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The Lands Of Xina
PC Races - Dwarves

Players must obtain permission from the narrator to create dwarven characters.

Physical Characteristics


Cultural Notes

Sample Hair Colors

Black - Domino, ebony, jet, midnight, onyx, raven, sable.
Brown - Almond, chocolate, dark, hazelnut, mahogany, medium, mocha, wheat.
Grey - Alabaster, ash, arctic, platinum, silver, slate, snow, white.
Red - Auburn, caramel, chestnut, cinnamon, copper, fiery, ginger, russet, wine.

The Effects of Age

As a Youth, a character is an adolescent who is supposed to be under an adult's care and supervision. As an Adult, he gains full legal rights and responsibilities. At Mature, a character begins to suffer the effects of aging. He must roll HT once per year. On a failed roll, an attribute decreases by 1 point. On a critical failure, 1 point of HT is lost as well. An Old character's HT roll is made at a penalty equal to the number of years above the minimum age for Old (IE: -1 at age 81 for humans). If any attribute is reduced to zero, the character passes away.

Architectural Terms

Corbel - A piece of stone jutting out of a wall which holds up a weight, often carved into a decorative form.
Four-Centered Arch - A low, wide arch, flattened and pointed, with a low ellipstical shape.
Oriel Window - A form of bay window found in Gothic revival architecture, which jut out from the main wall of the building but do not reach the bround. Corbels or brackets are often used to support this kind of window.