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 Uncoupling DnD’s Heisenberg Compensators
Posted: Mon, 03 Oct 13:06:31
Category: Campaign Creation, Combat, D&D / Pathfinder

My internet connection is still fraught. It will sometimes work for hours, and then not be available for days. Which makes this article fraught with potential problems. I’ll do my best – but it’s worth noting that less than an hour after last week’s post, the internet crashed and stayed down for about seven hours. […]

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 Mapping Through Logic and Flavor
Posted: Mon, 26 Sep 14:00:26
Category: D&D / Pathfinder, Game Mastering, Mapping & Maps & Minis

This is being written more in hope than expectation. Last week (Wednesday night, to be exact), my internet connection became suddenly unreliable. Because it happened late at night, I had the not unreasonable theory that this was because of network upgrades; not only does my ISP not notify customers of such outages in advance, but […]

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 An Encounter: The Glass Spider
Posted: Mon, 19 Sep 14:00:44
Category: Combat, Cyberpunk, D&D / Pathfinder

The Glass Spider – metagame It’s not often that you think of an encounter that would be equally at home in a D&D / Fantasy setting, a Swashbuckling Pirate game, a Sci-Fi environment, a Superhero game-space, or even – if you allow a little genetic engineering to escape the lab – a Cyberpunk game. So […]

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 Sensory Surprises in Encounters
Posted: Mon, 12 Sep 14:00:44
Category: Combat, D&D / Pathfinder, Game Mastering

You may not know it, but it’s possible to be too creative. Last week, as usual, I spent some time thinking about what I would be writing about in this post, and almost immediately, three different ideas came to mind in what felt like a single flash of inspiration. Well, by the time I had […]

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 Vectors Of Engagement
Posted: Mon, 05 Sep 14:00:31
Category: D&D / Pathfinder, D&D 3.x, Fumanor/Seeds Of Empire (D&D 3.5)

I realized, the other day, that it has been a while since I posted a fantasy-dominated article, so I set about thinking of one. In no time at all, in a singular flash, today’s article came to me, inspired by the singular concepts of D&D / Pathfinder character classes. But it didn’t take me long […]

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 The Artificial Mind: Z-3 Campaign Canon
Posted: Mon, 29 Aug 14:01:18
Category: Cyberpunk, D&D / Pathfinder, Fantasy Games

Lately, a lot of the spam that CM has been receiving has proposed the use of AI-generated content to make the life of the writer/publisher easier, as though content creation was nothing more than the means to an end. The Flaw In The Argument Mankind has yet to build an artificial system that can pass […]

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 Chances Are: Lessons in Probability
Posted: Mon, 22 Aug 14:00:08
Category: D&D / Pathfinder, Metagaming & Metagame Theory, Mike

I hadn’t intended to publish another math-heavy article so soon, but when the muse strikes you have to follow it… To be a top-class GM, you need to have an almost instinctive understanding of probability. Such understanding rarely comes naturally; you have to work at it, exploring different ways of looking at odds and outcomes. […]

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 The Trouble With Ginormous
Posted: Mon, 15 Aug 15:36:58
Category: Campaign Creation, D&D / Pathfinder, Dr Who 2: A Vortex Of War

This article contains material generated as background reference in Mike’s Doctor Who: A Vortex Of War campaign, but it holds relevance to most campaigns including those of the Fantasy genre. Introduction Space is big – really, really, big. I’m sure most readers will have come across that phrase, or something very like it, on numerous […]

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 A serving of Humble Pi
Posted: Tue, 09 Aug 14:00:22
Category: Game Mastering, Mike, The End Of The Rainbow

I came across a remarkable mathematical fact the other day, which immediately gave me the idea for this post. Yet, while I noted the fact, and roughed out a structure for this article, when the time came to actually write it, the gaming relevance that had been so obvious and self-evident that I had not […]

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 Interaction Flows – A Planning Tool
Posted: Mon, 01 Aug 14:00:15
Category: D&D / Pathfinder, Game Mastering, Metagaming & Metagame Theory

It happens to everyone eventually – you look at your plot and realize that one of your PCs is going to have to interact with an NPC in a one-off scene, an NPC with whom they might never come into contact again. There are many different ways of handling this. Some GMs will use a […]

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