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 Join Author Monica Valentinelli on Patreon for a Month of Poetry
Posted: Thu, 21 Jan 16:36:59
Category: Blogs, dark-fantasy, horror
Earlier this month, author Monica Valentinelli announced she’s drawing on her anxiety and personal fears to write poetry every day in February. In her #28DaysofPoetry challenge, she’ll post a poem each day for her patrons on Patreon. Patrons can back this project, dubbed Into Shadow: An Exploration of Personal Fears, for $2. They’ll get exclusive […]

 Dragon and Masks of the Mythos for Scion 2nd Edition at Kickstarter!
Posted: Tue, 19 Jan 20:00:27
Category: Features, modern-horror, onyx path
The ancient powers never fully went away. They wander our roads and cities, mingling with the teeming masses of humanity. Characters in Scion Second Edition begin as humans touched by fate, heirs to great powers and incredible destinies. In the core setting for Scion, characters discover they are the children of Gods, inheriting mantles, accomplishing great deeds, and deciding their own destinies. It’s a game about divinity and humanity, and everything in between — and now, with these two expansions, everything beyond as well. Scion: Dragon and Scion: Masks of the Mythos open new pathways, new origins, and new secrets for Scion Second Edition.

 D&D Announces Candlekeep Mysteries, a New Book Full of Short Adventures
Posted: Tue, 12 Jan 18:28:13
Category: Features, dungeons & dragons, wotc
Introducing Candlekeep Mysteries, an anthology of seventeen mystery-themed adventures each centered around a single book found in the iconic library fortress. All of these adventures--many written by new authors—are intended to be played as one-shots in-person or online or simply dropped into any existing campaign. Candlekeep Mysteries is perfect for Dungeon Masters who are looking to inject new characters, story hooks, magic items, and monsters into their game without tons of prep.

 Cthulhu is Hard to Spell: The Terrible Twos from Wannabe Press!
Posted: Sun, 10 Jan 21:52:55
Category: News, cthulhu, drivethrucomics
Cthulhu is Hard to Spell: The Terrible Twos contains thirty-eight all-ages appropriate stories from 73 creators about the gods and monsters of the Lovecraft universe. Yes, there is horror, but there are also silly stories, funny stories, sci-fi stories, whimsical stories, and slice of life stories as well. The focus is on the gods and monsters themselves, with plenty of psychological and cosmic horror thrown into the mix, too.

 The Hobgoblin of Consistency
Posted: Fri, 18 Dec 2020 19:03:13
Category: Blogs, dungeons & dragons, onyx path
Frances Stewart writes and edits across various mediums, including for several games. Most recently, she contributed to Onyx Path's Dead Man's Rust, a mega-adventure that's on Kickstarter right now! In this article, she talks about writing when you're trying to clean up and maintain a complex continuity, while still being original and also modern and also entertaining.

 Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Coming to Kickstarter
Posted: Thu, 17 Dec 2020 20:15:07
Category: Features, pathfinder, savage-worlds
Pinnacle Entertainment Group, creators of Savage Worlds and Deadlands tabletop roleplaying games, and Paizo, creators of Pathfinder roleplaying game announced Pathfinder for Savage Worlds in a surprise revelation Thanksgiving Day. Fans of both games responded globally to the information with enthusiastic comments on social media, forums, and news sites. As user “Doctor Futurity” said on ENworld’s Comments: “As a fan of Pathfinder and Savage Worlds this feels like a peanut butter and chocolate moment.”

 First Mechanics Reveal: Mundane Magic RPG
Posted: Thu, 10 Dec 2020 19:15:48
Category: Blogs, indie rpgs
Lysa Penrose is known as a writer and story creator for Wizards of the Coast, community manager of all things Dungeons & Dragons, and even a witch slinging tarot tutorial videos. In this post, Lysa shares how she combined these experiences and more into an upcoming narrative roleplaying game, Mundane Magic. My first experience with tabletop roleplaying games happened by accident. I was between jobs, a leap-of-faith career change, my ex-corporate life funding a year off to soul search like a millennial stereotype. In a depressive fog of YouTube binging and self-doubt – hey, major change is scary! – I stumbled across the first episode of Critical Role. Curiosity got the better of me when faced with this odd 4-hour video. My mind and imagination had discovered Dungeons & Dragons, and I tipped over the precipice and into the rabbit hole….

 20 Years in the Making: NeMoren’s Vault Anniversary Edition
Posted: Wed, 09 Dec 2020 21:11:48
Category: Blogs, Features, dungeons & dragons
In December 2000, Fiery Dragon Productions released NeMoren's Vault, one of the earliest adventures for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition put out using their Open Game License. Part of the first wave of the D20 boom, Fiery Dragon went on to release another 70 products over a decade, before semi-retiring the brand in 2010. Twenty years later, the original Fiery Dragon trio expanded a bit and rebranded as Platinum Dragon. They've just released NeMoren's Vault 20th Anniversary Edition on DriveThruRPG via the same Open Game License, this time updated for the 5E ruleset. James Bell, the original author of NeMoren's Vault in 2000, reflects on this anniversary edition and some of the design decisions that went into the initial adventure.

 Vault Comics’ has even more horror comics out now!
Posted: Tue, 08 Dec 2020 00:23:56
Category: News, drivethrucomics, horror comics
Vault Comics, publishers of the successful Vamipre: the Masquerade series Winter’s Teeth, continue to roll out more horror series at DriveThruComics! New issues of Bleed Them Dry, I Walk With Monsters, and Vampire: the Masquerade are available now!

 Plan Your Tabletop RPG Campaign with Gaming Veteran Valentinelli
Posted: Tue, 01 Dec 2020 22:25:30
Category: Blogs, dm, gamemaster
Did you know the elements of campaign planning are rooted in narrative design? In this workshop, gaming veteran Monica Valentinelli introduces her “Spiderweb Method” for campaign planning and walks you through how to use it for longer story arcs. Also included is a list of tips and tricks to help manage your players to avoid […]

 Onyx Path Publishing Launches Kickstarter for Dead Man’s Rust
Posted: Wed, 25 Nov 2020 23:42:47
Category: Features, dungeons & dragons, onyx path
Dead Man’s Rust is a mega-adventure for fifth edition fantasy, set in Onyx Path's Scarred Lands campaign setting! The book contains: - A complete campaign taking characters from level 1 to 10 - Detailed write-ups of four major locations in central Ghelspad: the Broadreach Horizon, The Gleaming Valley, the Hornsaw Forest, and the necromancer’s stronghold of Glivid-Autel. - New playable options including races, subraces, and subclasses - New monsters, magic items, and more! Gamers new to the Scarred Lands campaign setting have several options with this Kickstarter to add-on the Scarred Lands Players Guide, the Creature Collection, and other supplements when they back the Kickstarter for Dead Man's Rust.

 Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything for Dungeons & Dragons is now available!
Posted: Tue, 17 Nov 2020 17:50:15
Category: Features, dungeons & dragons, wotc
What Wonderful Witchery is This? A magical mixture of rules options for the world's greatest roleplaying game. The wizard Tasha, whose great works include the spell Tasha's hideous laughter, has gathered bits and bobs of precious lore during her illustrious career as an adventurer. Her enemies wouldn't want these treasured secrets scattered across the multiverse, so in defiance, she has collected and codified these tidbits for the enrichment of all.