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The Lands Of Xina

Weapon Accessories
Item Cost
Archery forearm guard, cloth 4
Archery forearm guard, leather 12
Arrow, elven 12
Arrow, fishing 4
Arrow, grappler 10
Arrow, heavy 9
Arrow, long 7
Arrow, standard 5
Arrow, short 3
Arrow, whistler 8
Arrow feathers (10) 2
Arrow vanes (12) 5
Bolt, heavy crossbow 6
Bolt, light crossbow 2
Bolt, medium crossbow 4
Bow shoulder strap 15
Bow stabilizer 40
Bowstring silencer 1
Bowstring wax (1 stick) 3
Bowstring, composite 6
Bowstring, long 5
Bowstring, recurve 7
Bowstring, standard 4
Bowstring, short 3
Item Cost
Hammer & awl, brass 18
Honing oil (vial) 3
Javelin steel tip 12
Needles, blowgun (2) 1
Oil, anti-rust (1 vial) 1
Oiling cloth and pouch 3
Polish & grind stone 5
Powder ball and pouch 7
Quiver, leather/metal 18 arrow 25
Quiver, leather/metal 6 arrow 15
Quiver, storage 100 arrow 28
Scabbard, long (31-39") 45
Scabbard, short (18-30") 25
Slingshots, lead (10) 1
Sword cleaning kit 35
Sword harness (40"+ blades) 20
Tack, basic weapon tie-down 12
Tack, fleece-lined leather bow scabbard 70
Tack, leather scabbard 30
Whetstone 16

Cheap items have shoddy workmanship and may fail during normal use, and cost 40% of the listed price.
Fine goods are made with high quality materials. They are twice as resistant to wear and tear, and cost 2 times the listed price.
Very fine items are made by master craftsmen. They almost never wear out, and cost 5 times the listed price.

Arrows: Short, long, and standard bows use arrows of the same name. Composite, compound, and recurve bows use heavy arrows. Whistler arrows emit a high-pitched sound and have half the normal range. Grappler arrows are used to send out a line, and have one quarter the normal range.
Fine arrows cost twice the listed values. Very fine arrows use vanes instead of feathers, and cost three times the listed value. Attacks are at -1 when using the wrong arrow, an arrow of lesser quality, or a string of than the bow.