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 October RPG of the Month
Author: /u/AutoModerator

It’s time to vote for this month's RPG of the Month!

The primary criteria for submission is this: What game(s) do you think more people should know about?

This will be the voting thread for October's RPG of the Month. The post is set to contest mode and we'll keep it up until the end of the month before we count the votes and select the winner.

Read the rules below before posting and have fun!

  • Only one RPG nomination per comment, in order to keep it clear what people are voting for.

    Please also give a few details about the game (or supplement), how it works and why you think it should be chosen. What is it that you like about the game? Why do you think more people should try it? More people might check out and vote for a game that you like if you can present it as an interesting choice.

  • If you want to nominate more than one thing, post your nominations in separate comments.

  • If you nominate something, please include a link to where people can buy, or legally download for free, a PDF or a print copy. Do not link to illegal download sites. (If you're not sure, please see the subreddit's Piracy Primer.)

    Nominated games must be both complete and available. This means that games currently on Kickstarter are not eligible. "Complete" is somewhat flexible: if a game has been in beta for years--like Left Coast, for instance - that’s probably okay. This also means that games must be available digitally or in print! While there are some great games that nobody can find anymore, like ACE Agents or Vanishing Point, the goal of this contest is to make people aware of games that they are able to acquire. We don’t want to get everyone excited for a winner they can't find anymore!

  • Check if the RPG that you want to nominate has already been nominated. Don't make another nomination for the same RPG or you'll be splitting the votes! Only the top one will be considered, so just upvote that one, and if you want to give reasons you think it should be selected, reply to the existing nomination.

  • An RPG can only win this contest once. If your favorite has already won, but you still want to nominate something, why not try something new? Previous winners are listed on the wiki..

  • Abstain from vote brigading! This is a contest for the /r/rpg members. We want to find out what our members like. So please don't go to other places to request other people to come here only to upvote one nomination. This is both bad form and goes against reddit's rules of soliciting upvotes.

  • Try not to downvote other nomination posts, even if you disagree with the nominations. Just upvote what you want to see selected. If you have something against a particular nomination and think it shouldn't be selected (costs a lot, etc.), consider posting your reasons in a reply comment to that nomination to allow for discussion.

  • The 'game' term is not limited only to actual games. Feel free to submit supplements or setting books, or any RPG material that you think would be a great read for everyone.

  • If you are nominating a game with multiple editions, please make clear which edition you are nominating, and please do not submit another edition of a game that has won recently. Allow for a bit of diversity before re-submitting a new edition of a previous winner. If you are recommending a different edition of a game that has already won, please explain what makes it different enough to merit another entry, and remember that people need to be able to buy it.

Have fun everyone!

Previous winners are listed on the wiki.

This submission is generated automatically each month on the 1st at 7 am (GMT-4, New York time zone).

– submitted by – /u/AutoModerator
 Weekly Free Chat (Roll20 Con Edition, Oct. 23-25)
Author: /u/NotDumpsterFire

Weekly Free Chat, but with a twist

This is like the regular weekly Free Chats, but jst like last week, we highlight an RPG Con that is going on this week. Talk about Roll20 Con or talk about whatever like usual!

Roll20Con October 23-25

Roll20Con is a yearly virtual TTRPG convention organized yearly since 2016, by Roll20(a virtual tabletop platform)

Roll20Con 2020 – Youtube trailer

Participating are Evil Hat Production, Kobold Press, Zweihander

Roll20Con(About Page): 3 days of coming together to celebrate tabletop games and to raise money for charity(Code2040)! Join us for a weekend of games, entertainment, and exclusive Roll20 announcements. Whether you're looking to demo a game, join a campaign, enjoy the streamed content, grab your convention merch, or chat about the convention, we have something for everyone


Come here and talk about anything, not just the Con!

This post will stay stickied for (at least) the week-end. Please enjoy this space where you can talk about anything: your last game, your current project, your patreon, etc. You can even talk about video games, ask for a group, or post a survey or share a new meme you've just found. This is the place for small talk on /r/rpg.

The off-topic rules may not apply here, but the other rules still do. This is less the Wild West and more the Mild West. Don't be a jerk.

– submitted by – /u/NotDumpsterFire
 Dungeon Crawl Classics Humble Bundle
Author: /u/EventDriven
– submitted by – /u/EventDriven
 rpg introvert
Author: /u/eliran789

what do you think about rpgs as a social activity?

i know computer rpgs for some years and recently i have been into more table-top rpgs like BG or PF. i like the genre for the feel of progression, character building, and characterization rpgs have so i have thought of playing the "original" rpgs but i am very much an introverted person so i have dreaded the idea of playing a social game as a hobby. do you think it will be a wall if i don't participate/ enjoy in socializing?

– submitted by – /u/eliran789
 First time session with a Professional GM
Author: /u/SledgehammerJack

Hey everyone just wanted to share my experience using a professional GM for the first time. I am not here to promote any person or any service but it was an interesting experience and I thought someone out there might be curious.

I have a loose group of gaming buddies and we have played off and on for about 15 years now as a group with most of us having another 5-10 years game experience before that. We have all DM’d before and all of us have done some amount of professional game design. I say this mainly to make clear we aren’t a new group or uncomfortable with running a game.

On a whim I decided to try out a well reviewed Pro Dm. I did this because I figured it would overcome our two biggest blockers to getting a game going. 1) it’s hard to get four of us together at the same time and 2) good GMing takes a lot of prep.

The GM was great! He set up a discord and roll20 for us, he was there to chime in as we discussed our character builds, come game time he showed up with a custom adventure, maps and tokens for everything, and a soundtrack ready for each scene.

His knowledge of the rules was comparable to what I would expect from a DM at Gencon and his sense of pacing and focus on an enjoyable experience for all was excellent.

In the end we were thrilled to get to play together and more than happy to pay his rate.

I also noticed we had a lot less table talk than usual, whether that’s because the GM was just laser focused on keeping the game moving or because we all paid to be there I’m not sure, probably a bit of both.

If you’ve been having some of the same trouble getting your gaming group to actually game, I strongly encourage you to explore the many pro DM options out there.

Happy to answer any questions you may have.

– submitted by – /u/SledgehammerJack
 Does anyone else like Iron Kingdoms?
Author: /u/m1sterbaw1z

The role playing version of Warmachine/Hordes? I just picked up the book after hearing they're crowd funding a 5e conversion. Nothing was wrong with it before, idk why they're trying to screw it up by changing everything

– submitted by – /u/m1sterbaw1z
 Game Structures in RPGs
Author: /u/Onaash27


I wanted to ask if there are any more resources on RPG structures such as these essays from Justin Alexander.

I am really intrigued by these, because it shines a light on making RPG scenarios fun in a "game way". Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find much.

Thank you in advance

– submitted by – /u/Onaash27
 Humble Bragging: a Published Academic paper about RPGs as Art
Author: /u/GrumpyRPGReviews

A graduate school level paper I wrote arguing for considering RPGs as an art form has been published in an Academic journal.

It is available here;

– submitted by – /u/GrumpyRPGReviews
 Looking for a good horror one shot
Author: /u/Zurura

What is your fav horror one shot? I dont want any Dnd esque game, more rp focused systems. Would be grateful for answers! (No dread scenarios as lockdown makes it hard to pull the blocks)

– submitted by – /u/Zurura
 Let’s Be Bad Guys – A Review of Free Spacer
Author: /u/Modoc31
– submitted by – /u/Modoc31
 What was the moment you realized that a system other than D&D gave you more enjoyment than D&D?
Author: /u/Knight-Creep

I know that D&D is probably the most well known TTRPG on the planet, so it can be hard for people to try other systems. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to D&D if you enjoy it, but other systems deserve time to shine.

– submitted by – /u/Knight-Creep
 How many of your games take place on space stations?
Author: /u/GamemastersCmx
– submitted by – /u/GamemastersCmx