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The Lands Of Xina
Eberron Equipment and Money

The economy of Eberron is quite different, but here is a rough monetary translation, where E. is Eberron coin and X. is Xina coin. 1 E.pp = 100 X.cp = 1, 1 = 10 X.cp, 1 E.sp = 1 X.cp, and 1 E.cp = 1/10 X.cp

Eberron Spell Components
Item Cost Effect
Mabar Crystal 100 +3 spellcasting skill on spells with cancellation and negation effects
Laskin Horn 110 +3 spellcasting skill on Shaping (green) spells
Masthin Shoots 120 -5 duration difficulty on spells targeting animals
Dragonseye Acorn 120 +3 spellcasting skill on Kinetic (cyan) spells
Hathil Root 180 -5 duration difficulty on Shapeshifting (orange) spells
Irian Crystal 230 +4 spellcasting skill on beneficial Healing (yellow) spells
Reath Leaves 240 +5 spellcasting skill on Sensing (magenta) spells
Cathier Spleen 250 -5 duration difficulty on Physical (red) spells
Kieros Leaves 300 -5 penalty to resist rolls against Mental (blue) spells
Narstone 1000 -5 range difficulty on harmful spells
Covadish Leaves 1500 x3 successes on Spirit (purple) spells
Dragonshard, Siberys Crystal 1,500 - 250,000 +5 to +10 skill bonus to dragonmark abilities; ability to activate dragonmark more often; +1 to +5 bonus to innate magical abilities; allows resurrction through the greater Mark of Healing
Dragonshard, Eberron Crystal 2,120 - 62,500 -5 to -10 difficulty on spell range or duration; makes an exceptional powerstone
Dragonshard, Khyber Crystal 580,000 - 900,000 -5 to -10 penalty to resist rolls on controlling, warding, geas and possession spells; spirits and elementals can be bound into them

Material Components:
Non-dragonshard material components are used up when the spell is successfully cast.
High power dragonshards can only be used by someone bearing a dragonmark.

Cheap components cost 40% of the listed price, and work only 50% of the time.
Fine components cost three times the listed price, and are only 26% likely (roll 8 or less) to be used up during casting.
Very fine components cost ten times the listed price, and are only 9% likely (roll 6 or less) to be used up during casting.