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 Return Of The Plaque
Posted: Wed, 31 May 17:47:00

Apparently yesterday was the true anniversary of Acquisitions Incorporated, an imaginary company that provides imaginary services to an imaginary universe, and yet somehow that has not stopped it from being something a lot of people care about. You might be one of those people! Here is a celebration of said date, which folds within it the promise of more.

 Return Of The Plaque
Posted: Wed, 31 May 07:01:00
New Comic: Return Of The Plaque
 The Z Word
Posted: Mon, 29 May 19:39:00

For our wicked youth, and I don't mean like the "youth of the nation" or something I mean the larval humans in our care, the "Wii" is retro and anything before that is apocrypha. Like, you'd need a team of experts and dig licenses and shit to reveal a GBA. There's gonna be a woman in one of those hats, like the… the wide hat, with the net, and the camera is going to pan down into the site and catch on the hinge of a startlingly preserved SP.

 Camping in my House
Posted: Mon, 29 May 17:14:00

Having a bunch of strangers working in your house all day takes some getting used to. I can’t really get into VR because at any minute one of these guys might need to tell me they discovered a pocket of poisonous gas or another forest of black mold in my walls. 


 The Z Word
Posted: Mon, 29 May 07:01:00
New Comic: The Z Word
 Four Hours Left in CLANK! 2 Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated Kickstarter!
Posted: Fri, 26 May 17:55:00

It's true!  It has almost a thousand backers, many of whom are grabbing both games simultaneously - and I'm so pleased.  It's really, really special, and I can't wait for you to see it.  


Posted: Fri, 26 May 17:46:00

Somebody asked Mork if I was doing okay, and I am, at least as I define it. If I were to go into a definition of what is and isn't okay, though, I think you would not recognize it. Ultimately, if the world is going to be as fucked up as it is and I'm never supposed to mention it, it just feels worse. And so the conversations people are having with him about me are, essentially, why I hadn't really spoken up before. There's an inflection point somewhere between making other people's lives worse and making my own life worse and eventually some portion of the diagram had to buckle. The alternative was to use my own mind as the load bearing structure for the universe.

Posted: Fri, 26 May 07:01:00
New Comic: Angromancy
 The Deeps
Posted: Wed, 24 May 19:42:00

Today's strip isn't literally true, but it's figuratively true. Unless you're talking about the fact that Grab's house is being tore up from the floor up - that's definitely true. It's also true that from the very second you get inside the walls of an old house, every sin of its manufacture is laid bare. And not just in the ways we mention in the last couple panels - all manner of Dad Sins eventually become somebody else's problem, some ancient wickedness to inherit. I can give an example of something that happened to me personally, and it didn't result in any significant cost or danger, which makes it a rarity in this kind of tale. We had to get in the basement walls of our house once, and if we hadn't, we would never have known that the house was made almost entirely of fence posts. I remember thinking, "It's weird to see a fencepost inside."

 The Deeps
Posted: Wed, 24 May 07:01:00
New Comic: The Deeps
Posted: Mon, 22 May 20:08:00

Obviously, it won't do to come off the blocks with an unnecessarily aggressive posture when all I'm trying to do is inform. Media broadly has become a cauldron of omnidirectional cruelty whose barely concealed purpose is to foment and then tirelessly stoke insensate rage - and for what? "Engagement"? The marred coin of a twisted realm. That said, Willow on Disney+ is literal violence.

Posted: Mon, 22 May 07:01:00
New Comic: Willno