base for mixed drinks. Alkuras
Korchaza 25 MS 25% 10 yrs Rum; chestnut and brown sugar. Distilled from fermented brown sugar. Grevena
Lager, Common 5 MD 1% 1 yr Fruity and spicy beer. Made of fermented hops in cold climates, widely available. Rengorak
Lager, Mountain 6 MD 3% 6 mos Malty, not bitter, potent hop aroma. Easily made from fermented hops, brewed in early summer, stored in cold caves. Rengorak
Lager, Pale 7 MD 2% 1 yr Malty, bitter caramel. Made of fermented noble hops, clean and crisp with good carbonation. Rengorak
Lager, Velk 10 MS 5% 3 yrs Malty, equally sweet and sour. Made of fermented hops, easy to make with a long period of second fermentation. Rengorak, Citadel Brewery
Mead, Mulled 12 MS 16% 1 yr Woody spices. Made of fermented honey, served hot. Tanaris
Mead, Ananassa 25 S 8% 4 yrs Strawberry. Made of fermented honey, sparkling. Talandur
Mead, Black 18 MS 14% 3 yrs Black currants. Made of fermented honey. Tanaris
Mead, Dovina 10 MS 12% 2 yrs Nutmeg. Made of fermented honey, less likely to cause hangovers than other meads. Tanaris
Mead, Great 40 S 20% 6 yrs Honey and fruit. Made of fermented honey, especially potent. Tanaris, Griffin's Lair Brewery
Mead, Short 8 S 10% 1 yr Honey. Made of fermented honey, common social drink. Tanaris
Rum, Amber 12 MD 50% 6 mos Cinnamon. Made from fermented sugar cane in charred white oak barrels. Athanar, North Port Brewery
Rum, Dark 15 MS 40% 1 yr Strong molasses and spice. Made from fermented sugar cane. Athanar, Sailor's Grog Brewery
Rum, Gold 30 S 35% 5 yrs Mellow blend of walnut, wood and orange. Made from fermented sugar cane in charred wood barrels. Alkuras
Rum, Krug 60 MS 45% 3 yrs Roasted nuts, smoky oak and tobacco. Made from fermented sugar cane and stimulants brewed from plants. Grevena
Rum, White 10 S 30% 1 mo Sugary. Made from fermented sugar cane, tart the first year. Human lands
Shekara 5 MS 3-5% 6 mos Hard cider, apple or pear. More alcoholic varieties are darker brown, sometimes made sparkling. Seldarin
Sosha 15 S 20% 4 yrs Strong taste of almond and sweet potato. Distilled from sweet potatoes. Seldarin
Tornak 40 MD 50% None Vodka; weak flavor with hints of rye. Distilled from fermented rye and wheat, freezes at -20°F. Vorathor
Torneka 25 D 35% None Gin; juniper berries. Made of redistilled white grain spirit and raw cane sugar. Vorathor
Wine, Aldane 200 MD 16% 15 yrs Black currant with a spicy aroma. Widely accepted as one of the best red wines in the Northlands. Athanar, Royal Chalice Winery
Wine, Autumn 75 S 8% None The most fragrant wine with a spicy aroma. White wine made from late harvest grapes, best served young as a dessert wine. Solantis, Ravenwood Vineyards
Wine, Belena 30 S 14% 2 yrs Smoked almonds and vanilla. White wine, forms spritz (small bubbles on the glass), often used in making desserts. Solantis, Stone River Vineyard
Wine, Cavalier 5 MS 14% 2 yrs Rich, full-bodied with an herbal aroma. A very common red wine. Human lands
Wine, Elbaron 20 MD 14% 3 yrs Sharp, herbal taste. The most versatile white wine, goes well with any type of food. Athanar, White Diamond Brewery
Wine, Galana 25 MS 10% None Cinnamon and cloves. White wine. The grapes must be harvested early and slightly unripe. Solantis
Wine, Hearth 12 S 4% None Mixed fruits. A blend of white wine and fruit juices, sometimes bottled with light pulp. Talandur
Wine, Ice 15 S 12% 1 yr Sugary. White wine made from grapes harvested during the first freeze. They are crushed frozen, while the sugar and flavor are very concentrated. Varinor, Thunder Ridge Vineyard
Wine, Jiana 8-15 S 10% None Raisins or figs. Red wine. The flavor varies greatly depending on where the grapes were grown. A bottle can be stored up to five years. Athanar, Deer Run Vineyards
Wine, Kelemar 10 D 8% 3 yrs Complex, fruity taste. Red wine, young bottles are tart. The vines need dry, warm summers. Alkuras, Three Doves Vineyard
Wine, Malba 20 MD 12% 4 yrs Flavored with cheery, plum or raspberry. A red wine served very cold with meat. Seldarin
Wine, Mentha 25 MD 10% 2 yrs Mint, peppermint or ginger mint. Red wine flavored with special mint hybrids. Seldarin
Wine, Port 12 S 22% 10 yrs Flavored with cherry or plum, strong aroma. Red wine that tastes good at any temperature, the wine of choice aboard ships. Athanar
Wine, Solena 18 MD 16% 3 yrs Sherry; earthy, nutty flavor. Whine wine, generally not recommended for common drinking because it is an acquired taste. An open bottle with last almost indefinitely without losing taste or aroma. Solantis, Falling Star Winery
Wine, Staghorn 8 S 10% 2 yrs Raspberry, blackberry or cranberry. Red wine, becomes more alcoholic but less flavorful after 5 years. Tanaris, West Wind Winery
Wine, Sun 15 D 14% None Orange with a touch of ginger. A delicate white wine that goes well with salty foods but doesn't age well. Talandur, Solaria Vineyard
Wine, Taralon 10-20 D 10% None Crisp with a citrus flavor from lemon or grapefruit. White wine. The quality depends greatly on the process used by each winery. Athanar, Hawthorn Hills Winery
Wine, Temeca 100 MD 12% 3 yrs Rich, berry flavor. Red wine made from grapes which are difficult to grow. Seldarin, Red Mark Winery
Wine, Valmura 40 MS 14% 5 yrs Peach, apricot or pear. The most popular white wine. The grape vines are sensitive to climate and soil conditions. Athanar, Heritage Vineyard

The sweetness scale is dry, medium dry, medium sweet and sweet.
A typical barrel of wine is 130 lbs empty and 600 lbs full, containing 300 bottles.
All beer is either lager or ale, defined by the type of yeast and temperature used in brewing. Ales are brewed with top-fermenting yeast which allows for rapid fermentation at warmer temperatures. Lagers are brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast which ferments more slowly and at colder temperatures.