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 Oath of the Dragon Samurai: Races of the Heavenly Kingdom
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 05:33:34 CST
Publisher: Azkalian Traveler

Oath of the Dragon Samurai

Races of the Heavenly Kingdom - Volume 1


The graceful Karakuri doll dances for the Jito, impressing him with skills of motion beyond mortal capability, her face impassive.

The cunning Kitsune tricks the greedy merchant out of his illegitimately-earned coin, vanishing into the crowd before he can act.

The masterful Laobi trains her wushu, atop ancient mountains, ever seeking perfection as she repeats the ancient kata.

The loyal Shiba samurai protects his liege lord against Hato assassins, surrounded but unwavering.

The soft-spoken Namazu speaks with the frightened turtle, soothing it so she can get at the stack of shinies in her burrow.

The stealthy Nezumi stalks her prey, deep in the red marshlands, sharp blades in hand.

The patient Gaeguri drills his students at the dojo, preaching that hardwork and dedication trumps sheer talent.

New playable lineages

Seven Virtues. Seven Peoples. Countless creatures call the Heavenly Kingdom home. In this booklet we'll explore seven of its most unique denizens, which you can use in your own games, or as part the adventures of the Oath of the Dragon Samurai—all playtested and compatible! Which will you find, and which will you play as? Read and find out!

A gorgeous land of spirits and dragons

This companion booklet has been written for use with adventures set in the Heavenly Kingdom of Gou, part of the Oath of the Dragon Samurai Campaign. Gou is a fantasy land inspired by Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures and mythology. This setting takes place in the planet Azkal, though a GM can easily adapt it to their own world, planting and modifying Gou however they wish to best fit their table.

Within this booklet you'll find:

  • A general overview of the Heavenly Kingdom of Gou and its culture.
  • Seven fully tested playable races, compatible with any Oath of the Dragon Samurai adventure:
    • Karakuri: traditional Goujin automatons made of wood, ivory or porcelain.
    • Kitsune: mischievous fox folk with a strong connection to the Seijin Dragon Kitsu.
    • Laobi: dedicated and focused rabbit folk who practice a unique martial art.
    • Shiba: honorable dog folk who stand by their allies no matter what.
    • Namazu: rat folk with a dishonorable past, and a yearning for a better future.
    • Nezumi: noble catfish folk with a love of shiny things and a strong connection to the Seijin Dragon Yuren.
    • Gaeguri: wise frog folk, respected by all, with a strong connection to the Seijin Dragon Numaeru.
  • A pronunciation bank to aid players and GMs.

Good luck traveler!

Oath of the Dragon Samurai: Races of the Heavenly KingdomPrice: $2.00
 A Really Dirty Trick — A Griselda Story
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 05:29:02 CST
Publisher: Tentacles Press

It is coming on Fire Season in Pavis, so it is getting hot, but the hottest topic in the bars is not the Sable races that take place recently, but why Griselda is suddenly seen in the company of Jolar the Starker, a guy who is notorious for his distaste for female company. It is known that Jolar has some business in hand that requires good knowledge of Darktongue and also familiarity with the ways of Dark Trolls, both of which Griselda has, but no one can find out what this business is, for no one dares to ask Jolar or Griselda, and if Olaf the Storyteller knows he is not saying …

The stories about the heroine Griselda take place in Glorantha and are set in and around the city of Pavis and the Big Rubble.

This KRAKEN Chapbook is a Fundraiser for THE KRAKEN

THE KRAKEN is a baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators. We host Gaming Retreats at Schloss Neuhausen in former Prussia, Germany.


A Really Dirty Trick — A Griselda StoryPrice: $5.00
 The Lady of Alone — A Griselda Story
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 05:24:50 CST
Publisher: Tentacles Press

Although it is widely believed in Pavis that all the adventurers, crooks and heavies who went on board the Giant's Cradle to defend it (see the story The Cradlesnatchers) are dead, including Griselda, Olaf finds this hard to accept. Even when he leaves Pavis (because of all the heat developing there), he goes looking for her when told that she did in fact survive the Cradle adventure. On his way to Alone, her birthplace, he finally meets her again and hears the story of her adventures since the Cradle and how she has become the Lady of Alone; he also discovers one last piece of previously unknown information about her.

The stories about the heroine Griselda take place in Glorantha and are set in and around the city of Pavis and the Big Rubble.

This KRAKEN Chapbook is a Fundraiser for THE KRAKEN

THE KRAKEN is a baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators. We host Gaming Retreats at Schloss Neuhausen in former Prussia, Germany.


The Lady of Alone — A Griselda StoryPrice: $5.00
 The World of Kensei: Character Sheets
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 05:11:49 CST
Publisher: RiotMinds

Fantasy Adventures Series Presents

The World of KENSEI: Character Sheets

Character sheets

  • 20 Two-sided Character sheets

The PDF version of the Character sheets are for free.

The World of Kensei: Character SheetsPrice: $0.00
 A Brief Return to the Rubble — A Griselda Story
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 05:06:22 CST
Publisher: Tentacles Press

The Sables are holding races, and everyone in Loud Lilina's and elsewhere is anxious to get inside information to help with bets. But will Olaf the Storyteller and his friends be able to work out what is going on, let alone make any money? And more important, will Avidius Tiro, whom Griselda once helped to con (see the story Serious Money) get away with bringing pressure to bear on her to get secret information from her Sable friends?

The stories about the heroine Griselda take place in Glorantha and are set in and around the city of Pavis and the Big Rubble.

This KRAKEN Chapbook is a Fundraiser for THE KRAKEN

THE KRAKEN is a baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators. We host Gaming Retreats at Schloss Neuhausen in former Prussia, Germany.


A Brief Return to the Rubble — A Griselda StoryPrice: $5.00
 The Forest [23] - Battlemap
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 05:03:52 CST
Publisher: Estação RPG


- "The Forest [23]" battle map built for use in any VTT (Example: Roll20 and Foundry VTT)

- Battle map 24x24 cells / 4096x4096px

- Battle map .jpg

- 02 Extra versions (Sunset and Night mode)

This content was produced by Estação RPG (Podcast) and should not be sold or distributed without proper authorization.


The Forest [23] - BattlemapPrice: $1.00
 Meet the Parents — A Griselda Story
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 04:59:15 CST
Publisher: Tentacles Press

When Griselda's father Hereward arrives in Pavis, accompanied by Hanufa's sister Felissa, much begins to be revealed about Griselda's family background and her real reason for being in Pavis. It also becomes clear that Constable Jorjar adventured with Hereward and Griselda's mother Regina when they were all young, and did not know that they had married. When Jorjar arrests Hereward on criminal charges, and simultaneously Regina (the only person who can intimidate Griselda) arrives in Pavis to disentangle Hereward from Felissa, the stage is set for the most remarkable revelations of all.

The stories about the heroine Griselda take place in Glorantha and are set in and around the city of Pavis and the Big Rubble.

This KRAKEN Chapbook is a Fundraiser for THE KRAKEN

THE KRAKEN is a baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators. We host Gaming Retreats at Schloss Neuhausen in former Prussia, Germany.


Meet the Parents — A Griselda StoryPrice: $5.00
 Multiverse Bundle [BUNDLE]
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 04:49:24 CST
Publisher: Exotic World Designs
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

376077-thumb140.jpg Transdimensional Adventures - Core Rules
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Transdimensional Adventures is a rules-medium RPG providing versatile character creation and advancement, using a d20+bonuses core mechanic. It contains rules for dimensional travel and adventuring across fantasy, futuristic, modern, alien and post-apocalyptic worlds. The game includes: ⦁ 6 character Origins/world types (Modern, Dark Age, Exotic, Futuristic, Survivor, Traveller) with rules for creating characters of each world type, adventuring and hazards for each, and rules handling differences in skills and technology. ⦁ 15 Races each with their own special abilities, plus multiple variants and custom race-creation rules - play a human, demihuman, robot, mutant or crossbreed of two races. ⦁ Skills for multiple worlds/genres including 50+ classes/skill packages, and 30+ additional chara...

392549-thumb140.jpg Transdimensional World Book
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
The Transdimensional World Book holds a gallery of worlds designed to work with the Transdimensional Adventures core rules, but with a minimum of rules allowing these to be potentially used with other game systems, or the free Transdimensional Lite system. It includes short (approximately 1/2 page to 2 pages) descriptions of 50 worlds spanning fantasy, modern, alien, post-apocalyptic, and futuristic types; some multiple-planet systems; several mini-dimensions/other locations, and expanded rules for technology, magic level and world generation. Includes maps for 14 worlds listed (note: tool-generated with Inkarnate)....

451666-thumb140.png Mutants of the Multiverse
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Mutants of the Multiverse is a guide to mutants in the Transdimensional Adventures RPG, including new mutant subspecies hailing from distant dimensions or created by dimensional travel itself. The mutant race rules from the Core Book are built on to create various creatures, whether truly mutated, genetically engineered, or joined with mutated or alien organisms; hailing from a variety of worlds - futuristic, fantastic, post-apocalyptic, or merely alien. Includes over 40 new mutant subspecies, all potentially useable as PCs. Adapted - genetically engineered for new environments: Jovian Brain, Loper, Moon Orc, Quasiplanar, Red Dune Runner, Seraph, Spacer, Spark, UMEC Warrior. Exotic - alien in origin: Darkling, Jumper, Nevian, Purgatory Exotic, Tentacle Ape. Halfmen - monstrous creatures ...

407863-thumb140.jpg Weirder Apocalypses
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Weirder Apocalypses is a post-apocalyptic setting generator compatible with any role-playing game system, detailing 200 possible disasters spanning the realistic to the bizarre - from nuclear conflict or environmental collapse through to cosmic accidents, alien invasions and supernatural catastrophes. With it the GM can find inspiration quickly with a single roll, or generate a totally unique world using the full system. Build details of an ongoing crisis for modern heroes or superheroes; a strange post-apocalyptic world set centuries after the end of civilization; the struggling colony planet of a futuristic space empire, or a magical world beseiged by evil. Includes 10 pregenerated example worlds (1-2 page descriptions) and world design worksheet....

413616-thumb140.png Miscellanea of the Myriad Worlds
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Miscellanea of the Myriad Worlds is a treasure and curio generator for the Transdimensional Adventures RPG, detailing 300 weird items from across various worlds. It includes rules for either random generation by the GM or PC purchase of items. Miscellanea complements the World Book (with some items listed from specific worlds there) but it is not essential. Items may also be used with other game systems. The book also includes mini-descriptions of five additional worlds....

Total value: 0
Special bundle price: 0
Savings of: 0 (51%)
Multiverse Bundle [BUNDLE]Price: $20.50
 The World of Kensei: Scroll of Wukong
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 03:12:30 CST
Publisher: RiotMinds

Scroll of Wukong

In the city of Han-Sei, under the rule of the Ieda Clan, dark plots are brewing. The Scroll of Wukong has been stolen, and whoever can retrieve it stands to gain great renown with the clan. However, there is more to the disappearance of the scroll than meets the eye, and it takes heroes to unravel the mystery and save the clan from a disaster.

The Scroll of Wukong is an adventure for the World of Kensei, giving you a taste of the setting and the game. This module is designed for 4-6 1st-level characters, and they should reach level 5 by the end of it. You only need this module to enjoy the story, but if you wish to enjoy the World of Kensei to the fullest, make sure you have the World of Kensei Rulebook. It should take a few sessions to play through the modules.

The World of Kensei: Scroll of WukongPrice: $5.99
 The World of Kensei
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 03:12:23 CST
Publisher: RiotMinds

Welcome to the World of Kensei

Welcome to the World of Kensei, an Asian-inspired world-setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5E players. 

The World of Kensei is a place of great heroes and utter evil, encompassing lands of ancient myths and high peril. Courageous warriors brave the ancient shrines of the old gods, now home to evil creatures. These are the lands of Tatsu, a new continent of beauty and age-old evil. Tatsu is yours to adventure in, yours to defend, and yours to shape and rule. From the highlands of Rakun to the deep jungles of Kawashi, Tatsu is the land of high adventure. It is a continent that spans more than 30,000 miles from east to west and 25,000 miles from north to south. 

The history of Tatsu is dominated by the cyclical rise and cataclysmic destruction of provinces and kingdoms once founded by the gods. Magic and holy powers slumber in the wreckage of ancient ruins and deep jungles that once belonged to them. Every year some new wonder is rediscovered in an old temple ruin: a scroll with an ancient spell, a statue with holy powers, or a staff endowed with great magic. 

Before the birth of the human race, the gods waged war on each other and the dragons for many years. The cause of the war was not linked to any religious belief about who held the right to the world—instead, it was fought over immortality, or the sacred essence of life called Cha Juin, believed to be the source of all life. After a seemingly endless war, the gods won, and the dragons were defeated. The gods were forever blessed with the gift of immortality, and the dragons were cursed with mortality and bound to the physical plane of this world—the world known today as Tatsu. Thus, the dragons remained a divine power but now one with a dark and evil agenda to overthrow all creations of the high gods—to ensure that the inhabitants of Tatsu would never live in peace. 

Once humans came to be, they built cities on the land, changed the direction of the rivers, and cultivated the soil of plains and mountains. They did not fear death, as the power of unity allowed them to overcome nature. They did, however, fear the dragons more than anything else, so in the beginning, they formed alliances with elves and dwarves to protect themselves from the evil serpents. 

For the last thousand years, the ancient lands of Tatsu have been shrouded in darkness, war, and age-old evil. This old land of the dragons has risen from the wild and stormy sea, its shorelines draped in a constant thick magical fog. The war between the clans has torn the lands apart for more than a millennium. And just like the waves that ceaselessly throw themselves at hard rocks, the men and women of Tatsu also fight these endless wars. Toughened by sword and spear, the warriors roam the lands hunting for prey, hoping to gain glory and honor by fighting wild creatures and evil dragons. Between the great castles lies a harsh and unforgiving wilderness but also endless possibilities for adventures for those brave of heart. In the deep jungles, one can find the ruins of temples of the old gods, and travelers can unearth treasures from the ancient dragons in the highest mountains. It is a land of high adventure and certain death for those who enter it unprepared.

The World of KenseiPrice: $9.99
 Three Step Islands - Glorantha close up
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 03:11:54 CST
Publisher: Chaosium

These maps include a commercial license, as such, you can add them to your products. You may not use this image as a selling point or include these illustrations in another stock art collection, other specific actions not admisible are described in the attached copyrights document.

This up-close map contains 2 high resolution maps of 1 area 


Three Step Islands - Glorantha close upPrice: $0.00
 Mud Wizard - Old-School Essentials Class
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 02:47:44 CST
Publisher: Wyrd Valley Press

Note: All profits from sales of this product will be donated to non-religious, non-political environmental charities on an annual basis. We will post the information of any such charities to which we donate after we do, in case others care to donate more themselves.

The Real Mud Wizard

This character class was inspired by video footage of an environmental protestor who seemed to miraculously walk atop a quagmire of slorping mud, while the riot police wallowed and fumbled about. This activist, known as the ‘Mud Wizard,’ shoved these riot cops back into the mud every time they tried to get up, as if by magic.

The Mud Wizard, along with thousands of other climate activists, were protesting and demonstrating against the destruction of the village of Lützerath in western Germany in order to expan a coal mine by the government and utility company, RWE. Regional & national governments and RWE reached a deal to demolish the village for expansion in return for ending coal use by 2030, instead of 2038. The Green Party claimed that this agreement met a number of the activist’s demands, and also saved other villages from destruction, but the activists rejected this, stating it would do more harm and make it impossible for Germany to meet its commitments under the 2015 Paris Agreement.

The footage, by Martin Lejeune, can be easily found on YouTube, with many commentors and news outlets having reshared it.

Mud Wizard cover art by Vaultcrawler / Łukasz Piwiński

Mud Wizard - Old-School Essentials ClassPrice: $3.00