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The Lands Of Xina

Medicinal Herbs
Common Name Price Rarity Source Form Use
Aksera Weed 1cp Common Leaf Unguent Emetic, induces vomiting.
Amber Nut 10cp/sack Very Common Nut Tea Coffee substitute, caffeinated, stimulates digestion.
Arcassa 16cp Very Rare Tuber Unguent Topical; greatly increases rate of bone mending.
Bear Grass 2cp Common Leaf Ointment Topical; cures acne, rashes, dermatitis and eczema.
Blackleaf 12cp Rare Leaf Tea Contraceptive.
Bog Burdock 6cp Uncommon Tuber Ointment Stimulates scalp hair growth.
Drakescale 5cp Uncommon Leaf Unguent Topical; anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling and helps coagulation.
Elder Root 6cp Uncommon Root Tea Treats age-related memory ailments.
Fire Pepper 4cp Uncommon Fruit Liniment Topical; relieves pain.
Galan Root 15cp Rare Root Tea May cure ingested poisons.
Gray Cap 6cp Uncommon Mushroom Cap Tea Prevents cravings, useful for combating addiction.
Gypsy Ivy 8cp/jar Very Common Leaf Ointment Topical; insect repellant.
Hawktail 4cp Uncommon Seed Ointment Topical; anti-fungal, reduces perspiration.
Hydra Ivy 10cp Rare Fruit Unguent Topical; gradually removes scars.
Ironweed 4cp Uncommon Root Liniment Topical; cures muscle cramps and spasms.
Kerena Root 4cp Uncommon Root Unguent Topical; delays decomposition of corpses.
Meadow Lace 1cp Common Flower Tea Prevents hot and cold flashes.
Moon Flower 5cp Uncommon Lily Tea Aids sleep, reduces pain.
Nightwood 14cp Rare Bud Unguent Topical; cures skin cancers, moles and warts.
Orian Root 11cp Rare Root Unguent Topical; stops bleeding.
Pixieberry 3cp Common Berry Tea Increases fertility, may cure sterility.
Rainflower 6cp Uncommon Stem Tea Cures stomach aches and ulcers.
River Berry 8cp Exotic Seed Liniment Topical; relieves arthritis and joint pain.
Royal Sage 4cp Uncommon Leaf Tea Relieves migraines, helps fever and chills.
Shalura 8cp Exotic Tuber Tea Cures sore throat, tonsillitis, cough and bronchitis.
Shepherd Berry 3cp/bottle Uncommon Berry Rinse Oral antiseptic, anti-plaque rinse and mouth wash. (Not to be ingested.)
Southern Thistle 9cp Exotic Seed Tea Anti-arrhythmic agent.
Star Clover 2c Common Flower Tea Relaxant, calmative.
Sungold 16c Very Rare Root Tea Antibiotic, reduces infection. Effective against VD's, bubonic plague, malaria, lyme disease and spotted fever. Not safe for children age 7 or younger.
Sweet Myrthis 5cp Uncommon Fruit Tea Expectorant, dissolves thick mucus, relieves respiratory difficulties and coughs.
Talus Burdock 10cp Rare Tuber Ointment Treats burns, prevents burn scars.
Tanava 2cp Common Root Ointment Topical; reduces signs of aging in skin.
Toad Moss 9cp Exotic Leaf Ointment Topical; prevents and cures skin infections.
Twinleaf 4cp Uncommon Tuber Tea Cures anemia and jaundice.
White Chives 3cp Uncommon Stem Tea Antihistamine, relieves allergy symptoms.
White Mint 7cp Exotic Leaf Tea Greatly reduces fever.
Wildwort 2cp Common Leaf Ointment Topical; cures insect bites.
Winter Onion 5cp Uncommon Fruit Tea Aids digestion, liver and kidney function.
Wolf Thorn 15cp Very Rare Seed Tea May cure injected poisons.

These are fictional medicinal herbs of proven effectiveness and rare potency.
In general, 1 oz is one 6-hour dose or 12-hour topical application. One sack contains 16 oz or 1 lb. A jar is 12 oz.
Rarity: Very Rare, Rare, Exotic, Uncommon, Common, Very Common