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 Tetracast 08/08/20 - Dungeon Crawling through the Year
Posted: Sat, 08 Aug 20:33:10 EST
Sales numbers, MMORPGs, and dungeon crawlers!
 Tetracast 08/01/20 - Independent Living
Posted: Sat, 01 Aug 21:05:07 EST
In this episode, we talk new indie RPGs, Grounded, and more.
 Tetracast 07/25/20 - Jam-packed
Posted: Sat, 25 Jul 22:53:46 EST
A jam-packed episode of the podcast with a ton of new announcements regarding Shin Megami Tensei, Obsidian, Yakuza, and more - including a Suikoden spiritual successor. Phew.
 Tetracast 07/18/20 - Whimsy and Waiting
Posted: Sat, 18 Jul 22:53:33 EST
Castlevania headlines this lengthy podcast episode.
 Tetracast 06/11/20 - In A Simulation
Posted: Sat, 11 Jul 22:51:55 EST
A hodgepodge of topics this week, ranging from Final Fantasy IV to Doom Eternal to Ys Origin.
 Tetracast 07/04/20 - Not Always RPGs
Posted: Sat, 04 Jul 22:32:04 EST
A bit lighter episode this week, we chat The Last of Us Part II, Civilization: Beyond Earth, Fell Seal Arbiter's Mark, and other games.
 Tetracast 06/27/20 - Bleak Hope
Posted: Sat, 27 Jun 22:40:27 EST
A long cast starting with the classic Valkyrie Profile, with other discussions on The Last of Us, Higurashi, and more.
 Tetracast 06/20/20 - Summer Lull
Posted: Sat, 20 Jun 21:08:42 EST
The episode features a lengthy chat about Phantasy Star Online 2 and Pokemon's new Expansion Pass content.
 Tetracast 06/14/20 - Packed Lunch
Posted: Sun, 14 Jun 23:04:29 EST
A packed episode of the podcast where the crew discusses all of the RPG announcements made over the week full of streams.
 Tetracast 06/06/20 - Messy Conclusions
Posted: Sat, 06 Jun 22:33:01 EST
More discussion on Paper Mario: Color Splash and Xenoblade, as well as some Kingdoms of Amalur and Pokemon Sword and Shield.
 Tetracast 05/30/20 - Quest Chronicles
Posted: Sat, 30 May 23:01:47 EST
In this episode, we discuss our spoiler-free first impressions of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, as well as touch on Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest - The Adventure of Dai, and more!
 Tetracast 05/23/20 - Holy War Waiting Room
Posted: Sat, 23 May 21:50:20 EST
The crew discusses Utawarerumono, Dark Souls III, Fire Emblem, and more!