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 SeaLion Supremacy Supplement 2: Latin America, Minor Europeans & Theoretical British Designs
Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 23:10:47 CDT
Publisher: FSpace Publications

The next supplement to support SeaLion Supremacy. Contains ship data for Latin America, Minor European nations (including Turkey and Persia) and Theoretical British Designs for export and use.

Contains riverine combat mechanics considerations to allow some combat involving some of these navies.

Latin American navies covered:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Cuba
  • Mexico
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

Minor European and other navies covered:

  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Persia
  • Turkey
  • Yugoslavia

3 PDFs included (RGB print, CMYK print & tablet editions)

SeaLion Supremacy Supplement 2: Latin America, Minor Europeans & Theoretical British DesignsPrice: $2.50
 Six Seasons in Sartar 13G/HQG Conversion Guide
Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 22:58:34 CDT
Publisher: Chaosium

The Six Seasons in Sartar 13G/HQG Conversion Notes is your guide to bringing the bestselling Six Seasons in Sartar to your 13th Age Glorantha and HeroQuest Glorantha gaming tables.  With rules and guidelines on character creation and converting NPCs you can easily enjoy Six Seasons in Sartar with whatever game system you prefer.  But there is more than that inside!

- An essay on GNS Theory and Gloranthan gaming, to help you pick the best system for your tastes.

- Cinematic Glorantha!  If toning down the high-octane cinematic rules of 13G to suit the standard Six Seasons campaign isn't to your tastes, here are rules to transform the campaign into a more cinematic play experience!  With guidelines for 13G, HQG, and RuneQuest Roleplaying in Glorantha, this booklet gives you two entirely differently play styles, original and cinematic.

The Six Seasons in Sartar 13G/HQG Conversion Notes has ideas and tools for each of the three major Gloranthan campaigns.  Take a look today!

Six Seasons in Sartar 13G/HQG Conversion GuidePrice: $0.00
 Prison for a Thousand Young
Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 22:06:32 CDT
Publisher: Chaosium

A jailbreak from a secluded desert correctional facility leads to an unspeakable terror.

It’s the early 1950s in the western deserts of the United States, home to unending sand and natural wonders, immense heat, with an unassuming prison in the middle of it all. The Carter Correctional Center houses both sadistic and blue-collar offenders alike. Different as they and their crimes may be, the inmates all have one thing in common: they want out. 

A history of missing prisoners plagues the Carter Correctional Center. Some blame the disappearances on the radiation from left over nuclear weapons tests. Others blame it on foolish prison breaks that left inmates stranded and lost in the desert. And yet still more blame the prison’s odd “rehabilitation” methods.

Regardless of which stories one may believe, it cannot be denied that something at the Carter Correctional Center isn’t right. But investigating the strange happenings won’t be easy. It’ll take people on the inside ready to escape. For if the inmates-turned-Investigators don’t manage to escape from this prison, they may come face-to-face with its more sinister truths. Leaving the prison may be the easiest part, for what comes next is truly horrific.  

PRISON FOR THE THOUSAND YOUNG is a 2-5 hour prison-break adventure with a Lovecraftian twist. This adventure can be played as a one-shot, as the start of a campaign, or as an adventure in an already ongoing campaign. Explore the prison’s mysteries as you plan an escape, or stay inside forever with what may lurk within its walls.

This adventure includes 4 premade characters, a map, several handouts, and a way to work this scenario into an already ongoing campaign. This supplement is best used with the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set or the Call of Cthulhu (7th Edition) roleplaying game.

Prison for a Thousand YoungPrice: $5.00
 An Unfortunate Discovery
Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 22:03:51 CDT
Publisher: Old School Role Playing

Edokka IV is a nearly deserted world owned and exploited by the Ilsunsi Directorate. The planet has abundant mineral resources which are necessary for the Ilsunsi production lines on other worlds. The Directorate uses off world miners to extract the ores.

Recently, however, the miners have discovered something in the mines. Some of the miners have begun dying from unknown causes. Other miners are refusing to go down into the mines. The Ilsunsi are willing to pay for someone to go down into the mines to find the cause of the problems and correct it.

This is a Cepheus Engine Adventure. 

An Unfortunate DiscoveryPrice: $3.00
 Thunderscape TinyD6 Character Sheet
Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 21:48:38 CDT
Publisher: Kyoudai Games

Get your thunder on in style with this customized Thunderscape character sheet! Usable with any TinyD6 compatible game, but intended for the awesomeness of the World of Aden!

Thunderscape TinyD6 Character SheetPrice: $0.00
 Thunderscape TinyD6 Starter Kit
Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 21:48:31 CDT
Publisher: Kyoudai Games

Welcome to the World of Aden!

Aden is a world where magic and technology exist side by side, each standing on their own or together with the advent of mechamagic, the hybrid of both. Fifteen years ago, the cataclysmic Darkfall nearly destroyed the world, and even now, life is a constant struggle for survival. Into this world, young adventurers have made their way and now return to their home village of Sanctum, only to discover that nowhere is immune to the horrors of the Darkfall and the avarice of evil men.

The Thunderscape Starter Kit is a complete, self-contained adventure for the Thunderscape TinyD6 Role-playing game! It has everything you need, including six pre-generated characters featuring the unique mechanics of the Thunderscape setting! If you love TinyD6 but aren't sure if Thunderscape is for you, the Thunderscape Starter Kit will introduce you to the world and all its many themes, allowing you to customize the adventure to suit your tastes and the tastes of your players!

Thunderscape TinyD6 Starter KitPrice: $4.99
 Thunderscape TinyD6 Role-Playing Game
Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 21:48:20 CDT
Publisher: Kyoudai Games

Fifteen years ago, the Age of Thunder ended with the Darkfall, a horrific supernatural cataclysm of unknown origin! For more than a decade, the people of Aden have struggled to survive against the horrible creatures known as Nocturnals, fighting for every resource in a world that barely resembles its former glory! The forces of steel, magic, technology, and the hybrid art of mechamagic are now brought to bear as never before against the enemies of civilization!

Join forces with the likes of Radiant Order paladins from Arasteen, brilliant mechamages from Urbana with their powerful golem servitors, master wizards from the ruins of Aramyst, and the prowess of the Steamwright’s Guild and the Thunder Scouts, bringing their technological mastery to the battlefield!

Survival is by no means certain, but the heroes of Aden will never surrender!

Thunderscape is a complete, self-contained role-playing game utilizing the TinyD6 system published by Gallant Knight Games.

Thunderscape TinyD6 Role-Playing GamePrice: $14.99
 100 Psi Masters
Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 20:54:03 CDT
Publisher: Fishwife Games

This list contains 100 different psionic masters for a modern campaign such as super hero, supernatural crime/drama, horror, etc. Included in each entry is the following: First and Last Name, Gender, Age, Role (often a mundane occupation), and primary psionic/psychic power. Many have powers directly tied to the master’s primary role while others find their life and abilities to be a bit of an odd fit.

100 Psi MastersPrice: $1.00
 30x20 Battlemap - Warlock’s Reliquary
Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 20:26:42 CDT
Publisher: Seafoot Games

Warlock’s Reliquary

A shadowy path takes you out of the village and to this old dome shaped mausoleum which sits above the muddy waters of the swamp. The dreary forest has encircled the site, growing over the many paths and mausoleum that were built long ago.

A stone bridge leads you over to the central mausoleum where once inside you see ancient bookcases which encircle the room and several tables packed with old scrolls and items of great power.

What You Will Receive 
A home-printable 30x20 battlemap, compatible with any role-play game, and VTTs such as Roll20.

Download Contains

Home-printable, A4 .PDF of the gridded map at 300dpi, spread over several pages.
300dpi .JPEGs of the map for A1 poster printing or VTT.
72dpi .JPEGs of the map for VTTs.

Map image 

Map image

Join me on Patreon for $1 and get over 20 battlemaps a month. Experience how good level design can make encounters MUCH more engaging! 

Want one free map a week instead? Become part of my community on Facebook.

30x20 Battlemap - Warlock’s ReliquaryPrice: $1.48
 Ancestry & Culture Blank Character Sheets
Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 20:10:06 CDT
Publisher: Arcanist Press

Custom Character Sheets Made for Your Ancestry & Culture PC!

Features Ancestry & Culture fields, rather than 'Race' on sheet

Uses the rules from Ancestry & Culture: An Alternative to Race in 5e

Based on beautiful, hand-drawn character sheets from Dyson Logos, available here!

A queen of orcish and elven ancestry knights a kneeling swarf-gnome woman as a tiefling-halfling person looks on

What Is Ancestry & Culture: An Alternative to Race in 5e?

"Required reading for playing RPGs in 2020" - Polygon

- Play a character of one ancestry raised in a different culture, like an orc raised by elves

- Play a character of mixed ancestry, like the child of a gnome and a halfling

- Replace the outdated concept of Race in D&D with ancestry & culture

- Convert existing races into ancestries and cultures

- Create your own custom culture

- Comes with two friendly one-shot adventures designed for players of all ages

Ancestry & Culture Blank Character SheetsPrice: $1.00
 The Livestream
Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 19:28:32 CDT
Publisher: Evil Beagle Games

A Terrifying Adventure for The Remote is Screaming, for use with Savage Worlds 

FreedomEagle-dot-net was a second-tier conspiracy theory website which never really broke into the bigtime. The proprietors of the site, a husband and wife team who called themselves “Doctor Freedom” and “Miss Eagle,” put out regular blog posts and produced a weekly video blog (vlog). Unfortunately, “Doctor Freedom & Miss Eagle’s Hour of Truth” never had more than a few thousand viewers at best. Though they tried very hard to make a name for themselves, they had problems distinguishing their site from the hundreds of other unhinged conspiracy sites across the Internet. 

Until one day, Doctor Freedom produced a show which would guarantee his infamy forever... 

Rated TV-MA For Mature Audiences Only

The Remote is Screaming was inspired by an idea from the late Lee Garvin. This product is dedicated to his memory.

Edited by Jennifer "Maven" Shinefeld and Lee Garvin. Layout by Biill "teh ebil bunneh" Keyes.

The LivestreamPrice: $3.95
 ОСА-2. Руководство Инструктора
Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 19:12:53 CDT
Publisher: Andrzej Buhlak

Вторая книга серии О.С.А. - первой по-настоящему семейной НРИ от российских разработчиков о приключениях подростков, противостоящих внеземным сущностям. Юмор и экшн в одном флаконе!

*** легкое вхождение - идеальная игра для всей семьи или компании подростков;

*** понятные (но не примитивные) правила - баланс между громоздкими олдскул-системами и простыми "нарративками";

*** много иллюстраций, удобные карточки для гаджетов и персонажей.

Во главе авторского коллектива стоят известные в ролевом сообществе люди: Тимофей Бокарев (идеолог и продюсер целого ряда проектов: Тесера, Принтфан, Tabletopia, Игрология и др.), а также опытный мастер и сочинитель Антон Карелин.
На данный момент серия "О.С.А" (Организация Секретных Агентов (О.С.А.) включает в себя:

1. Инструкция агента (55 стр.)

2. Руководство инструктора (42 стр.)

3. Конспект правил и доп.материалы

4. Готовые карточки персонажей и гаджетов

5. Приключение "Нескучный парк" (34 стр.)

6. Приключение "Цирк безумного шляпника" (62 стр.)

7. Приключение "Метро-2" (53 стр.)

ОСА-2. Руководство ИнструктораPrice: $0.00