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 Meet the Parents — A Griselda Story
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 04:59:15 CST
Publisher: Tentacles Press

When Griselda's father Hereward arrives in Pavis, accompanied by Hanufa's sister Felissa, much begins to be revealed about Griselda's family background and her real reason for being in Pavis. It also becomes clear that Constable Jorjar adventured with Hereward and Griselda's mother Regina when they were all young, and did not know that they had married. When Jorjar arrests Hereward on criminal charges, and simultaneously Regina (the only person who can intimidate Griselda) arrives in Pavis to disentangle Hereward from Felissa, the stage is set for the most remarkable revelations of all.

The stories about the heroine Griselda take place in Glorantha and are set in and around the city of Pavis and the Big Rubble.

This KRAKEN Chapbook is a Fundraiser for THE KRAKEN

THE KRAKEN is a baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators. We host Gaming Retreats at Schloss Neuhausen in former Prussia, Germany.


Meet the Parents — A Griselda StoryPrice: $5.00
 Multiverse Bundle [BUNDLE]
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 04:49:24 CST
Publisher: Exotic World Designs
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

376077-thumb140.jpg Transdimensional Adventures - Core Rules
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Transdimensional Adventures is a rules-medium RPG providing versatile character creation and advancement, using a d20+bonuses core mechanic. It contains rules for dimensional travel and adventuring across fantasy, futuristic, modern, alien and post-apocalyptic worlds. The game includes: ⦁ 6 character Origins/world types (Modern, Dark Age, Exotic, Futuristic, Survivor, Traveller) with rules for creating characters of each world type, adventuring and hazards for each, and rules handling differences in skills and technology. ⦁ 15 Races each with their own special abilities, plus multiple variants and custom race-creation rules - play a human, demihuman, robot, mutant or crossbreed of two races. ⦁ Skills for multiple worlds/genres including 50+ classes/skill packages, and 30+ additional chara...

392549-thumb140.jpg Transdimensional World Book
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The Transdimensional World Book holds a gallery of worlds designed to work with the Transdimensional Adventures core rules, but with a minimum of rules allowing these to be potentially used with other game systems, or the free Transdimensional Lite system. It includes short (approximately 1/2 page to 2 pages) descriptions of 50 worlds spanning fantasy, modern, alien, post-apocalyptic, and futuristic types; some multiple-planet systems; several mini-dimensions/other locations, and expanded rules for technology, magic level and world generation. Includes maps for 14 worlds listed (note: tool-generated with Inkarnate)....

451666-thumb140.png Mutants of the Multiverse
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Bundle price:
Mutants of the Multiverse is a guide to mutants in the Transdimensional Adventures RPG, including new mutant subspecies hailing from distant dimensions or created by dimensional travel itself. The mutant race rules from the Core Book are built on to create various creatures, whether truly mutated, genetically engineered, or joined with mutated or alien organisms; hailing from a variety of worlds - futuristic, fantastic, post-apocalyptic, or merely alien. Includes over 40 new mutant subspecies, all potentially useable as PCs. Adapted - genetically engineered for new environments: Jovian Brain, Loper, Moon Orc, Quasiplanar, Red Dune Runner, Seraph, Spacer, Spark, UMEC Warrior. Exotic - alien in origin: Darkling, Jumper, Nevian, Purgatory Exotic, Tentacle Ape. Halfmen - monstrous creatures ...

407863-thumb140.jpg Weirder Apocalypses
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Bundle price:
Weirder Apocalypses is a post-apocalyptic setting generator compatible with any role-playing game system, detailing 200 possible disasters spanning the realistic to the bizarre - from nuclear conflict or environmental collapse through to cosmic accidents, alien invasions and supernatural catastrophes. With it the GM can find inspiration quickly with a single roll, or generate a totally unique world using the full system. Build details of an ongoing crisis for modern heroes or superheroes; a strange post-apocalyptic world set centuries after the end of civilization; the struggling colony planet of a futuristic space empire, or a magical world beseiged by evil. Includes 10 pregenerated example worlds (1-2 page descriptions) and world design worksheet....

413616-thumb140.png Miscellanea of the Myriad Worlds
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Bundle price:
Miscellanea of the Myriad Worlds is a treasure and curio generator for the Transdimensional Adventures RPG, detailing 300 weird items from across various worlds. It includes rules for either random generation by the GM or PC purchase of items. Miscellanea complements the World Book (with some items listed from specific worlds there) but it is not essential. Items may also be used with other game systems. The book also includes mini-descriptions of five additional worlds....

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Multiverse Bundle [BUNDLE]Price: $20.50
 The World of Kensei: Scroll of Wukong
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 03:12:30 CST
Publisher: RiotMinds

Scroll of Wukong

In the city of Han-Sei, under the rule of the Ieda Clan, dark plots are brewing. The Scroll of Wukong has been stolen, and whoever can retrieve it stands to gain great renown with the clan. However, there is more to the disappearance of the scroll than meets the eye, and it takes heroes to unravel the mystery and save the clan from a disaster.

The Scroll of Wukong is an adventure for the World of Kensei, giving you a taste of the setting and the game. This module is designed for 4-6 1st-level characters, and they should reach level 5 by the end of it. You only need this module to enjoy the story, but if you wish to enjoy the World of Kensei to the fullest, make sure you have the World of Kensei Rulebook. It should take a few sessions to play through the modules.

The World of Kensei: Scroll of WukongPrice: $5.99
 The World of Kensei
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 03:12:23 CST
Publisher: RiotMinds

Welcome to the World of Kensei

Welcome to the World of Kensei, an Asian-inspired world-setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5E players. 

The World of Kensei is a place of great heroes and utter evil, encompassing lands of ancient myths and high peril. Courageous warriors brave the ancient shrines of the old gods, now home to evil creatures. These are the lands of Tatsu, a new continent of beauty and age-old evil. Tatsu is yours to adventure in, yours to defend, and yours to shape and rule. From the highlands of Rakun to the deep jungles of Kawashi, Tatsu is the land of high adventure. It is a continent that spans more than 30,000 miles from east to west and 25,000 miles from north to south. 

The history of Tatsu is dominated by the cyclical rise and cataclysmic destruction of provinces and kingdoms once founded by the gods. Magic and holy powers slumber in the wreckage of ancient ruins and deep jungles that once belonged to them. Every year some new wonder is rediscovered in an old temple ruin: a scroll with an ancient spell, a statue with holy powers, or a staff endowed with great magic. 

Before the birth of the human race, the gods waged war on each other and the dragons for many years. The cause of the war was not linked to any religious belief about who held the right to the world—instead, it was fought over immortality, or the sacred essence of life called Cha Juin, believed to be the source of all life. After a seemingly endless war, the gods won, and the dragons were defeated. The gods were forever blessed with the gift of immortality, and the dragons were cursed with mortality and bound to the physical plane of this world—the world known today as Tatsu. Thus, the dragons remained a divine power but now one with a dark and evil agenda to overthrow all creations of the high gods—to ensure that the inhabitants of Tatsu would never live in peace. 

Once humans came to be, they built cities on the land, changed the direction of the rivers, and cultivated the soil of plains and mountains. They did not fear death, as the power of unity allowed them to overcome nature. They did, however, fear the dragons more than anything else, so in the beginning, they formed alliances with elves and dwarves to protect themselves from the evil serpents. 

For the last thousand years, the ancient lands of Tatsu have been shrouded in darkness, war, and age-old evil. This old land of the dragons has risen from the wild and stormy sea, its shorelines draped in a constant thick magical fog. The war between the clans has torn the lands apart for more than a millennium. And just like the waves that ceaselessly throw themselves at hard rocks, the men and women of Tatsu also fight these endless wars. Toughened by sword and spear, the warriors roam the lands hunting for prey, hoping to gain glory and honor by fighting wild creatures and evil dragons. Between the great castles lies a harsh and unforgiving wilderness but also endless possibilities for adventures for those brave of heart. In the deep jungles, one can find the ruins of temples of the old gods, and travelers can unearth treasures from the ancient dragons in the highest mountains. It is a land of high adventure and certain death for those who enter it unprepared.

The World of KenseiPrice: $9.99
 Three Step Islands - Glorantha close up
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 03:11:54 CST
Publisher: Chaosium

These maps include a commercial license, as such, you can add them to your products. You may not use this image as a selling point or include these illustrations in another stock art collection, other specific actions not admisible are described in the attached copyrights document.

This up-close map contains 2 high resolution maps of 1 area 


Three Step Islands - Glorantha close upPrice: $0.00
 Mud Wizard - Old-School Essentials Class
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 02:47:44 CST
Publisher: Wyrd Valley Press

Note: All profits from sales of this product will be donated to non-religious, non-political environmental charities on an annual basis. We will post the information of any such charities to which we donate after we do, in case others care to donate more themselves.

The Real Mud Wizard

This character class was inspired by video footage of an environmental protestor who seemed to miraculously walk atop a quagmire of slorping mud, while the riot police wallowed and fumbled about. This activist, known as the ‘Mud Wizard,’ shoved these riot cops back into the mud every time they tried to get up, as if by magic.

The Mud Wizard, along with thousands of other climate activists, were protesting and demonstrating against the destruction of the village of Lützerath in western Germany in order to expan a coal mine by the government and utility company, RWE. Regional & national governments and RWE reached a deal to demolish the village for expansion in return for ending coal use by 2030, instead of 2038. The Green Party claimed that this agreement met a number of the activist’s demands, and also saved other villages from destruction, but the activists rejected this, stating it would do more harm and make it impossible for Germany to meet its commitments under the 2015 Paris Agreement.

The footage, by Martin Lejeune, can be easily found on YouTube, with many commentors and news outlets having reshared it.

Mud Wizard cover art by Vaultcrawler / Łukasz Piwiński

Mud Wizard - Old-School Essentials ClassPrice: $3.00
 Eraklid City Assets Pack
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 01:47:02 CST
Publisher: Rustymaps

Eraklid City Assets Pack - Buildings

Over 220 Elements - Buildings!
PNG files ready to use in any graphic or worldbuilding program that supports PNG import.

Perfect Asset Pack to create your own village, town, or city map!
If you plan to start map-making on your own, check this set!

Eraklid City Assets PackPrice: $9.99
 Norfolk Village Asset Pack
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 01:47:01 CST
Publisher: Rustymaps

Norfolk Village Asset Pack!

Over 180 Elements in PNG!
Perfect assets for city/town/village worldbuilding.
If you plan to start map-making on your own check out this set!

You will find:
- Buildings
- Trees
- Fountains
- Walls and more town elements...

Norfolk Village Asset PackPrice: $6.99
 Myghör City Assets Pack
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 01:47:00 CST
Publisher: Rustymaps

Myghör City Assets Pack!

Over 390 Elements in PNG!

Perfect assets for city/town/village worldbuilding.
If you plan to start map-making on your own check out this set!

You will find:
- Buildings
- Trees
- Fountains
- Bridges and more town elements..

Myghör City Assets PackPrice: $11.99
 The City of Carse
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 00:36:38 CST
Publisher: Midkemia Press

Carse, is a 105 page Gamesmaster’s aid providing a fully populated urban environment for running city adventures. It is system independent and while designed for fantasy role playing games it’s usable wherever human population centers are found. Despite being designed with our companion products in mind (e.g. Heart Of The Sunken Lands, Tulan of the Isles, Jonril, and Cities), Carse can be dropped into an existing campaign with minimal effort or become the hub of a whole new campaign.

Carse is a bustling frontier city that controls acts as the regional capital of the Far Coast. It provides an ideal place to outfit an expedition or regroup after a perilous journey. Of course, wherever there are fortunes to be made, there will be fierce competition and those who would prey on the good fortunes of others. Characters can adventure in town, immerse themselves in the daily goings-on and political intrigue, take part in one of the provided adventures, or simply use the city as a hub for adventuring in the nearby wilderness. Whatever path your characters choose to follow, Carse will be a notable backdrop for their adventure.

Carse, is composed of a variety of different sections as listed below:

Overview of the city (14 pages):
The overview provides guidance on how to use this product, a description of the city including its history and the current social order. Included are overviews of the different characters and important personages, such as the Baron, as well as information on down low on the politics, religion, major trading partners, and justice in the city.

Blowups of city sections (61 pages):
Each zone of the city is shown with an area map, a map key, and a detailed description of the building’s occupants and any significant data such as character stats or Adventure Key links. Detailed maps of important buildings such as the City Administration Building, the Temple of the Sky God, etc. are also found in this section.

Characters and Personages (5 pages):
This section provides some unusual or interesting Characters and the area of the city they will most likely be found in. For example: Maxie is a good looking youth with brown hair and large brown eyes. Maxie makes his money picking the pockets of women he is charming with his quick wit and seducer's skills. Maxie (lvl 5, 15 HTK, THIEF). He is not associated with the Mockers and he can be seen constantly looking over his shoulder for their members.
Similarly Personages are some of the more important people around town such as: Sheriff N'tara Lakven is a tall, heavy, red-haired man with black eyes and a quick temper. He is ambidextrous and freely uses the leather-wrapped stick that he constantly carries to subdue prisoners. He is extremely loyal to the Baron who depends on him to dispense Low Justice. He doesn't like the Magistrate, whom he feels is unnecessary.

Appendixes (25 pages):
Aides for the GM during runtime
Adventure Keys: A collection of potential adventures revolving around certain characters in Carse.
Carse Price List: Typical prices for common items found in Carse.
Utilities: Tables for stables, tavern lodging and food
Building Indexes: A cross-referenced index to each building by type of business
Maps: Campaign Maps of the Far Coast, the West, and player maps

The City of CarsePrice: $4.99
 Dark Star Violet
Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 00:29:39 CST
Publisher: Matthew Tapp

*This is a Lore Supplement for any space themed TTRPG, only download if you are fine with just worldbuilding and lore to add to your home games.*

The intrepid (and slightly unhinged) cartographers at Mission Control have finally cobbled together a primer on that swirling vortex of cosmic chaos we affectionately call Dark Star Violet. This ain't your grandma's space travel brochure, folks! Expect contradictory star charts, survival tips of dubious quality, and enough existential quandaries to make a Grey philosopher weep.

Download the
'Dark Star Violet' Primer here
WARNING: Primer Side Effects May Include 

  • Sudden urges to stockpile canned goods and question your own reflection
  • The overwhelming desire to name your pet squid "Supreme Overlord Xandu"
  • Spontaneous fits of cosmic poetry (quality not guaranteed)
Dark Star VioletPrice: $1.99
 S-Class Characters: Swashbucklers
Posted: Tue, 20 Feb 22:48:06 CST
Publisher: Samurai Sheepdog

"The original Pathfinder RPG summoner class is fine."

I'm glad you think so. In that case, you're going to love the s-class swashbuckler, which has been balanced around the same general power level as the original summoner while still remaining fully compatible with a standard adventuring party. In fact, we are retuning every other class to be on par with that one, and the brawler is just one such offering. If this proves popular, we'll be sure to release more, and eventually collect them into a full book for POD.

What's Inside

  • A full, 20-level s-class that you can bring to the table right beside others like it, including the original s-class, the summoner.
  • Choose 1 of 5 new swashbuckler styles including battle dancer, braggart, fencer, gymnast, and wit. Each grants you benefits as you gain experience and lets you tailor your swashbuckler to your own preferences.

  • Almost 30 new deeds to choose from each time you gain access to them; including deeds such as twirl and flourish, one for all!, and Ride the Rope 

  • Sample feats and other class features that you can select to flesh out your s-class character.

In addition to the s-class description, this is a full-use document for your character. No need to look at other books unless you need to know greater details, such as feat prerequisites and such (we intentionally summarize these so they're usable, but you have a reason to pick those up if you want to use them outside of the context of the s-class character).

S-Class Characters: SwashbucklersPrice: $1.00