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 692 - - Shadows over Stillwater 12
Posted: Sun, 24 Jan 00:25:17
A new episode has been added to the database: 692 - - Shadows over Stillwater 12
 Reply: The One Ring:: Sessions:: Re: The Fellowship of Many Monikers - A DoM Campaign
Posted: Sun, 24 Jan 00:07:29

by Vuriche

A word on our last session and the guest-starring Breelanders:
I didn’t comment on how well it worked to run replacement characters because, well, it worked sort of fine, but the players didn’t really do much with them either. For myself, I can’t remember the specifics of it, but something or other down in the caves convinced me that Brom the Bowman would go home and maybe become a watchman in Bree and sometimes reminisce about that time he went on a proper adventure. Llew Slaymaker on the other hand was meant for greatness. Not a great thinker, nor a strategist, nor even perhaps much of a leader, but there was something innately heroic about that one. I think possibly, a decade or more down the road, Llew might return to the limelight of the campaign to play out some additional part.



Interlude? What kind of a name is that for an adventure? Well, I had to call it something and this is the session that came before we actually started the Adventuring Phase proper. Campaign play with a fancy name if you will. As the session began, the company discussed their options and even though Borin briefly had me sweating by speaking wistfully about a return to the Grey Mountains, which I had introduced by way of some dwarven visitors to the Easterly Inn, they soon decided upon going south for the Woodmen and seek to return the head of Wolfbiter. As previously mentioned, I had expected this decision and for this reason, and in order to make the journey itself interesting, I had prepared several sights and experiences for them as they trekked across the lands Beorn and his people, including a visit to the Cleft of Storms. Naturally, in a move telegraphed during our last adventure, they instead headed straight for The Anduin and the ease of a downstream boatride and thus sidestepped most of my preparations completely.

The company sought out the farmer Geor again and for this time I took the opportunity to introduce a bit of exposition in the form of a nameless, mute and broken old man who Geor had taken in out of pity some years prior. It was generally assumed by the farmers that the man was an escaped prisoner of Dol Guldur. Morwen somewhat redeemed herself in the eyes of Geor by providing music during the evening and once more the company secured the use of a boat. The journey downriver went swiftly, even though a moment’s inattention almost caused them to capsize (a water hazard that nearly wounded Grimhild). At the Old Ford, Regin was hailed by many who recognised him from his guard duty there and they once more met Gelvira the Pot-Stirrer.

At this point, we had established that Grimhild belonged to the house of Wuduseld and as such, she led the company west from the Old Ford, towards her home town. In preparation for her homecoming, the company had a fireside chat about her home and family and I fed them quite a bit of exposition about the Woodmen in general with Grimhild as a mouthpiece. This of course invites me to now elaborate on some thoughts of mine about the Woodmen.

Some thoughts on the Woodmen:
These had originally appeared to me as the dullest of the cultures presented in the original rules. Having read The Heart of the Wild and let the campaign world gestate a bit in my mind however, this rugged folk instead emerged as my absolute favourites – in large part because they seem to me to occupy the most versatile position in the campaign. A Loremaster has enormous amount of leeway in how they are presented and how they evolve during the story. Will they wither and die, or remain and survive, will they migrate elsewhere and prosper, or will they disperse and be absorbed into other cultures. It’s all left up to the Loremaster. That said, I did need to add and change a few things to really enjoy the Woodmen.

The Woodmen – as a name, this is fine for the time, but considering their rich heritage and the many cultural influences at play, I missed a name of a Tolkienite, etymological vein, such as the Éothéod. I have therefore amateurishly crafted the name, the Léodierne from some old words for people and hidden.

Settlement names – If there’s one thing I might critique The One Ring on, it’s the name of the settlements of the Woodmen. Two halls and a town, eh? It’s just not very evocative for me. It helps to permanently adopt the names Wuduseld and Firienseld for the two halls, but no such luck for Woodmen-Town, the worst offender in my eyes to boot. I went through a lot of alternatives for this one – such as: Harroweald (Wooden sanctuary), Wealdburg (Woodtown), Wudufolcburg (woodmentown), Túnseld (Town-hall), etc. Part of me liked Túnseld, especially since it included one of those nifty tilde signs/acute accents that just screams Tolkien, but really, can it all be elds? In the end, I have somewhat reluctantly chosen to adopt the name Felharrow (Hidden Sanctuary) to replace Woodmen-town.

Leaders – Rhosgobel has no defined elder in the published works, I think Radagast is supposedly the disinterest holder of the title, or the village deemed too small for one, but I feel the location warrants an elder who actually helps to run things. Fortunately for me, someone on the old forums (possibly Falenthal or Winterwolf) created Edda One-Eye, slightly edited by me into Edda the One-Eyed to conform closer with Woodmen naming practices, and I really like this character. She is a wizened old crone, famous for her sharp wits and even sharper tongue. A constant, if mostly friendly, thorn in the side of Ingomer whom she keeps from getting too comfortable in his seat as the uncrowned king of the Léodierne.

Back to the Interlude!

Arriving at Wuduseld, Grimhild arranged for the company to be allowed inside and met her parents and told them of her find. They informed her that a Folk-moot was about to take place in Rhosgobel and urged her to go there and seek out her older uncle, who would be with the entourage of Ingomer Axebreaker. Oh, yes, I'm about to conflate The Wizard’s Man and The Folk-moot into the same adventuring phase and I’ll do it again too. After resting for a day in the home of Grimhild’s family, the company set out on the Dusky River by boat. Making a brief stop overnight at the Felharrow, they continued downstream and while Borin successfully navigated strands of spider’s web seeking prey, Grimhild gloomily gazed into the depths of Mirkwood and suffered corruption. With Grimhild knowing the way, her being an avid visitor to Rhosgobel after all, they left the boat at a suitable bend in the river and headed overland straight for the village.

 What's New? January 23, 2021: Big Week!
Posted: Sat, 23 Jan 23:52:30

by RPGG Newscaster Bruce

Yes, those are floodgates. I think that speaks for itself.

New releases at your FLGS (sourced by Leisure Games)

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 Reply: RPGGeek News:: Re: 2021 New Player Initiative: The Call for GMs!
Posted: Sat, 23 Jan 23:52:29

by Bifford

Baker Street:
Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes

Welcome ruffians, chimney-sweeps, boxers, pharmacists, scientists, Baker Street Irregulars, consulting detectives, and all Victorian gentry!

Fancy yourself as an investigator while the famous Sherlock Holmes is missing, presumed dead?

The year is 1891, and Dr. Watson needs your help. Holmes is missing and cases are pouring into Baker Street. It is up to you to select a Victorian profession and put your brainpower to work against the crimes of London!

Sign up here to be put on to a mysterious case which Scotland Yard thinks is an open and shut case!

The Case of the Stable-Yard Tragedy

A boy has been murdered; Scotland Yard have arrested his employer, but his father thinks there is more to the case than The Yard are willing to admit and he has come to ask the help of the now famous Dr Watson. But he is busy on other cases and so he in turn looks to you, his trusty investigators, to solve the case!
Game Particulars

This is a case for 4 to 5 investigators.

I will provide a number of pre-generated characters for you to choose from. I have purposefully chosen a scenario where you can fully utilise any character from any walk of life, from street urchin and chimney sweep up to a doctor, governess, or reformed cutpurse.

It is not a particularly long case, but I've not run a Baker Street by forum before so I honestly do not know how long it will take to play out! Please be prepared for a few months worth of gaming.

Most PbF games will start off at a quick pace and then settle into a slower posting rate. I have a full-time job (currently working at home) and am also trying to do other things on the side so this will not be a fast-paced, multi-post-per-day game. Be prepared to enjoy a slower posting rate! The benefits of this are that you have more time to consider your reply, you do not need to worry about being left behind, and if you need to ask questions you can without worrying the action will move past you! If you want a fast and furious game, with posts every hour, this is not the game for you.

You will not need the rulebook to play, but it is worth buying if you want to.

There is a Discord server at: so if you wish to talk to me in realtime you can.

The RPG entry can be found here: Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes
 Reply: The Tavern:: Re: Tavern Word Association Game - 4th Edition
Posted: Sat, 23 Jan 23:48:12

by paulidale

 New comment on GeekList Solo RPGs on Your Table - January 2021
Posted: Sat, 23 Jan 23:44:52

by ldpaulson

crazybear wrote:

Anyone have any extra Rory's Story Cubes: Scooby-Doo they would be willing to sell me? I cannot find any in stock anywhere, not even in local stores that say they have stock. :(

I looked. Nothing yet.
 Reply: The Game Crafter, LLC:: News:: Re: New Board Game Pieces at The Game Crafter - Small Dragons
Posted: Sat, 23 Jan 23:43:33

by John Tenzer

Hey, I like your stuff.

I am looking for pimping up my MARNON/Wizard Quest Wizard Quest

game with wooden pieces. The Character People Meeples you have there (Warrior and Wizard) seem to fit the role for both [Hero] and [Sorcerer] (albeit the blue being a tad too dark).

Is there any chance you'd release a [large] Dragon and a large (24 mm) Wizard (those being prominent standalone characters in the game), both with printed features (like the charakter meeples) anytime soon?

 New comment on Item for Geeklist "RPG Geek: Building Community"
Posted: Sat, 23 Jan 23:27:55

by tlh1138

Related Item: Forgotten Realms

Welcome to the list!