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 Construction Site Battlemaps
Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 12:32:22 CDT
Publisher: KidneyBoy

Construction Site Battlemaps

An urban block under construction with many entrances, hiding places, and stuff to turn into improvised weapons.

Included are two versions of the map, the main difference being the size of the building (version 2 has no crane). Both of those versions come with a 'No Vehicles' variation so you can take advantage of the nine construction vehicle tokens in the pack. Personally, I like making vroom-vroom sounds as I move the bulldozer around like a Tonka toy.

There's a ruined/abandoned variation, plus one where opportunistic squatters/survivors have built an encampment.

Then there's a couple of 'discovery' variations: an arcane portal and (somehow) a dinosaur skull.

Every variation of this map comes in Night/Day and Gridded/Ungridded versions.


This pack includes 9 Vehicle Tokens and 8 Variations of the map (32 total map images):

  • Original
  • Original with no Vehicles
  • Version 2
  • Version 2 with no Vehicles
  • Abandoned
  • Abandoned with Encampment
  • Portal Discovery
  • Dinosaur Skull Discovery
  • Bulldozer (6x3)
  • Bulldozer Mini (3x2)
  • Cement Truck (7x3)
  • Cherry Picker small (4x2)
  • Crane Truck (9x3)
  • Dump Truck (7x3)
  • Excavator (8x3)
  • Excavator Mini (3x1)
  • Roller (5x3)


50 by 50 squares; 70 px grid (3500 × 3500 px)

Designed for use with VTTs

Construction Site BattlemapsPrice: $4.99
 After These Messages: Sitcom RPG
Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 12:29:54 CDT
Publisher: The GM's Table

Cue the Laugh Track

Game Time becomes Prime Time as you and your players create and play through episodes of a TV sitcom with After These Messages.  Using the Powered by the Apocalypsee alone with group worldbuilding this game allows players to create their own sitcom and try to  keep the audience entertained to make it through six seasons and a movie. Most players will take on a classic sitcom trope complete with their own catchphrase while the game master become the director trying to balance the shows budget and help the other players gain as big of an audience as [possible for the show to get even more funding.

Cooperative Play at the Core
After These Messages is not only not an adversarial game but has mechanics that require everyone at the table to help eachother succeed in popularity so the show as a whole can keep going. 

What's Included?

  • Complete rules for creating a sitcom pilot and full season
  • 7 playbooks encompassing classic sitcom tropes
  • A unique budget mechanic for Game Masters to balance
  • A plot hook generator filled with classic sitcom plots to start any session
  • 7 premade sitcom templates to speed up play or recreate your favorite shows
  • Special rules for Clip Shows, Bottle Episodes, and Very Special Episodes
  • And many more custom rules to play the show you want

The 7 Tropes of After These MEssages

After These Messages: Sitcom RPGPrice: $19.99
 Fearsome Wilderness: The Roleplaying Game
Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 11:05:35 CDT
Publisher: Geektopia Games

The night is at its darkest, and you can hear every leaf that crunches under your hastily mended boots.

Even after adjusting to the darkness, your eyes struggle to make out shapes in the forest. The woods go silent for a moment as the wind stops and you stand perfectly still to listen. 

Impossible creatures of the night are watching. You feel a hot breath on your neck and then fur brushing across your back. Hesitation sets in as it starts to rain…

Fearsome Wilderness: The RPG includes fearsome critters of North American folklore
In Fearsome Wilderness, your characters begin the game as prisoners aboard a transport spaceship who have recently awoken from long-term hibernation. In the prologue scenario, the prison transport ship crashes on a densely wooded planet inhabited by unnatural fearsome critters of American lumberjack folklore. The horror is compounded by the fact that waking up from such an extended period of hibernation can do strange things to the mind.

Fearsome Wilderness: The Roleplaying Game includes:

  • A player-centric, story driven experience
  • Easy rules based off the Year Zero Engine
  • 16 different Character Archetypes to choose from
  • A world map to explore with hexagons designating Sectors in the wilderness
  • A prologue scenario which introduces players to the characters and setting
  • 12 location scenarios that include story elements, mysteries to investigate, NPCs to interact with, maps to explore, as well as a countdown of events and hooks to lead the characters on their adventure
  • One major plot twist which leads the characters to a climatic 2-part ending scenario
  • 25 fearsome critters that players may encounter in the wilderness each with their own unique stats, descriptions, weaknesses, and attack styles
  • 36 interaction nightmares for players to experience while unconscious, along with unique rules associated with the characters’ Nightmare Levels and instructions to create your own nightmare encounters
  • Over 50 potential projects to upgrade your shelter
  • Quick reference charts and general information about wildlife, animal threats, hunting, fishing, foraging, trapping, filtering water, starting a fire, and many more details to inspire your wilderness survival roleplaying
  • An easy guide to randomly generate wilderness Sectors offering limitless possibilities

Fearsome Wilderness: The Roleplaying Game uses the Year Zero Engine game system

Choose your archetype, decide why you were imprisoned, pick a dark secret, settle on a name and begin your adventure. You begin with no gear. You are stranded in the wilderness and night approaches.

PDF, Softcover, and Hardcover formats shown here are available

Fearsome Wilderness: The Roleplaying Game uses the Year Zero Engine game system

Fearsome Wilderness: The Roleplaying GamePrice: $12.00
 SCP for Liminal Horror
Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 10:59:01 CDT
Publisher: Zotiquest Games

Welcome to the SCP Foundation, a world of unexplained phenomena and anomalous objects that threaten the very fabric of reality. 

You will immerse yourself in the horror and mystery of the Foundation, using the Liminal Horror system to navigate the dangers of containment breaches, rogue agents, and unimaginable terrors from beyond the veil. 

Prepare to don your containment suit and enter a world where the unknown lurks around every corner and the only thing standing between us and oblivion is the SCP Foundation. 

Will you have what it takes to protect humanity from the anomalies that seek to destroy us?

Whether or not you are familiar with the lore of SCP Foundation, in this supplement you will find:

  • A brief introduction to the universe of the SCP Foundation
  • Six new backgrounds based on the Staff Titles of the SCP Foundation
  • Supplemental Equipment List with modern weapons and containment supplies
  • A Facilitator's Guide to use the SCP database to write your own adventures
  • How to write an SCP during the game with all the players at the table!
  • A SCP random generator
SCP for Liminal HorrorPrice: $3.00
 Mail Order Apocalypse
Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 10:52:17 CDT
Publisher: Orkpiraten

Mail Order Apocalypse (or MOA for short) is a dark future roleplaying game, where capitalism eventually shut all humans out. Paradise is within humanity's reach, but our ancestors made sure we cannot afford it.

This may look to be a game about survival, figuring out how to eke out an existence when the machines have claimed everything worth anything. But that isn't entirely true. This is a game about daring heists and robberies!

See, the machines don't hate us. They don't actually want to kill anyone, but the laws humanity put into their programming don't allow them to give us anything for free. And we don't have currency to pay with. So survival takes the form of trying to make a living in the wastelands, trying to farm algae, or to recycle the scraps we find.

But the more efficient and much more fun way is to trick or rob the machines:

We hijack their communication network, set up a pretend address and then have a drone deliver your order while the fake credit score is still good. Or you hold up one of those post trains that link the factories, overcome the guard machines, and live richly!

Some have learned how to infiltrate the automated farms. One can live well there, provided the machines don't recognise you as the pest you are.

Of course, there are also those who live on the work of others, who raid settlements for their own gain. Maybe you are one of them?

Mail Order ApocalypsePrice: $7.03
 Graveyard of the Gods (5e)
Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 10:47:33 CDT
Publisher: Sneak Attack Press

Floating on the astral plane are the calcified bodies of gods long dead. Yet a spark of their divine power remains. These god-corpses are rich in magical resources waiting to be plundered, but they also give rise to strange environments and dangerous monsters.

Graveyard of the Gods is an anthology of adventures, each set on the massive corpse of a dead god. These adventures favor exploration and wonder, and you can run them independently or string them together for a campaign.

Yob Gobbo by Tyler Omichinski – Goblins hope to turn the corpse of a dead goblin god into one of the great cities of the multiverse, but first they need the heroes' help dealing with vestiges of the god’s immune system and preventing the feuding factions from destroying each other. (Levels 3-5)

Junk Racers by William Fischer – Eventually, all lost things in the multiverse find their way to the corpse of a long-dead god of junk. What becomes of all that trash? It's turned into magical race cars of course! Heroes can join racing teams of kobolds, hobgoblins, or a half-dragon, or they can compete as a team of their own. (Level 4-6)
Cerebral by Matthew J. Hanson – All that remains of this lost god of knowledge is their head. At the Monastery of the Tree, the monks record the predictions that grow on the prophecy tree. Meanwhile, a mine of magical aeon stones has dug too deep and disturbed a sentient crystal living within. (Levels 5-7)

Plight of the Arboreal by Eran Aviram– A lush jungle grows on the corpse of a god of the wild. Dangerous beasts fill the land, the crew of a crashed ship begs for help, while an undead cult tries to steal divine power from the god's remains. (Levels 6-8)

Isles of Mettle by Tristan Fishel – A dead god of war is sundered in two, his petrified intestines bridge the two halves of his body. Warriors come to test themselves in eternal battle, always reborn in the Pool of Valor. But recently, a ruthless warlord has seized control of the Pool of Valor, tipping the balance of power on the isles. (Levels 7-9)

A Place Called Time by Arthur Seixas De Martino – The god-isle of Tem is home to three unique civilizations, each of which needs the heroes' help finding a stolen artifact. But as the characters journey through the strange landscape, they discover that for every mile they travel, a year passes for everybody else on the island.

The Crushing Hand by Jay Africa – Years ago, an asteroid city collided with the hand of an ancient god. Now the hand is slowly crushing the city. Anybody who could leave has. Heroes might try to rescue more survivors, broker peace among the city's many factions, or fight the planar parasites spilling over from the dead god. (Level 9-11)

Dreams of Astral Evil by William Fischer – On the corpse of a god of storms, four factions representing air, earth, fire, and water have each claimed a portion of the cavern within the god's body. These factions maintain a tenuous the heroes could easily upset. (Levels 12-14)

In addition to the adventures, the book includes:

  • An introduction with exploration rules, random tables, and suggestions for tying the adventures together.
  • 15 new magic items
  • 16 new monsters
  • 11 NPC stat blocks
  • 20 high-res maps
  • 47 tokens for use with any virtual tabletop
Graveyard of the Gods (5e)Price: $14.99
 The City of Ganelor: A Drop-in Campaign Setting
Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 10:41:16 CDT
Publisher: Lucky Dice Games

The City of Ganelor is a robust city designed to work with any tabletop fantasy role-playing game. This comprehensive resource gives you, the game master, all the details you need for running a large town or city in your campaigns. Ganelor is written to work with any tabletop role-playing game.

Ganelor has enough variety, plot hooks, rumors, and potential NPC interaction opportunities to be useful for any duration campaign – from just a few weeks to years of gameplay. In fact, Ganelor makes an excellent home base for your player characters in your game world - giving them a rich area to explore and detailed NPCs for beneficial relationships as adventures unfold.

It features:

  • 34 businesses and government entities, fully detailed and described
  • A full city overview, including a geographic setting, government characteristics, and plenty of flavoring.
  • A full city map with the 34 named locations marked. The map can be printed from the pdf as a handout or a separate jpg of the map can be printed full size - roughly 17" x14" at 300 DPI.
  • More than 100 major and minor NPCs who work at the various named locations
  • 34 adventure hooks – one per named location
  • More than 100 rumors – all tied to the named locations and the people who work there
  • 50 Notice Board quests
  • 50 City Rumors
  • And much more

The City of Ganelor can be used as is or as a model to help you design your own city or town. You can even extract bits and pieces to help embellish an existing city in your game world.

The City of Ganelor contains two primary sections:

A full overview of Ganelor, including:

  • Government Organization & Laws
  • Local Geography
  • City Character
  • Festivals
  • Local Geography
  • Primary Industries
  • Weather by Season
  • And Much More

Thirty-four  location descriptions, each of which includes:

  • Location Description
  • Main NPC (and frequently minor NPCs)
  • Adventure Hook
  • Rumors

The product includes:

  • Full color book in pdf format
  • Full color book with background removed for friendly printing, also in pdf format
  • Full sized map of Ganelor with all locations numbered
  • Full sized map of Ganelor with locations unmarked

What are you waiting for?

Get the City of Ganelor today and let your players explore to their hearts content.

May all your adventures be grand!

The City of Ganelor: A Drop-in Campaign SettingPrice: $5.95
 Öndal's Bestiary of Vexing Beings 1: Flesh Warpers
Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 10:35:31 CDT
Publisher: Franatus - Murderous Weaver

Looking for some woeful monster for your fantasy world? Öndal has you covered! He is tasked with journeying through the Olden Stars, looking for horrors long forgotten.

This time, he has brought up the Flesh Warpers, world conquerers, architects of the dread. With all manner of monsters, he offers this tome so you might be aware of what lies beyond the heavens.

Öndal's Bestiary of Vexing Beings 1: Flesh WarpersPrice: $6.66
 Sagospelet Äventyr 4.0
Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 10:14:47 CDT
Publisher: Daniel Lehto AB

Sagospelet Äventyr är saga, rollspel, lek och pyssel på samma gång. Under spelet skapar ni en berättelse i den magiska världen Masona där ni upplever fantastiska äventyr. 

Berätta en saga tillsammans och låt spelarna lösa problem, övervinna hinder och få belöningar i slutet av sagan. Kombinera spelet med pyssel, lekar och aktiviteter för de yngsta, allt i samma värld. Rid på drakar, besök undervattensstäder, rädda prinsar från farliga monster och bli hjältar!

Sagospelet Äventyr 4.0Price: $14.99
 Obruta Debris Field - Battle Map
Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 10:14:21 CDT
Publisher: Loke BattleMats

Obruta Debris Field

100x50 Space Scape battle Map


Obruta Debris Field - Battle MapPrice: $1.99
 Old-School ’77 Dungeon Stocking Tables: Random Determination of Room Contents for Dungeons from the Late 1970s
Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 10:00:00 CDT

Like Moldvay’s dungeon room contents tables for earlier editions.

Roll on one of three d% tables to determine a room’s general contents: monster, treasure, trap, interesting variation, or empty. The tables are derived from guidelines given in late-1970s’ publications of the world’s most superlative role-playing game.

For a one-third chance of monsters throughout the underworld, use the BLUEBOOK table. To differentiate between built dungeon areas and natural caves and caverns, switch between the DUNGEONS and CAVES tables.

You get 2 PDFs:

  1. Print PDF (6 pp., 5½" × 8½") displays well on tablets and e-readers.
  2. Phone PDF (8 pp., 2¼" × 4") fits on the smallest screens.

Both contain the tables and brief instruction. A footer contains links to each table for quick navigation on screen.

Or print the tables on a single double-sided letter-size or A4 sheet; fold in half short-wise to expose the desired table.

Monsters and Treasures Not Included: After determining general contents, you’ll need to decide on specific monsters, treasures, and interesting variations according to your dungeon plan and preferred rule system.

See the entire document in the Full-size Preview above.

A 1 to 100 table to randomly generate dungeon room contents: monster, treasure, trap, interesting variation, and empty.A 1 to 100 table to randomly generate dungeon room contents: monster, treasure, trap, interesting variation, and empty.Text describing how the 3 tables differ by chance for monsters in a dungeon encounter area.

Random Determination of Room Contents for Dungeons from the Late 1970s in PDF for print and phone.

Old-School ’77 Dungeon Stocking Tables: Random Determination of Room Contents for Dungeons from the Late 1970sPrice: $0.99
 Rad World: Art Pack
Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 09:57:32 CDT
Publisher: Taylor Seely-Wright


This is an Art pack used in Rad World. a setting for Shadowdark RPG

In RAD WORLD you’ll play goblins in the far future, a place where an advanced human society has disappeared. They left behind a world of weirdness and danger. Concrete cities collapsing with mutant jungle. Salt-caked robots wandering blasted wastelands. High-energy plasma bombs waiting to melt faces. Vibes are post-post apocalypse, weird science fantasy and rock-n-roll. Inspirations are Gamma World, Fallout, Caves of Qud, Ultraviolet Grasslands, and a joi de vive.


Rad World: Art Pack is released under CC by 4.0, which means you can use it for any purpose!

➤ VTT tokens & assets
➤ Commercial uses
➤ Whatever you want, really

Looking to try out Rad World? Check out the Rad World Quickstart

Legal Blahblah

This product contains assets that were, wholly or in part, procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

This art pack is released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. You can copy, distribute, and modify the contents of this file for any purpose, including commercial purposes, and the only requirement is that you include the contents of credits.txt in your finished work.


Rad World: Art PackPrice: $2.99