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The Lands Of Xina

Basic Inventory
ItemNotes# Cost EachTotal
Leather armorPD 1, DR 2, 10 lbs 1175 
Bastard swordThr+1 IMP, Sw+2 CUT, 38" blade, min ST 10 1300 
ScabbardLong 145 
Honing oilVial 13 
Oiling cloth and pouch  13 
Whetstone  116 
BackpackCanvas 125 
Belt pouchCanvas 13 
SackCanvas, 3 cu ft. 13 
BedrollFleece 115 
TorchWood, burns 1 hour 3618
Flint & steel  13 
Healer kitBasic injury 17 
KnifeTool, 3" blade 120 
UtensilsCamping 14 
Waterskin1 gallon 110 
Rope10' coir, ½", 110 lbs max weight 19 
Fishing hooks & line  18 
RationsTrail, 1 week 121 
CloakCloth 130 
TrousersWork 31545
TunicWork 3824
BootsHeavy leather 155 
SocksFabric 313
UnderclothesBasic 3515
Personal basicsSoap, comb, etc. 1* 

This is a set of essential gear, suitable for the adventurer who has no choice but to travel in some amount of discomfort. A person with this gear shouldn't venture more than a day or two from a good water supply and source of forage. He shouldn't travel through extreme terrain or weather. He will also develop an odor after a few days on the road.