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 Montigny - The road to Quatre Bras
Posted: Mon, 25 Sep 01:39:22 CDT
Publisher: Print Build Play


Engage in historical conflicts or embark on your own nation vs. nation campaign.
"The Road to Quatre Bras" series of battle maps resurrects important locations that played a crucial role in the French military's advance and defensive strategies, as well as serving as outposts for the allies during the 100 days campaign, ultimately leading to the iconic battle of Quatre Bras in june 1815. Whether you choose to take on the historical perspective of the allies, defending key cities against the advancing French forces, or embodying the French and attempting to conquer your way towards Brussels, these maps offer an immersive experience. Additionally, they provide ample opportunity for players to create their own unique campaigns and engage in nation-versus-nation gameplay.


Montigny holds strategic significance as the final town on the road to Charleroi. It was a crucial location for the French army, as its capture would allow for the concentration of forces and major engagements. Interestingly, Montigny was initially defended by a small Prussian force intent on impeding the French advance. However, it would later serve as a defensive point for the French, enabling them to cover their retreat following their defeat at Waterloo. The battle map encompasses the vital villages surrounding Montigny, highlighting the importance of securing these key locations and river crossings to facilitate progress on the route to Charleroi.


Battle grids
The map is organized into large grids, with each one measuring 10x10cm or 4x4 inches. These grids, which we refer to as operational squares, are then further divided into four smaller squares that are 5x5cm or 2x2 inches in size. This division allows for engagements on a macro level. The larger squares are utilized for moving troops in group formations, while the smaller squares are perfect for tactical engagements.This system offers players the chance to engage in combat using their preferred style.

Order of battle Nation vs Nation
Players have the extraordinary chance to exhibit their strategic expertise by creating their own customized order of battle in the game. With the ability to deploy up to 80 units per nation on the battlefield, players can truly demonstrate their distinct tactical style and adaptability. The freedom to create one's own order of battle not only empowers players but also presents a myriad of opportunities to explore diverse strategies and playstyles.

Historical order of battle
In order to recreate the events that transpired in Montigny in 1815, it is advisable to assemble an attacking force consisting of 40 units of one's own choosing, while the defending side should consist of 20 units. It is crucial for players to carefully select their troops based on the combat type of the map. This necessitates a meticulous study of the terrain in order to field the most effective troops and accomplish their objectives.


During this altercation, the French forces held a substantial numerical advantage over the smaller Prussian contingent. Engaging in a battle with a 2 versus 1 ratio can offer an engaging and formidable experience. The primary goal for the Prussians is to halt the progress of the French army by guarding critical villages and river crossings. Conversely, for the French army, their main objective is to annihilate as many Prussian troops as possible and capture key locations indicated by green icons on the map, thus paving their way towards Charleroi.

To play in historical mode, you will need both the French and Prussian army. Alternatively, in nation vs nation mode, you can select your favorite nation and create your own battles. The map is available for download in poster size (33x59.50 inches or 89x147cm) to print at a printer store, or as PDF tiles (A4 and US letter 8.5 x 11 inches) for you to print and assemble at home. Additionally, two blank 16mm dice are required, or you can utilize our dice app available on our website.

Gameplay and build tutorials
Our website offers a wide range of resources for both gameplay and build tutorials. In addition, we have a comprehensive manual available for purchase to further enhance your experience.

Montigny - The road to Quatre BrasPrice: $4.95
 Fragged Empire 2 - PC & GM Sheets
Posted: Mon, 25 Sep 01:26:15 CDT
Publisher: Design Ministries

"Your genetically engineered people are just now returning to the stars to usher in the dawn of a new age. Now is the time to reconnect with other forgotten species, explore war-torn worlds, combat ancient threats and forge new frontiers."


  • This is a just the Player and GM Sheets for Fragged Empire 2nd Edition.


To fully enjoy Fragged Empire 2nd edition, you will want the Rules and Setting Guide books.

Fragged Empire 2 - PC & GM SheetsPrice: $0.00
 Tableau Core ("Print-N-Fold" edition)
Posted: Mon, 25 Sep 01:24:58 CDT
Publisher: Dyvers Hands Productions

Ignite Your Creativity with Tableau Core

“The best stories are the ones we tell together!”

Great tales are like wildfires—all they need is a spark to spread creative passion. These Tableau Core Rules provide that vital spark in this easy printable Tableau Booklet format. With these foundational rules, you and your friends can craft immersive stories in a single evening.

With Tableau Core Rules, your group can conjure any story you desire—from high fantasy kingdoms and gritty detective noir to intense stories of characters dealing with life changes and their relationships. The story possibilities are endless!

Define complex characters motivated by their past experiences and life bonds. Bring these characters to life through cinematic scenes brimming with vivid details. Guide their dramatic and emotional journeys toward a satisfying climax. And embrace memorable stories filled with laughter, tears, and celebration.

About Tableau

Tableau is a storytelling game system that emphasizes collaborative storytelling and character development. The game’s mechanics are designed to be flexible, allowing players to create stories in just a few hours from a wide variety of genres and styles without the need for advanced preparation or a designated game master.

Tableau consists of composable sets of Rules and Story Elements to establish themes, moods, settings, and character traits. Players use these Rules and Story Elements to collaboratively create a narrative, with each scene focusing on a single question and building toward a satisfying cinematic tale.

The system is designed to be approachable for players of all skill levels and encourages creativity and player agency. Tableau is ideal for players who enjoy immersive role-playing and narrative-focused gameplay.

Whether you are a seasoned RPG veteran or a newcomer to tabletop gaming, Tableau is a great choice for anyone looking to tell their own stories in a collaborative and engaging way.

Using Tableau Core Rules

These Core Rules distill the process of telling a story together down to a few key Rules, including:

  • how to make choices about what story elements to include;
  • how to cast your leads;
  • how to introduce them with truths and open questions written on index cards;
  • how to direct and frame scenes; and the central story mechanics of character moves and drama.

Safety rules with guidelines for respectful play are also included.

In addition to these essential RulesTableau Core includes some basic Story Elements and some optional Rules for when you are playing without an existing Tableau Playset or Storyset. By paring down the most essential rules of Tableau into an abbreviated format, these Core Rules simplify the learning process for new players.

These Tableau Core Rule Booklets are all you need to begin crafting cooperative narratives. They include:

  • About Tableau - An overview of the game and its storytelling goals
  • Core Rules - Blueprints for collaborative storytelling
  • Core Narrative Rules - Scaffolding to build your story on
  • Core Casting Rules - Guidance for casting compelling characters
  • Core Drama Rules - Techniques to raise the narrative tension
  • Core Safety Rules - Methods to foster a safe and inclusive experience
  • The Director - A key Player Role for shaping scenes
  • Sample Genre Beats - Templates for pivotal events to pace your tale

With just these Tableau Core Rule Booklets, you have everything needed to start telling stories! To take your adventures further, Tableau’s Booklet Storyset supplements and Playsets offer a treasure trove of detailed settings, evocative themes, fascinating characters, and much more. The storytelling possibilities are endless. And it all begins by printing the pages, making a few folds, and watching imagination come alive in your hands.

“Pay what you want” to light this spark. Gather some index cards, some tokens, and optionally one dice, and you’re ready to collaboratively tell stories. Then watch the flames of imagination spread as you and your friends craft an unforgettable storytelling experience!

Tableau Booklets

Instead of poker-sized cards, this version of the Tableau Core Rules comes in eight ‘Print-N-Fold’ Tableau Booklets designed for convenience and affordability. This compact format simplifies setup and portability. Print at home, gather some friends, and you’re ready for spontaneous storytelling. Its compact size also makes it great for travel and conventions.

The Eight Tableau Core Rules Booklets

Each rulebook page prints single-sided on a standard US Letter 8.5 x 11 paper. Print the pages, make a few origami-inspired folds, and you have Tableau Core Rules in the palm of your hand! This Tableau Booklet format makes setup fast and hassle-free. 

Assembly: Print booklet, single-sided. Fold long way (11'') with text out, then unfold. Fold short way (8-½'') with text out, then unfold. Fold short sides and inward with text in. Cut center guide, stopping at the & folds—dont cut to pages end. Refold as per image. Ensure cover is on front. Tighten creases.

Youtube Video Thumbnail  - How to Assemble a Tableau Booklet    Illustration Booklet Assembly 

Video: How to Assemble a Tableau Booklet

Also try our Tableau Poker-Card Playsets & Print'N'Fold Storyset Booklets

Once you have learned the basics of Tableau Core, we also have available a number of poker-card based Playsets for Tableau, such as Twilight Road, Gate Watch and Improv, as well as our inexpensive Booklet Storyset supplements, each curated to inspire your sessions with the additional ingredients for your stories! All introduce additional Rules and Story Elements to enrich your Tableau stories. 

Storysets don't possess the same flexibility as a Tableau poker-card-based Playsets. Instead, they are designed for a similar style of play. To use a Storyset , simply unfold the Booklet to the desired Story Element page and have a storyteller Take Up that Booklet to assume control of that Element just like they would a card featuring that Story Element.

With new Booklet Storysets supplements being made available monthly, and a new Playset for Lovecraft Country: A Study in Madness coming soon, there’s always more storytelling excitement to explore. It all starts with  Tableau's vital spark. Let Tableau Core Rules ignite your creativity tonight!

Using Tableau with ’belonging outside belonging’ and other TTRPGs

These Tableau Core Rules are easily adaptable for use with story elements & characters brought in from other ‘belonging outside belonging’ style storygames, allowing for broader storylines. In the other direction, Story Elements from both Playsets & Storysets can be incorporated into many ‘belonging outside belonging’ stories using their own rules, and may also be adaptable for use with many other styles of tabletop role-playing games.


Tableau Core Rules (‘Print-N-Fold’ Booklet format) was written & designed by Christopher Allen.

©2023 by Dyvers Hands Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved (no license is granted for redistribution or derivation without permission). More info & image credits at

Tableau Games™ and Dyvers Hands™ are trademarks of Dyvers Hands Productions LLC.

Tableau Core ("Print-N-Fold" edition)Price: $3.95
 Verlagsprogramm 2023/2024
Posted: Mon, 25 Sep 00:59:28 CDT
Publisher: 100 Questen Gesellschaft e.V.

Das Verlagsprogramm der 100 Questen Gesellschaft e.V. mit allen erhältlichen Produkten und fünf Titeln die erst innerhalb der nächsten 12 Monate erscheinen werden (und auch als zukünftige Publikationen markiert sind). 

- MYTHRAS - Das Fantasy-Rollenspiel 
- MYTHRAS Kampfmodule 
- MYTHRAS Regelergänzungen 
- Abenteuer in Meeros
- Abenteuer in der Gegend
- Abenteuer in den Neuen Reichen 
- Universalabenteuer 
- Abenteuer in den Kernlanden
- Thennla-Quellenbücher 
- Abenteuer in Thennla
- Classic Fantasy & Abenteuer 
- Mythic Britain & Abenteuer
- Mythic Constantinople & Abenteuer 
- Mythic Rome & Abenteuer 
- M-SPACE - Das Science-Fiction-Rollenspiel & Abenteuer
- DESTINED - Das Superhelden-Rollenspiel & Abenteuer
- SciFi/Horror & Urban Fantasy

Verlagsprogramm 2023/2024Price: $0.00
 첫 호흡 Pierwszy oddech w Sinam
Posted: Mon, 25 Sep 00:56:34 CDT
Publisher: Chaosium

첫 호흡 Pierwszy oddech w Sinam

Od autorki: dziękuję za Wasze zainteresowanie moim skromnym scenariuszem. Została zmieniona jego struktura oraz zakończenie względem moich starych prac z Zmiana z formy wpisów przedstawiających sesje nastąpiła za moimi radami i zgodą. Życzę dobrych emocji przy grze. Pamiętajcie, dobre nie znaczy szczęśliwe i mam nadzieję, że ten scenariusz pozwala to odkryć.

Jest to pierwsza przygoda trylogii kampanijnej opowiadającej o wydarzeniach na wyspie Sinam. Badacze Tajemnic zostali zaangażowani w odnalezienie dziewczynki, w poszukiwanie zaangażowana jest cała lokalna społeczność.

Scenariusz i jego założenia są próbą odwrócenia standardowej struktury prowadzenia śledstwa. W tym przypadku Badacze Tajemnic jak i sam Strażnik Tajemnic może być zaskoczony końcowym rezultatem.


  • Rok 1996
  • Scenariusz dla 4 osób grających i jednego Strażnika Tajemnic
  • Stopień skąplikowania scenariusza dla Strażnika Tajemnic w skali 1-10*: 5
  • Stopień skąplikowania scenariusza dla Badaczy Tajemnic w skali 1-10*: 8
  • Czas do rozegrania scenariusza: 2h - Warto jednak nadmienić, że jeżeli chcemy odgrywać wszystkie diaglogi, przeprowadzić każdą z kluczowych scen czas może rozciągnąć się do 8h.

Nie jest to idealny scenariusz dla Badaczy Tajemnic gdyż wymaga od nich dodatkowego zaangażowania w kreację fabuły.

Scenariusz osadzony jest w Korei Południowej w latach 90. Jest inspirowany twórczością H.P. Lovecrafta, łącząc jej mroczny klimat z koreańskimi mitami i tradycjami. Bohaterowie wcielają się w role mieszkańców Sinam, miasteczka skrywającego mroczne sekrety. Miasteczko jest fikcyjne i zalecam je umiejscowić na wschodnich peryferiach Czedżu (Jeju). Wyspa sama w sobie jest magiczna i przed sesją zachęcam do obejrzenia zdjęć lub albumów z tego miejsca. W przypadku braku czasu na sprawdzenie bądź jeśli chcecie pozostawić wszystko wyobraźni, zapamiętajcie tylko, że ta niezwykła wyspa kojarzy się głównie z wulkanem tarczowym, który jest zarówno jej sercem jak i przekleństwem. Dzięki niemu wyłania się ona znad wody, lecz przez niego kiedyś może być zatopiona. Żyzna ziemia i widoczne z prawie każdego miejsca na wyspie zbocza wulkanu zapewniają urodzaj, a lasy skrywają wiele sekretów.

W przypadku uwag prosimy o kontakt bądź fanpage Rzucaj Nie Gadaj - Podcast RPG

첫 호흡 Pierwszy oddech w SinamPrice: $1.00
 The Unquiet Country
Posted: Sun, 24 Sep 21:33:44 CDT
Publisher: Michael Brown

A mysterious signal from an uncharted planet draws the adventurers into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Braving seismic quakes, hostile xenofauna, and out-of-control robots, the heroes investigate a secret long ago left abandoned. But the wonder may be short-lived as the quakes increase in strength and the team risks being lost or buried. Can they unravel the mysteries presented to them in time? And what will they do once they have?

The Unquiet Country is a short science fiction adventure using the Cepheus Engine, Cepheus Deluxe and Original Science Fiction Roleplaying Game rules. Other 2D6 systems are easily adapted.

The Unquiet CountryPrice: $1.00
 Lost Shrine Of Vaelor
Posted: Sun, 24 Sep 20:36:57 CDT
Publisher: FEI Games inc.

Lost Shrine Of Vaelor is a straight forward scenario that can be added to a hex crawl or an existing campaign. This can also be used as a one-off session. This is for use with Old School Essentials RPG but can also be used with similar B/X based OSR RPG's.

The whole pdf can be previewed prior to downloading so you can see exactly what you are getting.

Lost Shrine Of VaelorPrice: $0.50
 Delver - Dungeon Exploration, Loot, Violent Encounters Roleplaying
Posted: Sun, 24 Sep 20:11:37 CDT
Publisher: Hexplore Publishing

Delver is a rules-light, minimalistic game of failed knights, fallen priests, sellswords, mad scholars, dirty rotten scoundrels, tomb robbers, double-crossers, backstabbers, cut purses and cut-throats, testing their wits and their luck in dungeons even darker than their souls.

Delver is also an acronym for Dungeon ExplorationLootViolent Encounters and Roleplaying.

But, above all, Delver is an attempt to distill decades of roleplaying and hundreds of games into a modest ruleset that offers everything you need in an RPG.

What’s a Delver?

Delver is how respectable people call those ill-reputed men and women who make a living (and “a dying”) by delving into mines, sewers, ruins, caverns, catacombs and dungeons, to get rid of nasty creatures, exorcize undead monstrosities or retrieve forgotten treasures and knowledge, either by contract or by their own volition.

Obviously, nobody chooses this life unless there’s something deeply wrong, tragic, shady, sinister, or outright bad about their past, which drove them to the fringes of society. And that’s why Delvers are feared, loathed, avoided… or secretly admired. Because they go where no one goes and do what others won’t. For the right price…

Roll a d6 to learn one thing about Delver:


Character creation is fast and fun


Dice rolls are scarce, and swingy


Low Hit Points even on higher levels


Magic is unpredictable


Combat is dangerous, and deadly


Critical Hits and Fumbles are nasty

Delver - Dungeon Exploration, Loot, Violent Encounters RoleplayingPrice: $6.99
 Agents of the Empire - Episode 2: Killing Aetherium
Posted: Sun, 24 Sep 19:50:10 CDT
Publisher: Ghostfire Gaming

Join a brand new 5e Adventure in Agents of the Empire. This story is divided into six episodes and takes place in the world of Tholus home to the Karelagne Empire. Play as secret agents in this super-spy action movie inspired epic adventure.

Each episode contains a full setting guide detailing character options, agent advancement and new chase rules!

Each episode contains a selection of digital maps and tokens to help elevate your game!

Agents of the Empire - Episode 2: Killing AetheriumPrice: $17.99
 Array of Champions Core Rules and Bestiary [BUNDLE]
Posted: Sun, 24 Sep 19:13:05 CDT
Publisher: Legendary Adventures Studios
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

454148-thumb140.jpg Array of Champions - Narrative Expansion
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Array of Champions is a high fantasy RPG with four goals that are missing in today's RPG landscape. I. Engaging tactical combat. A 7-phase combat round, unlike any other roleplaying game. Enabling a variety of unique, flavorful, and interesting actions for players to perform. The initiative system minimizes downtime. Players perform their actions at the same time each phase, in an epic back and forth with their enemies!   II. The sensation of being heroic. This is not a game based around low fantasy or low magic. Champions are larger than life - slashing through mountains, stopping time, and being in all places at one - but the villains have access to the same tricks, and are as vile as the champions are heroic...   III. A high fantasy setting that facilitates adventure unlike any othe...

447472-thumb140.jpg Array of Champions Bestiary
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
The High Fantasy Champions of Santerra have no shortage of powerful, eldritch foes to face. The latest entry in the Array of Champions product line empowers GMs to create memories within this original game system. Contained within this Bestiary you'll find. 300 enemies in total (20 per level 1-10, 12 per level 11-15, 8 per level 16-20) 280 Atlasians, original unique monsters not present in any other game. AI generated imagery helps paints a picture of the otherworldly 'wrongness' that Atlasians represent. Complete with a full suite of abilities and ready to end civilization!  20 Monsters to pit against your party or have them take on as animal companions. Custom Monster building rules - a fully detailed step by step guide on how to easily create foes for your party to face!  Encount...

419561-thumb140.jpg Array of Champions Core Rulebook and Player's Handbook
Regular price: 0
Bundle price:
Array of Champions is a high fantasy RPG with four goals that are missing in today's RPG landscape. I. Engaging tactical combat. A 7-phase combat round, unlike any other roleplaying game. Enabling a variety of unique, flavorful, and interesting actions for players to perform. The initiative system minimizes downtime. Players perform their actions at the same time each phase, in an epic back and forth with their enemies!   II. The sensation of being heroic. This is not a game based around low fantasy or low magic. Champions are larger than life - slashing through mountains, stopping time, and being in all places at one - but the villains have access to the same tricks, and are as vile as the champions are heroic...   III. A high fantasy setting that facilitates adventure unlike any othe...

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Array of Champions Core Rules and Bestiary [BUNDLE]Price: $47.98
 Array of Champions - Narrative Expansion
Posted: Sun, 24 Sep 17:53:05 CDT
Publisher: Legendary Adventures Studios

Array of Champions is a high fantasy RPG with four goals that are missing in today's RPG landscape.

I. Engaging tactical combat. A 7-phase combat round, unlike any other roleplaying game. Enabling a variety of unique, flavorful, and interesting actions for players to perform. The initiative system minimizes downtime. Players perform their actions at the same time each phase, in an epic back and forth with their enemies!  

II. The sensation of being heroic. This is not a game based around low fantasy or low magic. Champions are larger than life - slashing through mountains, stopping time, and being in all places at one - but the villains have access to the same tricks, and are as vile as the champions are heroic... 

 III. A high fantasy setting that facilitates adventure unlike any other. Your vampire neighbor needs protection from the scary monsters? The local tavern proprietor is an Arachne! (make sure you pay off your tab). Be warned though! The Atlasians are a tangible threat to this peaceful coexistence!

IV. Mechanically and narratively different characters. With 120 paths between the 4 basic classes as well as 24 races, players have a world of self expression ahead of them! 

The Core Rulebook enables a fun experience that properly captures the sensation of being heroic with a fun wargaming inspired combat system. Each path fantasy is properly captured in its in game mechanics. However - what about outside of combat? This expansion seeks to provide structure and a foundation for further creativity to bring the narrative aspects of a roleplay gaming into the forefront!

If you haven't played Array of Champions before perhaps this book will at least provide you with some creative inspiration for your own homebrew games!

Array of Champions - Narrative ExpansionPrice: $0.00
 "Assault on Klagdon Keep" One-Shot Adventure PDF
Posted: Sun, 24 Sep 16:31:08 CDT
Publisher: Nicholas' Magical Mercantile

Assault on Klagdon Keep: This 5e compatible adventure is great for groups of new players, veterans, or just overall murderhobos to fight and pass judgment. A level 5 adventure with a twist.

"A state of emergency for the realms under the Council of Kings: one royal, bearing one of the Crowns of the One-Hundred Kings, has gone rogue. A unit of valued and reputable citizens in good favor with the Council of Kings are assembled to infiltrate and assassinate the False King of Klagdon Keep.

Will the party's strength and wit prevail? Or will they fail to rekindle the hope that Klagdon City and its denizens cling to?"

'Assault on Klagdon Keep' is designed as a fantasy one-shot adventure with 5e compatibility. The module includes:

  • Unique adventure, setting, and story.
  • Overview of a custom setting, town, NPCs, and lore.
  • Preparation challenge with ruleset and conditions
  • Hazard and Encounter Tables.
  • 6 unique stat blocks.
  • Fully-fledged, intriguing boss encounter.
"Assault on Klagdon Keep" One-Shot Adventure PDFPrice: $1.99