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The Lands Of Xina

Item Cost
Ale, average mug 2
Ale, good mug 3
Ale, stout mug 4
Apple or grape juice 1/gal
Berry juice 3/gal
Brandy (bottle) 7-22
Cheese, average 5/lb
Cheese, good 10/lb
Cheese, gourmet 15/lb
Cheese, poor 3/lb
Chocolate 20/lb
Dried fruit, apricots 3/lb
Dried fruit, banana sweet chips 2/lb
Dried fruit, blueberries 21/lb
Dried fruit, cranberries 19/lb
Dried fruit, dates 4/lb
Dried fruit, figs 3/lb
Gin (bottle) 10-40
Honeymead, average (mug) 3
Honeymead, good (mug) 5
Jerky, beef 15/lb
Jerky, bison 20/lb
Jerky, chicken 7/lb
Jerky, sweet beef 17/lb
Jerky, turkey 12/lb
Liqueur, amaretto (bottle) 19
Liqueur, apple (bottle) 16
Liqueur, blackberry (bottle) 16
Liqueur, cinnamon (bottle) 22
Liqueur, coffee (bottle) 16
Liqueur, hazelnut (bottle) 12
Item Cost
Liqueur, honey (bottle) 24
Liqueur, mint (bottle) 10
Liqueur, mixed fruit (bottle) 11
Liqueur, orange (bottle) 10
Liqueur, peppermint (bottle) 13
Liqueur, root (bottle) 11
Liqueur, strawberry (bottle) 13
Liqueur, vanilla (bottle) 14
Meal, average 5
Meal, feast 22
Meal, good 10
Meal, simple 3
Nuts, almonds 4/lb
Nuts, cashews 7/lb
Nuts, peanuts 2/lb
Nuts, pecans 5/lb
Nuts, pinenuts 10/lb
Nuts, sunflower seeds 1/lb
Nuts, walnuts 6/lb
Orange juice 2/gal
Pepperoni beef sticks 12/lb
Rations, mountain (1 week) 70
Rations, trail (1 week) 21
Rum (bottle) 10-30
Summer sausage 5/lb
Wine, average (bottle) 15
Wine, average (glass) 4
Wine, fine (bottle) 35
Wine, fine (glass) 8
Wine, poor (bottle) 4
Wine, poor (glass) 1

Location Per Night Per Month
Flophouse 1 
Cheap inn, 1 public bed 2 
Cheap inn, 1 private bed 5 
Merchant inn, 1 bed 10270
Merchant inn, bed & bath 15405
Guild inn, bed & bath 20540
Guild inn, bed & bath w/safe 30810
Guild inn, bed & bath w/meals 35945
Luxury inn, bed & bath 501350
Luxury inn, bed & bath w/meals 752025
Luxury inn, bed & bath w/valet 1002700
Shared dorm room or attic  100
Private dorm room or guest room  175
Efficiency, single-room apartment  225
Apartment, lower class/upper floor  275
Apartment, lower class/ground floor  300
Apartment, middle class/upper floor  375
Apartment, middle class/ground floor  400
Apartment, luxury upper floor  500
Apartment, luxury ground floor  550
Small house, lower class  500
Medium house, lower class  600
Small house, middle class  800
Medium house, middle class  1000
Large house, middle class  1200
Small house, upper class  1250
Medium house, upper class  1500
Old farm with barn on 5 acres  1400
Boarding Stables
Location Per Night Per Month
Stable at a cheap inn 1 
Stable at a merchant inn 3 
Stable at a guild inn 5 
Stable at a luxury inn 10 
Boarding, pasture  30
Boarding, self  40
Boarding, basic care  100
Boarding, basic care & turnout  130
Boarding, working livery  180
Boarding, full care  250
Boarding, full care & training  400

A paddock is a small, fenced area adjacent to a stable. A stall is a single-horse enclosure inside a stable.
Pasture boarding - the horse is turned loose in a pasture, the owner must see to all care. Self care - a stall and paddock access are provided, the owner must see to all care. Basic care - includes feeding, watering and mucking the stall. Full care - includes basic, daily turnout to field for exercise, essential grooming and health care. Working livery - full care, however the horse is used by the stable owner for riding lessons, herding, etc.