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The Lands Of Xina

Trade Goods
Item Cost
Amber 34/lb
Brass 8/oz
Cloth, cotton 2/sq yd
Cloth, cotton print 6/sq yd
Cloth, felt 3/sq yd
Cloth, flannel 4/sq yd
Cloth, fleece or knit 5/sq yd
Cloth, fleece print 7/sq yd
Cloth, lace 4/sq yd
Cloth, silk 35/sq yd
Cloth, silk print 45/sq yd
Cloth, upholstery 12/sq yd
Cloth, wool 18/sq yd
Coffee, average beans 9/lb
Coffee, gourmet beans 18/lb
Glass, colored 80/lb
Glass, plain 60/lb
Gold 100/oz
Gold, white 348/oz
Incense (10 sticks) 1
Ivory 42/lb
Jewelry, cabochon (inlaid) 4/ct
Jewelry, intarsia (pendant) 27/ct
Oil, virgin olive (2 oz) 1
Item Cost
Palladium 250/oz
Pepper 1/oz
Perfume 3/dram
Platinum 610/oz
Pyrite 8/oz
Quartz, natural 10/point
Rug, wool basic solid 2/sq yd
Rug, wool treated 11/sq yd
Silver 25/oz
Spice 2/scruple
Tapestry, cotton 104/sq yd
Tapestry, cotton fine 132/sq yd
Tapestry, silk 216/sq yd
Tapestry, wool 50/sq yd
Tapestry,wool rug 60/sq yd
Tea, green 3/oz
Tobacco 55/lb
Ungent 30/gill
Wood, bloodwood 4/cu in
Wood, ebony or maple 3/cu in
Wood, olivewood 1/cu in
Wood, rosewood 2/cu in
Wood, white oak 5/cu in

Item Buy Price Sell Price
Arctic fox 6039
Beaver 3020
Black bear 200132
Bobcat 13089
Cross fox 5536
Deer 5033
Elk 7046
Ermine (white winter weasel) 107
Lynx 170112
Mink 3523
Orog 500300
Pine martin 2013
Rabbit 31
Racoon 1510
Red fox 4529
Sable (gray/silver) 11072
Sheep 5536
Silver fox 6039
Weasel (ermine) 85
Wolf 10066

Hunting Seasons
Species Prime Hunting
Antelope Mid Aug to early Nov
Badger Late Dec to early Mar
Bear Mid Oct to mid Nov
Beaver Early Dec to late Feb
Bobcat Mid Dec to late Feb
Caribou Mid Sep to mid Dec
Coyote Mid Nov to early Jan
Deer Mid Sep to early Jan
Duck Early Oct to early Jan
Fisher Early Nov to early Jan
Fox (Red/Arctic/Gray) Mid Nov to early Jan
Goose Early Oct to mid Jan
Lynx Mid Dec to early Feb
Marten Mid Nov to mid Jan
Mink Early Nov to end of Dec
Species Prime Hunting
Moose Mid Sep to early Jan
Mountain Lion Late Oct to mid Apr
Muskrat Early Feb to early Apr
Otter Early Nov to Mid Jan
Partridge Early Sep to early Jan
Pheasant Mid Oct to early Jan
Rabbit Early Oct to end of Mar
Quail Late Oct to early Dec
Racoon Mid Oct to mid Feb
Squirrel Early Nov to late Jan
Turkey Mid Apr to mid May
Early Sep to early Jan
Weasel Mid Nov to end of Jan
Wolf Late Nov to end of Jan
Wolverine Mid Nov to end of Jan