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Posted: Thu, 18 Jul 08:08:03

by Flyboy Connor

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I have been trying to get into CoC 7E. What I found is that the rules of CoC are VERY hard. I read the Keeper's Handbook twice, and found it really tough to get grips on.

I ran two scenarios for my play group: the second scenario from the starter set (Edge of Darkness) and a scenario (Darkness Beneath the Hill) from a book with five starter scenarios (Doors to Darkness) -- lots of Darkness here. I liked the first one, but had lots of issues with the second one; it had some good stuff, but plotwise it did not make any sense.

We used these two scenarios as "learning games", so we looked up everything that we did not know, but I found it very hard to find answers in the rulebooks, and when looking online it seems I am not the only one. In particular the rules on insanity and the rules on weapon use are tough to get into, and I have found that many keepers change insanity rules to keep the games flowing.

I am going to run another learning game soon.

Anyway, I am willing to run a scenario here on RPGG, but I am hesitant as I don't feel comfortable with the rules yet. On the other hand, of course, PBF offers the time to look things up when needed. I am thinking of another starter scenario, Genius Loci (from Doors to Darkness), which seems to me one of the better ones.
 Reply: General Role-Playing:: Re: QOTD JUL 17: What is the shortest amount of time you prepared for an RPG? Have you played any RPG on the spur of the moment, spontaneously, or extraordinarily short notice? How did it go?
Posted: Thu, 18 Jul 07:44:17

by Whymme

As others did, I've run spur-of-the-moment games. A few with people who weren't role-players and who I had just met. "So what is a role playing game", they asked. "Well, let me show you ... what sort of setting would you like to play in? And what character would you play in that setting? Name one thing the character is good in, and one (s)he is bad in. OK, there we go. You're all in this location, when suddenly ..."
 Reply: General Role-Playing:: Re: QOTD JUN 21: When the players are stumped and the game starts to stall, what do you do? Is this something that can be prevented or something a GM needs to be prepared for?
Posted: Thu, 18 Jul 07:26:22

by Againsto

I have noted that "stumping" and "stalling" seem to be table traits, and in general more common when I run for kids than when I run for adults; so, a deft GM can *train* their table to keep moving.
 New comment on Item for GeekList "GCL Gelato # 638 - Miscellaneous"
Posted: Thu, 18 Jul 05:48:56

by PzVIE

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Leroy43 wrote:

Meanwhile, the 24 Hour RPG Contest voting is underway!
2024 RPG Geek 24 hour voting ends on August 4, 2024

I downloaded and read them - oh wow, again, so many great ideas!
However, your entry really stood out! Maybe because of the recent European Championships, but I totally love the idea and the rules you created for it. Chapeau!!! :geek_thumbsup:
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Posted: Thu, 18 Jul 05:32:49

by Jwallen

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Posted: Thu, 18 Jul 05:30:42

by Jwallen

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Posted: Thu, 18 Jul 05:29:47

by Jwallen

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