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 Tetracast 09/18/21 - Lots of Lost Judgment
Posted: Sat, 18 Sep 23:58:30 EST
In this episode, we discuss the first simultaneous worldwide release of the Yakuza series with Lost Judgment, Deltarune, Ni No Kuni II, and more.
 Tetracast 09/11/21 - All in on Tales
Posted: Sat, 11 Sep 22:37:53 EST
In this episode, we go all-in on Tales of Arise (no spoilers), a bit on Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, as well as the news from PlayStation Showcase 2021.
 Tetracast 09/04/21 - It's Not Pachinko, It's Plinko!! (Re-Upload)
Posted: Sat, 11 Sep 03:20:58 EST
In this hodgepodge episode of the Tetracast, we chat indie Fire Emblem-like Dark Deity and classic FE styles, the latest updates to Genshin Impact, and other news ahead of a busy September month.
 Tetracast 08/28/21 - Gamescom and Go
Posted: Sat, 28 Aug 23:25:56 EST
In this episode, we chat the news out of Gamescom, as well as some thoughts on Hajimari no Kiseki, Tsukihime remake, and more.
 Tetracast 08/21/21 - Press R1 to Bees
Posted: Sun, 22 Aug 19:31:04 EST
In this episode, we chat thoughts on the Tales of Arise demo from both series newcomers and veterans, along with impressions on the Japanese-released Utawarerumono Zan 2, Pokemon updates, and more.
 Tetracast 08/14/21 - Where's George?
Posted: Sun, 15 Aug 00:08:31 EST
In this episode, we chat the surprise launch of Fantasian Part 2, a quirky dodgeball RPG, take a look back at Yakuza 5, and more.
 Tetracast 08/07/21 - SMT Demons are just edgy Pokemon
Posted: Sat, 07 Aug 23:22:54 EST
In this episode, we dive all in on NEO: The World Ends With You and Nier: Reincarnation (no spoilers of course), alongside updates for SMT V, Blue Reflection: Second Light, and more.
 Tetracast 07/31/21 - The pixels look pretty good
Posted: Sat, 31 Jul 23:31:52 EST
A dense week of releases with Fuga: Melodies of Steel, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, NEO: The World Ends With You, and the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series.
 Tetracast 07/24/21 - Impactful Updates
Posted: Sun, 25 Jul 01:29:27 EST
In this episode, we chat Genshin Impact 2.0, Cris Tales, and Pokemon Unite, along with some small updates on Shin Megami Tensei V, Lost Judgement, and more.
 Tetracast 07/17/21 - Serious Speculation
Posted: Sat, 17 Jul 22:54:23 EST
In this episode, the RPG Site crew goes in on the Steam Deck, a retrospective on Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys, near-miracle western localization announcement for Super Robot Wars 30, and more.
 Tetracast 07/10/21 - Summer JRPG Party
Posted: Sun, 11 Jul 19:39:10 EST
In this packed July episode of the podcast, we chat A Lot including Ys IX: Monstrum Nox on Switch and PC, Monster Hunter Stories II, a revisit to AI: The Somnium Files, and a lot more.
 Tetracast 07/03/21 - Speaking of Fonts..
Posted: Sat, 03 Jul 23:15:27 EST
In this episode, we chat about the latest Disgaea, Guilty Gear storylines, bad fonts, and the Mana series.