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 Impressions Of Time
Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 14:10:07
Category: D&D / Pathfinder, Game Mastering, Mike
Today I’m going to discuss the art and utilization of the Synopsis. While I might omit these from time to time in my campaigns, notably at the start of a new adventure, or even position a “big-picture status update” after an opening action / dramatic sequence, they are routinely part of my mid-adventure structure. This […]

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 Simulated Unreality: Game Physics Tribulations
Posted: Mon, 03 Aug 14:47:22
Category: Campaign Creation, Campaign Management, D&D / Pathfinder
RPGs have a lot of genre elements that do not exist in the real world. Magic, Divine visitations, strange creatures, non-human races with exotic capabilities, exotic potions and arcane enchantments of all kinds, and that’s just the fantasy genre! On top of that, there’s the look-and-feel of the environment, and that means that certain actions […]

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 Blog Carnival Aug 2020: What We Need Is/Are…
Posted: Mon, 27 Jul 13:59:26
Category: Campaign Management, Game Mastering, Metagaming & Metagame Theory
Campaign Mastery is hosting the August 2020 Blog Carnival, and the topic that I’ve come up with is “What We Need Is/Are….” What does your campaign need more of? What does your campaign world need more of? What do you need more of in your adventures? In you characters? In your players? What does gaming […]

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 Adventures That Send A Message
Posted: Mon, 20 Jul 13:59:09
Category: D&D / Pathfinder, Game Mastering, Metagaming & Metagame Theory
It’s a classic television trope: the message story (sometimes called the Aesop). But there are some serious problems that you’ll encounter adapting the concept to an RPG adventure. Fortunately, they aren’t insuperable. The Problems There are four issues that frequently present themselves in creating message stories: There needs to be a script Players won’t follow […]

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 Confections Of Blog-Carnival Compartments
Posted: Mon, 13 Jul 13:59:05
Category: Mike, Opinion, Blog Carnival
The Blog Carnival for July 2020 is on the subject of “What Would You Like To Know?“, and is being hosted by Of Dice And Dragons. I actually find it easier to come up with topics for Carnivals than I do to answer this question. If I had to provide an answer to the question, […]

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 Webs Of Gossamer: Retrofitting For Plot Pt II
Posted: Mon, 06 Jul 13:59:28
Category: Campaign Creation, Campaign Management, Game Mastering
Last time I outlined the first half (roughly) of a process for the introduction of a system of organization for plotting to an existing campaign. I hope everyone’s already familiar with what was in Webs Of Gossamer: Retrofitting For Plot Pt I because I don’t have time to do much of a recap. Instead, I’m […]

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 Webs Of Gossamer: Retrofitting For Plot Pt I
Posted: Mon, 29 Jun 13:59:51
Category: Campaign Creation, Campaign Management, Game Mastering
So let’s say that you have an RPG campaign that is doing well. Your plotlines are interacting with each other, your adventures are compelling, your players are happy, and everyone’s having fun, but you’re starting to struggle to keep on top of the entwined complexities of your plots and your prep is becoming a nightmare […]

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 The Pay-What-You-Want Conundrum (plus a review)
Posted: Mon, 22 Jun 13:59:04
Category: Mike, NPCs & Villains & Monsters, Reviews
Last weekend, Ed Johnson, author of Bars, Clubs and Bands, contacted me to ask that I take a look at a guide that he had written for adding bars and nightclubs to role playing games including modern fantasy and modern horror, which was available for pay what you want on DriveThru RPG I took a […]

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 The Sixes System Pt 8: Genres
Posted: Mon, 15 Jun 15:04:59
Category: Dr Who: Lovecraft's Legacies, Fantasy Games, Game Mastering
0. Fundamentals (repeated for all posts:) — The Sixes System is a minimalist game system suitable for any and all genres. — It has been used in my Dr Who campaign since September 2014, which has just come to a successful conclusion. — Characters are constructed using a point-buy methodology with NPCs generatable using die rolls […]

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 Bridging The Plot Divide: A ‘Writer’s Block’ Bonus Breakthrough
Posted: Mon, 08 Jun 13:59:52
Category: Game Mastering, Mike, NPCs & Villains & Monsters
A long time ago – 2013 – I wrote a series on Writer’s Block. Recently, that problem reared it’s ugly head in a very specific circumstance within my (still shut-down-for-Covid-19-reasons) superhero campaign. I’ve never encountered a writer’s block this bad in my entire life, to be honest. You see, I have a long string of […]

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