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The Lands Of Xina

Item Cost
Bandana 2
Belt, fabric 15
Belt, leather 20
Bodice, casual 35
Bodice, dress 45
Boots, heavy leather 55
Boots, mountain 140
Boots, riding 60
Boots, soft 40
Bracers, leather forearm 15
Brooch, brass 15
Brooch, gold 150
Brooch, silver 40
Cape with hood 113
Chemise, cotton 66
Cloak, cloth 30
Cloak, fur trimmed 40
Cloak, scale 700
Cloak, silk lined hooded 300
Cloak, winter 90
Cloak, wool hooded 125
Coat, velvet 45
Dress, casual 65
Dress, fancy 130
Earmuffs, fur 20
Gloves, fleece 10
Gloves, leather dress 15
Gloves, leather work 40
Gloves, rabbit fur 25
Hat, courtier 25
Hat, felt 4
Hat, knit cap 8
Hat, wool 10
Hosiery, fabric 8
Hosiery, silk 22
Jacket, cashmere 125
Jacket, fabric 25
Jacket, leather 75
Jacket, parka 140
Jacket, silk 160
Jacket, wool 40
Item Cost
Kilt, wool 70
Pants, fleece jogging 28
Robe, embroidered 60
Robe, linen 10
Robe, tightweave blend 20
Sandals 10
Scarf, head 17
Scarf, tweed 15
Scarf, wool 7
Shoes, casual 20
Shoes, dress 60
Shoes, merchant 40
Shorts, cloth 12
Shorts, fleece 20
Shorts, heavy work 24
Snow goggles, lens 70
Snow goggles, slit 30
Socks, cashmere 12
Socks, fabric 1
Socks, icy weather 10
Socks, slipper 4
Socks, wool 6
Surcoat 46
Surcoat, brocade overdress 77
Suspenders 12
Sweater, cashmere 50
Sweater, wool 30
Swim trunks 13
Toga, embroidered 50
Toga, fabric 32
Trousers, casual 30
Trousers, dress 52
Trousers, work 15
Tunic, casual 20
Tunic, dress 35
Tunic, flannel 35
Tunic, padded 25
Tunic, wool 24
Tunic, work 8
Underclothes, basic 5
Underclothes, long 14

Cheap items have shoddy workmanship and may fail during normal use. They are easily recognized as being poor quality. Using cheap items may cause a negative reaction modifier in social situations. Cheap items cost 50% of the listed price.
Fine goods are made with high quality materials. They are twice as resistant to wear and tear, and come in a wider selection of styles. Fine goods cost 3 times the listed price.
Very fine items were made by master craftsmen. They almost never wear out, and may add a +1 modifier to related skill rolls. These items always have a distinctive design and may cause a reaction modifier. Very fine goods cost 5 times the listed price.

Quick Purchase:
Cheap clothes - 30cp: Shorts, work tunic, underpants, sandals.
Average set of clothing - 65cp: Pants, tunic, underclothes, socks, and shoes.
Nice set of clothing - 120cp: Trousers, tunic, belt, underclothes, socks, and soft leather boots.
Adventuring clothes - 315cp: Sturdy pants and tunic, leather belt, underclothes, hooded wool cloak, brooch, leather work gloves, heavy leather boots.