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 Gnomecast 193 – GMing for Turtles
Posted: Wed, 17 Jul 10:00:13
Category: Gnomecast Join Ang, Josh, and Phil as they talk about GMing for Turtles. No, not those charming reptiles with a house on their back, but the players that end up not wanting to engage with what you’re putting down in front of them! LINKS: Sandra Taylor’s ‘Structuring Life to Support Creativity 2024 D&D Daggerheart Meguey […]

 Sundered Isles Review
Posted: Mon, 15 Jul 12:00:17
Category: Reviews
What are Jared’s weaknesses? Epic fantasy, check. Space opera, check. Pirates and swashbuckling? Absolutely. Considering all the above, it may not be a surprise that the product we’re looking at today, Sundered Isles, is a high-seas swashbuckling supplement for Ironsworn: Starforged, which itself was an updated version of the fantasy RPG Ironsworn. Ironsworn must be […]

 Five Weird Ways to Up the Tension at Your Table With Dice
Posted: Fri, 12 Jul 22:34:39
Category: Game Mastering, GMing Advice
Dice are not just randomizers. They are tension-makers. Suspense-creators. Engines of uncertainty. When we’re rolling dice, we’re taking a chance, and chances are dramatic. Chance creates tension. Here are five weird ways to up the tension at your table using weird dice.

 Gnomecast 192 – The Art of Pregen Characters
Posted: Wed, 03 Jul 10:00:16
Category: Gnomecast Join Ang, JT, and guest Andy Jaksetic as they talk about the art of pregenerated characters. They cover everything from why you would want pre-made characters to what details you need to give your players. LINKS: Untold Stories Project Twitch Untold Stories Project YouTube Victoriana Kickstarter Worlds Without Number

 The Social Contract of Planning
Posted: Fri, 28 Jun 10:00:25
Category: Game Mastering, GMing Advice, Communication
Planning in RPGs is not a fun activity, so don’t do it. Planning in RPGs is necessary so that we don’t get our characters killed. Both of those statements are true. The optimal way planning should work in your game is somewhere in the middle of those two statements. The optimal way is a combination […]

 Curseborne: Ashcan Edition First Impression
Posted: Mon, 24 Jun 10:00:55
Category: Reviews
Onyx Path has been around since 2012, taking over the publication of the New World of Darkness RPGs from White Wolf via a licensing agreement. They rechristened the New World of Darkness the Chronicles of Darkness and began producing updated anniversary versions of the original World of Darkness RPGs. All of this got a little […]

 Gnomecast 191 – Running Factions
Posted: Wed, 19 Jun 10:00:13
Category: Gnomecast Join Ang, Josh, and Tomas as they talk about running factions in your campaigns. Everything from how to create them, how to connect them, and how to use them for your players. LINKS: Magnolia: City of Marvels Persona 3 Origins Game Fair

 Adventure Design: Backgrounds and Factions
Posted: Wed, 12 Jun 10:00:06
Category: Game Making, Game Mastering, GMing Advice
Since the opening days of my RPG life, I’ve created backgrounds for my characters. It’s just how my brain works. I love creating characters and their backstories. Don’t worry, I don’t force my GM (or fellow players) to endure reading the pages and pages of hastily-written material I’ve made for my characters. You shouldn’t do […]

 Deathmatch Island Review
Posted: Mon, 10 Jun 10:00:37
Category: Reviews
Ever have a rough morning and not remember where you are? No judgement, just curious. But, what about if you don’t remember where you are, and there seems to be a set of branded clothes sitting on a table across from you? What happens when you wake up with a weird device on your wrist, […]

 Gnomecast 190 – Beginning Campaigns Comfortably
Posted: Wed, 05 Jun 10:00:08
Category: Gnomecast Join Ang and Josh, along with guest Carl Lehmann as they talk about finding your sweet spot on what you need to begin a campaign comfortably and confidently. Links: Symphony Entertainment Alien with Carl – Part 1 Alien with Carl – Part 2 Alien with Carl – Part 3 Alien with Carl – Post […]