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The Lands Of Xina
Miscellaneous Rules

Physical Aspects

Miscellaneous Rules


Many generations ago, there was a single human language. Since then, isolation has spawned numerous local dialects. Each character automatically knows the language of his homeland at IQ+2. The human dialects are Alkazari, Athanari, Greveni, Seldari, Skovdari, Talandi, Tanari, and Vaerni. He can speak the language of other human lands at a -2 penalty.

The Trade language is a basic vocabulary agreed upon by all. Members of other races who deal with humans often learn it. Trade contains words useful for describing goods and their quality, quantity, and value. It is also useful for establishing identity, periods of time, locations, and contractual obligations. Trade language is a Mental Easy skill.

The Merchant Code language is a simple, secret language employed by merchants. It is useful for discussing business without eavesdropping. Merchant Code language is a Mental Average skill.

The Underworld Argot is a secret language used by rogues and criminals. It changes from time to time and has regional variations, so a character gradually loses skill ranks in this language if it is not used for a long time. Underworld Argot is a Mental Average skill.

The Spellcaster's Argot is a complex language of specialized terms used to describe magical theory and supernatural physics. It is difficult to learn spells, and almost impossible to study Thaumaturgy, without knowing it. Spellcaster's Argot is a Mental Average skill.

Dialects of one's own language are Mental Easy. Other humanoid languages are Mental Average.
Goblinoid languages are Mental Easy. The Trade language is Mental Easy.
Ancient languages are Mental Hard.

Characters are not literate in any language by default. Only one in six humans is literate, most members of metahuman races are literate, while only the shamans and leaders of lesser races are literate.
Literacy in your own or similar languages is a Mental Easy skill.
Literacy in strange or ancient languages is a Mental Average skill.