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The Lands Of Xina

Illicit & Narcotic Substances
Name Price Appearance Use Addictive Effects Withdrawl
Cloud Dragon 30c/oz White powder Snort Mildly Causes intense orgasms. Restlessness.
Homonculus 15c/oz Gray mushroom flakes Ingest as tea Mildly Altered and increased emotions, distorted perceptions (both based on mood before drinking), interspersed with clear flashbacks. Mood swings, confusion.
Hulag 30c/pill Reddish-brown gummy pill Ingest Very Extremely strong painkiller, mild euphoric and sedative. Continued use builds up tolerance. Paranoia, elevated heart rate, headaches.
Mandragora 35c/oz Brown root Ingest as tea Mildly Enhanced memory and mental clarity. Poisonous if not boiled. Depression, trembles.
Mesmer 20c/pill Bright green pill Ingest Mildly Short-term memory loss, loss of appetite, mild euphoria. Irritability.
Night Arrow 10c/pouch Dark pine green leaves Inhale smoke Not Increases sexual stamina and pleasure, warm feeling, enhanced touch perception. None.
Pipe Leaf 10c/pouch Ground green-brown leaves Inhale smoke Not Calming, reduces worries, mild muscle relaxant. None.
Kecharas 25c/pouch Dried, crushed flower bud Inhale smoke Mildly Strong feelings of relaxation, safety, happiness and contentment. Increased thirst and appetite.
Quenta Oil 100c/oz Thick, amber oil Ingested Somewhat Causes a dissociative, dream-like mental state with reduced perceptions and mild, theraputic hallucinations. Repeated use reduces mental and emotional disorders, generally used once per month for a year. Inner restlessness, inability to remain motionless.
Ritual Fig 15c/pill Dingy brown pill Ingest Somewhat Strong sedative, feelings of euphoria and floating. Dilated pupils, hot and cold flashes.
Shylia 20c/oz Light pink ball of soaked sugar Ingest Somewhat Causes vivid hallucinations based on the mood, personality, expectations and surroundings. Often taken in drug houses. Panic attacks.
Thessalan 25c/oz Brown powder ground from cloves Ingest mixed with wine Somewhat Enhanced perceptions followed by extreme drowsy relaxation. Nausea, vomiting.
White Crown 40c/oz Sugar-like crystals Ingest Very Increases strength, reduces fatigue and the need for sleep. Joint and muscle aches, fever.
Winter Lady 10c/oz White powder Snort Very Increases confidence and excitement, false sense of mental clarity. Fatigue, shakes.

These are fictional drugs.
In general, 1 oz or pill produces 1 hour of effect. One pouch contains 4 oz or ¼ lbs.
The availability scale is Common, Uncommon, Exotic, Rare, Very Rare.

Poisons and Toxins
Name Price Rarity Source Delivery Resist Effects
Alarune 3 Exotic Tuber Contact or Ingestion HT+4 1 min stomach cramps. 2 min vomiting. 1 hr diarrhea. 24 hrs headache and dehydration. On failed HT roll: 36 hrs - dizziness or fainting. 48 hrs muscle cramps. 60 hrs - visual snow. 72 hrs - swelling of the tongue. 84 hrs - death.
Black Shroud 20 Rare Buds Contact HT-3 5 min loss of sensation. 15 min paralysis, DX and ST penalties of 12 minus HT roll successes. Failed HT roll: 1 hr death-like suspended animation for 4 hours times HT roll failures.
Death Flower 5 Uncommon Leaf Unguent HT 1 rnd - produces an intense rotting smell that causes nausea in an area, -1 DX. On failed HT roll: 2 rnds - intense vomiting, debilitation. Covers 1 hex per 4 ounces. Lasts approximately 1 hour before losing sufficient potency to cause vomiting.
Lady's Wrath 15 Exotic Seeds Ingestion HT-1 20 min stiffness (-1 DX). 30 min partial paralysis (-3 DX, -3 ST). On failed HT roll: 4 hrs - heart and lung failure causing 1d6 + HT roll failures damage.
Masked Wasp Venom 5 Exotic Venom Contact HT-1 1 rnd intense pain at contact site. 1 min - nausea and loss of balance (-1 DX). 5 min - weakness (-1 DX, -1 ST). 10 min - muscle spasms for 10 minutes minus HT roll successes (-3 DX, -2 ST).
Midnight Poppy 12 Rare Seeds Ingestion HT-2 4 hrs - excessively rapid heartbeat. 12 hrs - increasingly horrible nightmares lasting 7 days minus HT roll successes. On failed HT roll: heart failure after 14 days minus HT roll failures.
Nymph's Breath 50 Very Rare Blue Ringed Newt Inhalation or Ingestion HT-2 1 min / 30 min - Lack of ability to perceive danger, short term memory loss. On failed HT roll: Loss of ability to resist suggestion. Victims seem calm and follow instructions without resistance, remembering nothing of events that transpire while drugged. Overdoses lead to coma.
Pale Specter 10 Rare Mushroom Cap Ingestion HT-3 30 min - fatigue, nosebleeds. 1 hr - bleeding gums. 6 hrs - bloody urine. 1 day - extensive bruising, shortness of breath (-1 ST). Failed HT roll: inability to digest food for days equal to HT roll failures.
Reaper's Trumpet 30 Very Rare Seeds Ingestion HT-4 1 hr - protruding veins. 2 hrs - aneurysm (abnormal swelling of arteries). 4 hrs - internal bleeding causing 6 minus HT roll successes damage. On failed HT roll: 8 hrs - death as arteries rupture.
Red Mesa Viper Venom 15 Rare Venom Injection HT-2 10 min nosebleeds. 30 min - spontaneous bleeding from mouth. On failed HT roll: 6 hrs - internal bleeding of brain and bowels causing 3 damage per day for days equal to HT roll failures. On second failed HT roll: brain damage.
Red Skull 18 Rare Root Ingestion HT-2 15 min headache and flushing. 2 hrs - high fever lasting 24 hours minus HT roll successes. On failed HT roll: 1 day - extremely high fever (sometimes with seizures) lasting days equal to HT roll failure, resulting in brain damage. On second failed HT roll: death.
Sand Spider Venom 25 Rare Venom Injection HT-3 30 sec - blurred vision. 2 min - trouble breathing and speaking (-2 DX, -1 ST). On failed HT roll: 5 min suffocation causing 5 damage per HT roll failure.
White Avenger 6 Exotic Flower Ingestion HT+1 5 min sweating. 15 min fever. On failed HT roll: 30 min convulsions causing 1d6/2 + HT roll failures damage.
Wolf Thistle 6 Uncommon Flower Inhalation HT-3 1 min tension. 5 min feelings of dread. On failed HT roll: 15 min - irrational fear. 30 min infrequent, minor, disturbing visual hallucinations (-2 IQ), panic attacks. On second failed HT roll: 1 hr - frightening hallucinations (-3 IQ) lasting 4 hours, then gradually decreasing over the next 4 hours.
Wyrd Root 8 Exotic Root Ingestion HT-1 20 min slurred speech. 1 hr delirium (-5 IQ). On failed HT roll: 12 hrs - kidney and liver failure. 3 days jaundice, nausea, sleepiness, bleeding easily, swollen abdomen, damage equal to HT roll failure. On second failed HT roll: 1 week - coma and death.

These are fictional poisons.
The cost listed is per 20 lbs of target or 1 hex of area to be affected.
The availability scale is Common, Uncommon, Exotic, Rare, Very Rare.
The rank of a poison is equal to its HT roll adjustment, from 1 (HT+4) to 10 (HT-5).