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The Lands Of Xina

Missile Weapons
Weapon Cost Cr Imp SS Acc ½ Dam Max Rng Max Dam
Blowgun 15     10 1   STx2  
Bolas 35 sw   12 0   STx3  
Bow, composite 230   thr+2 14 3 STx15 STx20 11
Bow, compound 480   thr+4 14 4 STx20 STx25 13
Bow, long 200   thr+1 15 3 STx10 STx20 10
Bow, standard 170   thr 13 2 STx10 STx15 9
Bow, recurve 260   thr+3 14 3 STx20 STx25 12
Bow, short 140   thr-1 12 1 STx5 STx10 8
Crossbow, composite 255   thr+4 13 2 STx15 STx20 26
Crossbow, heavy 195   thr+3 12 2 STx15 STx20 24
Crossbow, light 75   thr+1 12 0 STx5 STx10 20
Crossbow, medium 135   thr+2 12 1 STx10 STx15 22
Sling w/lead bullet 15 sw-3   12 0 STx5 STx10  
Sling w/iron bullet 15 sw-3   12 0 STx2 STx5  
Sling w/stone 15 sw-4   12 0 ST STx2  

Thrown Weapons
Weapon Cost Cr Cut Imp SS Acc ½ Dam Max Rng
Axe, hand 60   sw   11 1 STx1.5 STx2.5
Axe, hatchet 40   sw-1   11 1 STx1.5 STx2.5
Axe, throwing 60   sw+1   10 2 ST STx1.5
Chakram 50   thr   13 1 STx1.5 STx2.5
Dagger 40     thr-2 12 0   ST
Darts 3     thr-1 9 3 STx2 STx3
Greek Fire 4       13 0   STx3.5
Javelin 53     thr+1 10 3 STx1.5 STx2.5
Knife, small 20     thr-3 11 0 ST-5 ST
Net 40       12 1   ST/2 + Skill/5
Net, large 50       13 1   ST/2 + Skill/5
Net, melee 60       12 1   ST + Skill/5
Spear, wood 10     thr+1 11 1 ST STx1.5
Throwing stick 10 sw-3     11 2 STx4 STx8

The cost, range, damage, and accuracy information has been modified from the original rules.

Cheap weapons are made with bronze and soft woods. They are prone to breaking, but cost 40% of the listed price.
Good weapons are made with iron and wood which has been seasoned slowly.
Fine weapons are made with steel and wood which has been air dried, and radially split rather than sawn. They rarely break, do +1 basic damage, have 25% more range, and cost 3 times the listed price.
Very fine weapons don't break, do +2 basic damage, have 50% more range, and cost 6 times the listed price.
Most bows are made of Yew, Elm, Ash, Dagame (lemonwood), Hickory, Oak, Birch, Black Locust, Walnut, Cedar, Juniper, Mulberry, and Maple. White, red, and green Ash are stronger, while black and blue Ash are weaker. Foreign bows are made of Tawa, Rewarewa, Manuka, Blackapple Acacia, Boree Acacia, Alpine Ash, Silver Ash, Lancewood, and Black Palm.

Arrows: Short, long, and standard bows use arrows of the same name. Composite, compound, and recurve bows use heavy or elven arrows.
Attack roll is at a -1 penalty when using the wrong arrow, or an arrow of lesser quality than the bow.
Whistler arrows emit a high-pitched sound and have half the normal range.
Grappler arrows are used to send out a line, and have one quarter the normal range.
Elven arrows have specially shaped nocks and fletching. They spin in flight to stabilize their trajectory and add +3 Accuracy.

SS: Snap Shot - Accuracy and attack rate are affected based on the combatant's weapon skill. See the combat rules.
Acc: Accuracy - Penalties for range and speed are reduced by this amount (never below 0).
½ Dam: Half Damage - Beyond this range, weapon damage is halved, rounding down.
Range: Range is measured in yards. See the combat rules for range penalties.