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The Lands Of Xina

Human Nations

Banner - A square flag.
Pennant - A long, tapering, downward pointing triangular flag.
Shield - An elongated, downward pointing triangular flag with outwardly rounded sides.
Standard - A long, rectangular flag with a tapering end.

Aristocracy - Government by a hereditary ruling class.
Assembly - Government by hereditary regional rulers who are members of a legislative assembly.
City States - Government of consensus by elected city leaders, each city governing its surrounding villages.
Clans - Government by a chieftain limited to social units consisting of a number of related families.
Confederacy - An alliance between towns and villages for mutual support and common action.
Council of Elders - Government by officials elected by members of their own social caste.
Feudalism - Government of lords granting land and money to vassals for domestic and military service.
Monarchy - Government by a hereditary king.
Oligarchy - Government by a small group of powerful individuals.
Plutocracy - Government by the wealthy and influential upper class.
Republic - Government by officials elected by citizens.
Socialism - Government by a central group which regulates the distribution of wealth.
Theocracy - Government by religious authority.
Tribes - Government by the strongest member(s) limited to social units consisting of a number of families with a common culture.