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The Lands Of Xina

New Materials

Material Properties

MaterialTypeWeightPD DRCut Artificing Spell
Casting Bonus
Item Cost
AdamantitePure100%+2 +1+1+1x10
AdamantiteAlloy100%+1 +0+1+0x5
MithrilPure25%+0 +0+0+1x15
MithrilAlloy50%+0 +0+0+0x10
PalladiumPure100%+0 +0+0+3x5
PalladiumAlloy100%+0 +0+0+1x3

When determining the item's final price based on quality, add the multipliers. PD and DR adjustments are cumulative. For example, fine quality pure mithril chainmail has PD 3, DR 5, 25% weight, +1 artificing bonus, and 18 times the normal cost. Very fine pure adamantite chainmail has PD 5, DR 7, 100% weight, +1 artificing bonus, and 20 times the normal cost.

Available Advacements

Swords - short, falcata, gladius, spatha, broad, sickle, long, short, bastard, fencing, etc.
Weapons - axe, mace, spear, polearm, composite bow, horse bow, crossbow with sight and mechanical trigger, battering ram, catapult, ballista
Armor - mail shirt, helmet, brigandine, leather, basic chainmail, articulated plate, shield, etc.
Greek fire (quicklime, naptha, pitch, and sulphur)
Composite bows, recurve bows

Tin smelting, iron smelting, brass, bronze, copper smelting, pure copper (by reacting its salts with iron)
Metallic zinc, metallic mercury
Working and casting gold, silver, palladium, platinum, iridium, osmium, rhodium
Steel production and heat treatment (not stainless)
Basic electroplating
Bow drill, simple hand drill

Decimal number system, negative numbers, and fractions
Basic catalog of minerals
Alchemical chemistry, matter made up of different types of particles
Advanced geometry, algebra
Parabolic and hyperbolic math (and metal reflective surfaces)
Magnets and basic magnetism
Liquid displacement and buoyancy
Basic cartography
Theory of levers, basic mechanics
Distillation (relatively new)
Concept of all living things containing water, weak concept of evolution
Astronomy, prediction of lunar and solar eclipses
The moon shines with the reflected light of the sun, the earth is a globe, the sun and stars do not move

Musical intervals, octaves, and notation
Gregorian/Julian calendar
Standardized coin money, weights and measures
Phonetic alphabet and vowels

Windmills pumping water for irrigation, tidal mills, rotary grindstone, water mill
Wheelbarrow, heavy plow, push-scythe, harrow
Reliable irrigation, water wheel, water ladder
Percussion drilling of wells, artesian well
Domesticated farm animals, wheat, bee keeping
Selective crossbreeding (crops, mules, etc.), herding dogs
Pickaxe, mattock, file, hand mill, brush tools

Brewing and fermentation of alcohol (wine, beer), hops in brewing beer
Pasta, tea, ice cream, coffee stimulant drink
  Paper, parchment, vellum
Bound writings, leather bindings for books, libraries
Dipped-ink pen, black ink
Moveable type wood blocks allows stamping of small documents
Re-useable wax writing tablet

Hard and soft soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, flush toilet
Public sanitation works

Hallucinogenic substances (weed, mushrooms, etc.)
Plant extract medicines, poison brewing (arsenic, hemlock)
Basic understanding of heartbeat, pulse, and circulation
Diseases have natural causes, the seeds of disease (germs)
Brain as the source of thought and seat of perception
Crutches, stitches, basic dental prosthesis, false teeth
Setting broken bones, primitive skin grafting
Caesarean childbirth (doesn't save the mother)
Anesthesia (of opium, mandragora, and henbane)
Cleansing of wounds with disinfectants (alcohol)
Mosquito repellant (powder from the bark of a quaking aspen tree confuses its sensory organs)

Intra-city roads, man-made bridge, pontoon bridge, arched bridge
Explosive powder for mining (saltpeter, sulphur, and charcoal)
Small light houses, canal locks, swimming pools
Hot and cold running water in large public structures
Indirect heating systems
Dome architecture, arches, cranes

Horse shoes, collar and harness, stirrups, bit, bridle, saddle, spurs, barding
Animal-drawn wheeled vehicles, chariots
Advanced pottery, plywood, ceramic, porcelain, tiles
Silk, cotton cloth, woven hemp and flax, horizontal loom, tapestries, rugs
Sundial, compass, astrolabe
Abacus, water and sand clocks, time-marking candles
Piston water pump fire fighting wagons
Kites, sails, gliding model birds
Metal locks

Refracting and reflecting lenses, glass mirrors
Spectacles, lenses that somewhat enlarge view
Burning glass - small circular lens to focus the sun's rays and ignite flammables
Glass for beads, paperweights, etc. (shaped, drilled, or ground)
Core-formed glassware (glass dries around a core with the proper shape)
Thick, heavy, wavy glass window panes (very uncommon)

Rat trap, fire starter (large match), umbrella, kite, ship anchor, oil lamp
Olyphant (ivory horn, trumpet precursor), shawm (early oboe), bagpipes

Elvish Advancements

Compound bowTelescopeSpinning Wheel
Forged mithrilQuill penKnitting needles

Dwarvish Advancements

ScrewsTrebuchetChalk pencils
Forged adamantiteGlassblowingWooden pencil (black lead-white)

Things Not Invented Yet

MicroscopeCanonPrinting press
FirearmsFountain penGraphite pencil
BrailleModern sailing shipModern toothbrush
Blast furnaceAsbestosConcept of non-mystical elements
Blackboard chalkNylonFire as an exothermic reaction