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 Upshift 011 – New Player Friendly
Posted: Fri, 27 Jan 06:54:53
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 Flame On :: Episode 320 :: M3GAN Hunts The Traitors
Posted: Fri, 27 Jan 06:48:36
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 Actual Play Episode 260 – Back to NOLA
Posted: Fri, 27 Jan 06:46:40
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 Bonus Episode 99 – AI creativity
Posted: Fri, 27 Jan 06:38:12
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 Happy Birthday wavemotion!
Posted: Fri, 27 Jan 06:00:02

by RPGG Newscaster Lou Crazy

On January 27th five stars convened... then a sixt joined them to send birthday greetings to [user=wavemotion][/user]

Happy Birthday Dave!
 Forbidden Lands Prequel "Raff and Sammo"
Posted: Fri, 27 Jan 01:22:12
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 Special Episode: Medieval Marginalia Monsters
Posted: Fri, 27 Jan 01:15:34
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 Expounded Universe 235 – Rokur Gepta Crokes
Posted: Fri, 27 Jan 00:52:50
A new episode has been added to the database: Expounded Universe 235 – Rokur Gepta Crokes
 Review: Vampire: The Masquerade – New Blood Starter Pack:: New Blood for Vampire - a Mephisto review
Posted: Thu, 26 Jan 20:29:27

by nachtstreife

New Blood Starter Pack

As the name suggests, the New Blood Starter Pack is designed to find "fresh blood" for Vampire V5. The New Blood Starter Pack consists of several elements: some ready-made characters, a small rules booklet, an adventure booklet and several cards for victims and enemies, as well as a template for the relationship network of the characters. The whole package serves as a starter adventure for new players (or for players who are not yet familiar with the new rules). It starts with several newly created vampires waking up in a cold storage house - these are, of course, the ready-made characters. In several scenes, the characters are introduced to their new state and gradually learn about the world of the vampires. The story is designed in such a way that each chapter deals with different themes or rules. One chapter focuses on the topics of bloodthirst and the hunt. Another one introduces the various sects of the vampires, who get an appearance. While the adventure is interspersed with short rule fragments that always explain the rules that are needed at the moment, the New Blood Starter Pack also contains a kind of brief rule booklet. This Reference Guide summarizes the essential rule concepts and backgrounds once again. The additional cards, for their part, allow you to quickly insert potential victims or opponents of the vampires for a handy reference.

While the adventure does a very good job of introducing new players (and possibly gamemasters as well) to the world of vampires and explaining themes and rules, experienced players will probably have limited use for this set - also because they will certainly want to start with their own characters. For newcomers, however, this is an excellent start to gradually learn the rules and develop a feeling for the game. The additional booklet for the rules and background is, in my opinion, a useful handout in any case. It is very convenient here that all documents may be copied for personal use. Also, the characters themselves and the approach to gradually incorporate their characteristics into the game while summarizing the most important rule concepts, backgrounds, and special features is well done. From my point of view, the game cards for victims and opponents are a valuable tool, because you can quickly improvise hunting scenes. If you don't want to print out these cards, you can also use a table for reference.

For novice Vampire players who want to get a taste of the system or the new edition, the New Blood Starter Pack offers a perfect and compact starter pack. However, if the group has "tasted blood", you will of course not be able to avoid the rulebook. Even for more experienced groups, the cards and the quick rule summary are a helpful addition, which can also make it easier for veterans to get back into the game.

(Björn Lippold)
 Review: Camarilla:: A new view of an ancient but recently changed vampire sect - a Mephisto review
Posted: Thu, 26 Jan 20:29:25

by nachtstreife


The Camarilla book is the first sourcebook for V5 and focuses on the great sect that claimed to be responsible for all vampires. Written from the perspective of the famous Toreador Victoria Ash as a guide for her childe, the book first deals with the Camarilla as an organization. It explains the structure of the inner circle, the justiciars, the archons and the princes. Later on, the various roles and posts within a city are also explained and illustrated using selected exemplary personalities.

Cults within the Camarilla are a new aspect, as the sect no longer denies the existence of the Antediluvians. Therefore, there are also cults worshiping Caine and his descendants. Of course, there are still various other cults, heresies, orders etc. A large part of the book is devoted to the objectives of the Camarilla and its most important tool, the Masquerade.

The dominance of the Camarilla is no longer unchallenged. Therefore, the Gehenna War and the Second Inquisition, as well as the Anarchs, are discussed. A number of the most important Camarilla cities are briefly presented to show their differences.

A large part of the book is also devoted to the presentation of the clans. The five clans of the Camarilla are presented in greater detail, while the two Anarch clans and the Caitiff receive a shorter - and much more critical - examination.

With the Banu Haqim (formerly known as Assamites) the book introduces another clan, which, as described within the metaplot, becomes a new member of the Camarilla. The Banu Haqim is an extremely divided clan between the blood cultists of Ur-Shulgi and the defectors to the Camarilla. The Banu Haqim face changes regarding the rules so that their former clan discipline is being replaced by Blood Sorcery.

The Camarilla book provides a broad but also fragmented view of the probably largest organization of vampires. The topics are presented in text fragments, chat recordings, monologues and other documents and show a Camarilla that has changed a lot. Even though the organization seems to have gained in power, it seems to be much more fragmented and local - and far less a global power factor. With the approach that the Banu Haqim are now part of the Camarilla, a new dynamic development is created. Other concepts of the new edition of Vampire - such as the Second Inquisition or the Gehenna War - are also being expanded, but never completely lose their mysteries. Because of the clan description of the Banu Haqim alone, Camarilla will be a must for many players. Even if some chapters are written somewhat theoretically, and you certainly cannot use all the material, the book complements V5 with background and, above all, many ideas. In particular, it presents a new Camarilla, which, although it seems to be much more self-confident and elitist, on the other hand, raises enough doubts to strengthen the Anarchs as a meaningful game option.

(Björn Lippold)