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The Lands Of Xina

Human Timelines

Northlands (Human Expansion Calendar)
Date Event
-6500 Empire of Nimoria
-4800 Nimorean Exodus
-4000 Age of Isolation
-3665 Elven cultural war ends, Talandur and Rushara founded from Anshala.
-3573 Druidic order founded.
-1681 Dwarven religious war ends, Rengorak and Vorathor founded from Valakor.
-1108 Comet falls in the northern region.
0 Barbarians arrive from the east and migrate north.
82 Viaka founded.
114 Harmorn founded.
345 Comet falls in the central eastern grasslands.
402 Second wave of humans arrive from the south.
479 Athanar founded, Northlands War begins.
512 Northlands War ends, elder races retreat.
783 Varinor founded.
950 Succession Wars begin.
958 Tanaris founded.
975 Northern separatists clash with barbarians, Warlands form.
1012 Alkuras founded.
1016 Solantis founded, Secession Wars end.
1017 Orc marauders press north, Scourgelands form.
1020 Comet falls into the Lirean sea.
1024 Campaign begins.

Empire of the Blood Gods (Rivendis Calendar)
Date Event
916 Farmer's Revolution
918 Rivendis civil war begins.
921 Torrik Rebellion, civil war ends.
937 Purge of the Dragon Army begins.
938 War against the orcs in Mogocha, Sanovar.
939 Dragon Army reformation complete, Battle of Galadan, Battle of Khalkhar.
940 Sanguine Battle against Helbron.
941 Anatorian invasion of the Breyari Union.
945 Anatorian advance stopped in Akivata.
946 Dargran Uprising.
952 Imperial Rebellion begins.
956 Battle of Paridis against Crilida.
988 Anatorian Exodus, war survivors flee north.