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The Lands Of Xina
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About This RPG
The Lands of Xina is a fantasy setting which introduces twists on the classical races of humans, elves and dwarves.

Introduction, Characters, Adventures, Playing the Game, Fantasy Versus Reality, and Gaming Tips

Game Mechanics
The game system is a homebrew, based on third edition GURPS (Generic Universal Role-Playing System). The following pages will walk you through character creation, skills, magic use, and combat.

Character Creation
Classes and Attributes
PC Races - Human, Dwarf, Elf, and Kindar
Skills - Use and Descriptions
General and Trademark Skill Lists
Traits and Sample Quirks
Magic, Spell Descriptions and Creating Magical Items
Spell Reference - Material Hardness, Mage Bolt, Lesser and Greater conjures, and Decibel Level
Combat Rules and Warrior Combat Maneuvers
Miscellaneous Rules

Useful information for character creation and development.

Equipment - Armor, Helms & Shields, Melee and Ranged Weapons, Weapon Accessories, Clothing, General Gear, Provisions & Lodging, Other Supplies, and more.
Magic Item Creator and Powerstone Creator
Blank Character Sheet


Setting Information
These pages will help you get to know the unique style and setting of Xina.

Setting and History
Money, Banking and Mail
Geography - Human
World Map: Basic - Full Size and Printable

Human and Metahuman Names
Human and Metahuman Surnames
Human and Metahuman Facial Hair Styles

OOC Information
Players should only read these with the game master's permission.

Geography - Metahuman/Inhuman
World Map: Labeled - Full Size and Printable
World Map: Detailed - Full Size and Printable
City Maps: Marzakol

NPC Races - Orc and Mythic
Humanoid and Monster Names
Humanoid and Monster Surnames