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 Weekly Questions Thread
Posted: 2022-11-21T14:00:09+00:00
Author: /u/AutoModerator

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 Introducing the newest /r/DnD mods!
Posted: 2022-11-23T16:01:11+00:00
Author: /u/Iamfivebears

These lazy miners, they keep missing their quotas! And these excuses are the worst! "Oh, there's something down there!" "Oh, I saw dark shapes!" "Oh, it ate Montaron and smiled while it did it!" Hmmm...maybe these adventurers can help me with my little problem...

Greetings /r/DnD! I'm pleased to announce that we've bolstered our moderator ranks with 8 new mods. We've spent the last few days onboarding and are excited to help make this the best damn Dungeons & Dragons community that we can! They are:

Thank you to these users for stepping up and helping to maintain and expand our sub. And thank you to everyone else who applied!

Hmmm....those adventurers still haven't returned. I wonder if this will affect my corrupt mining foreman insurance. Ah no matter, the gold I've been pocketing is more than enough to OH YOU'RE BACK!

– submitted by – /u/Iamfivebears
 [OC] "The Ceasefire Tavern" my proudest map so far
Posted: 2022-11-26T17:19:13+00:00
Author: /u/Inocyde
– submitted by – /u/Inocyde
 [OC] A recovery room for tired dice inspired by this subreddit
Posted: 2022-11-26T21:42:12+00:00
Author: /u/ra_dar
– submitted by – /u/ra_dar
 [Comm][Art] Gimble - A Forest Gnome Fighter (Painting your D&D characters!)
Posted: 2022-11-26T20:15:21+00:00
Author: /u/Ryuutsu
– submitted by – /u/Ryuutsu
 [OC] [Comm] Dnd party that I drew.
Posted: 2022-11-26T14:50:47+00:00
Author: /u/okvl_artist
– submitted by – /u/okvl_artist
 Monks would make really good pirates, right?
Posted: 2022-11-26T19:52:51+00:00
Author: /u/SpruceThornsby

This may have been remarked upon before, but it just occurred to me that a monk would make an excellent pirate or sailor.

They wear no armor. That's a real plus on a boat.

They can run across water or up masts. They can slow their falls from said masts and sails.

You say short sword, I say cutlass.

Open Hand - I can toss you off the boat.

Shadow - I can teleport from my boat to your boat. There has to be a shadow somewhere on the boat.

Elemental - I can freeze water. I can punch you off the boat. I can fly to your boat. I can burn your boat. Etc.

Sun - I can also burn your boat.

So as you can see mates, a monk would make a good pirate.

– submitted by – /u/SpruceThornsby
 I made a Bag of Devouring. [OC] [Art] I am a high school teacher that has been crafting real life loot for our D&D club
Posted: 2022-11-26T21:21:08+00:00
Author: /u/Telepathetic_Pirate
– submitted by – /u/Telepathetic_Pirate
 Art in dice, Ice themed skulls D20 made by me! [oc] [art]
Posted: 2022-11-26T19:39:38+00:00
Author: /u/Rob_NiceDice
– submitted by – /u/Rob_NiceDice
 Mini rant on DM’s ruling
Posted: 2022-11-27T02:26:41+00:00
Author: /u/jambrown13977931

In my session today I forged a duplicate of promissory note for 400gp I already had in my inventory. (I have charlatan background, a forge kit, and proficiency in the forge kit). I got the original note off a mercenary that was hired to kill us. When I went cash it in at the bank there was a group women (~10-20) outside who claimed i killed their husbands and refused to let me in without the note. I went away for ~10-15 mins to forge the duplicate to give to them to placate them. I told the women “the mercenaries (who were hired to kill us along with a weakened beholder), that their husbands were killed valiantly fighting the beholder and the duplicated notes were what I found on their bodies. I felt bad so here”. My DM had me roll a deception check. I rolled a natural 18+9 for my deception stat (so 27 total). I was really happy with that.

Then the DM proceeds to roll an insight check for every one of these women. One of them gets a natural 20 and instantly sees through the ruse. These are supposedly regular women who are being lied to by an expert and because there’s ~10 to 20 of them, they simply have a 40-70% chance of instantly seeing through my ruse? At that point the expected outcome is that at least one of them rolls a natural 20 instantly defeating my natural 18+9. Whats even the point of having me roll for deception at that point??

Somewhat sorry for the rant, this just rubbed me the wrong way. I thought I did something really clever, utilized a stat that I invested heavily into building, but don’t often get to use, rolled really well, and then just got nothing.

This is why natural 20s auto succeeding on skill checks shouldn’t be a thing.

– submitted by – /u/jambrown13977931