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 Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 First Impression
Posted: Mon, 20 Sep 13:00:58
Category: Reviews
I never spent much time with the Call of Cthulhu version of Achtung! Cthulhu, but I own the Fate version of the game. The idea that characters will potentially be bringing heavy artillery against mythos creatures sets a much different tone than I usually associate with Call of Cthulhu. The pulp action feel did feel […]

 Gnomecast #125 – GM Burnout
Posted: Wed, 15 Sep 10:00:58
Category: Gnomecast, Angela Murray, burnout
Join Ang, Jared, and Phil for a discussion about burning out as a GM, the ways it can happen, and what you can do about it. Download: Gnomecast #125 – GM Burnout Phil’s article “Losing Interest” Ang’s article “GMing Fatigue” Phil’s article “The Rebound Game” Gnomecast #44 – Resisting the Shiny Follow Jared at @WhatDoIKnowJR on Twitter, […]

 Troy’s Crock Pot: Tilts as Intrigue Centerpieces
Posted: Mon, 13 Sep 10:00:34
Category: General
Want to add intrigue to your roleplaying session? Perhaps, even to devote two or three sessions to a plot thread?  Then consider using a jousting tournament as the centerpiece to your session devoted to courtly intrigues and all manner of opportunities for your adventuring party members to demonstrate their talents and skills.  History, legend, literature […]

 The Fall of Arcadum: What’s Next?
Posted: Fri, 10 Sep 13:30:05
Category: Editorials, News, arcadum
content warning: harassment, sexual misconduct. reader discretion is advised Arcadum, or Jeremy Black as many know him, has recently come under fire as more than thirteen public-facing women have come out with allegations of misconduct. From manipulation between supposed friends, sexual harassment towards women he supported financially, to outright cheating on his significant other, Arcadum’s […]

 How Do You Feel About Players Checking Their Phones During a Session? (Pros and Cons)
Posted: Wed, 08 Sep 10:07:26
Category: Editorials, General, GMing Advice
It is common practice for tabletop RPG players to use their smartphone during a gaming session. You will see them checking their email in between turns, texting someone who isn’t there and even taking pictures of the game. Is this behavior rude? Should the DM regulate cellphone etiquette at your table? In this article, I […]

 Hearts of Wulin Review
Posted: Mon, 06 Sep 13:00:05
Category: Reviews
When I watch fight scenes, I often think of the discussions on one of my favorite podcasts, Jianghu Hustle, about how in wuxia stories, the fight is a means of telling a story – an alternate form of dialogue that uses physicality instead of words. Characters are often defeated by an antagonist early in the […]

 Gnomecast #124 – Memorable Encounter Locations
Posted: Wed, 01 Sep 10:00:30
Category: Gnomecast, Angela Murray, Chuck Lauer
Join Ang, Chuck, and Tomas for a discussion about memorable in-game locations: where to find them, how to use them, and some of their own favorites. Download: Gnomecast #124 – Memorable Encounter Locations Do not follow Chuck on the Internet, apparently. Follow Tomas at @TGimenezrGM on Twitter and check out his work at Tribality. Follow […]

 Ancient Silver Dragon + Orcs – Monster Combo
Posted: Mon, 30 Aug 10:00:20
Category: General, combo, cthulhu
Welcome to Monster Combo, a series of articles in which we will create some backstory, encounters, variations, and a bit of lore for monsters from different games and genres. From Lovecraftian horror and medieval fantasy creatures to sci-fi cyborgs and weird entities. This series is to stay system neutral so you can grab these ideas […]

 Losing Interest
Posted: Fri, 27 Aug 10:00:56
Category: Game Mastering, GMing Advice, campaign
I was forty-six sessions into my Forbidden Lands game when I lost interest. I am sure it wasn’t all at once and was more likely gradual, but around session 46 is when it reached critical mass. I just wasn’t feeling it like I did before. I have learned that this feeling, this lack of excitement […]

 Wyrmwood Dice Tray Review: The Coolest, Most Expensive Dice Tray on Earth
Posted: Wed, 25 Aug 14:45:04
Category: Editorials, Reviews, Andrew
The Wyrmwood Dice Tray is a beautiful, high-end tray made for gamers.