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Posted: Wed, 25 Jan 21:42:00

Okay. I think - think - there's two more. Then we'll be all done! Gorkamorka is having a lot of fun and making cool shit but he also gets very nervous when we exceed our remit, which is to do what we ordinarily do. I think he's nervous that we will overstay our welcome with these rodentine antics, and I understand the inclination, but I think we might have done that around, oh, 1999. He did put up a more tender, more juicy panel on the Tweeter if you were looking to increase the size of your .jpeg:

 Mouse art!
Posted: Wed, 25 Jan 17:05:00

I think it’s probably pretty obvious that Jerry and I are having a lot of fun with this mouse storyline. 2023 marks 25 years of making Penny Arcade and I love that it really is just whatever we want it to be. I could not ask for a better job so thank you for supporting us through our various flights of fancy. 


Posted: Wed, 25 Jan 08:01:00
New Comic: Ophidiophilia
Posted: Mon, 23 Jan 19:29:00

I don't know. Maybe we'll do a couple more of these. If it's gonna be this much fun I can't see any reason why not.

Posted: Mon, 23 Jan 08:01:00
New Comic: Thrice
 Twice As Mice
Posted: Fri, 20 Jan 19:39:00

I don't know. He likes drawing the mice so much and I like writing the mice so much that there's a comic today and maybe one or two more. Just had a cool line I wanted to get in there.

 Twice As Mice
Posted: Fri, 20 Jan 08:01:00
New Comic: Twice As Mice
 Mice To Meet You
Posted: Wed, 18 Jan 19:04:00

I love having the story in my back pocket where, because I had an opportunity to experience the Satanic Panic first hand, D&D wasn't something I could play because of the red-hot, hoppin' Devil. Ironically, the time that I did spend in church taught me to try to find the lesson in such things, and as a grizzled ancient it's clear what that is: I think a lot of people start with D&D and stay there. I would have too, if I'd been allowed to. So the endpoint of that story is that I consider it a good thing, even if the reasons for it - that I was gonna learn real magic and deny my maker - were kinda weird. Although, I did sorta deny my maker so maybe she was half right.

 Mice To Meet You
Posted: Wed, 18 Jan 08:01:00
New Comic: Mice To Meet You
 In Local News
Posted: Mon, 16 Jan 20:12:00

If you don't live around here, you might not have heard that Seattle Public Schools is suing most of social media - here's the Reuters story on it. My experience interfacing with this behemoth has largely been somewhere in a linear path from "unpleasant" to "useless." It forced me to become a much better parent, so to that extent their Darwinian process has offered some fruit.

 In Local News
Posted: Mon, 16 Jan 08:01:00
New Comic: In Local News
Posted: Fri, 13 Jan 19:15:00

Thanks for seeing me, Mr. Coast. Or… Can I call you Wizards? My associate is bound in silver chains; it should provide us a moment to speak. Let me congratulate you first on the new movie and television show and everything else that comes with the level of currency you've attained. Indeed; I was happy to help.  I remember when you came to us and wondered how you could get people to try D&D, and we suggested a podcast.  Different time, huh?