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 Weekly Free Chat - 01/15/22
Posted: 2022-01-15T00:00:15+00:00
Author: /u/AutoModerator

Come here and talk about anything!

This post will stay stickied for (at least) the week-end. Please enjoy this space where you can talk about anything: your last game, your current project, your patreon, etc. You can even talk about video games, ask for a group, or post a survey or share a new meme you've just found. This is the place for small talk on /r/rpg.

The off-topic rules may not apply here, but the other rules still do. This is less the Wild West and more the Mild West. Don't be a jerk.

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 This (real!) 1694 mutiny that launched a bloody-handed pirate career makes a great template for an RPG adventure
Posted: 2022-01-19T11:30:21+00:00
Author: /u/MoltenSulfurPress
– submitted by – /u/MoltenSulfurPress
 Actual play of one session of AGON, illustrated via 39 ancient vases
Posted: 2022-01-18T20:35:40+00:00
Author: /u/dogblink
– submitted by – /u/dogblink
 Games based on 3d6
Posted: 2022-01-19T10:46:18+00:00
Author: /u/mhd

I'm currently looking for other games that use 3d6 for their core task resolution (so not as one possible dice pool or to generate attributes). Don't care whether that's roll over, roll under or something weird.

Candidates I can think of right now:

  • HERO
  • Fuzion (optionally)
  • AGE
  • Monsters & Magic
  • TFT
– submitted by – /u/mhd
 What is that one stupid idea that has just become a thing across all of your games, no matter how tone deaf it may be?
Posted: 2022-01-19T10:51:37+00:00
Author: /u/DTux5249

I say this, because one running joke that is throughout every game I've ever run, is the idea that Bulk/Bargain Barns are both multiversal and multiplanar constants.

I have had them pop up in each of the 9 hells, magical forests and deathly swamps. And at all times, they are manned by soulless employees attempting to sell memberships, and there is always an ajoined Starbucks for caffeine addiction.

They've even stretched out of my D&D fantasy games, and into my more serious ones. Including but not limited to Vampire The Masquerade, City of Mist, and Call of Cthulhu

What are some of your hilarious/stupid through lines in your games? Where'd they come from?

– submitted by – /u/DTux5249
 How to make your games feel “realistic” and increase player agency
Posted: 2022-01-18T15:45:05+00:00
Author: /u/PrismaticWasteland
– submitted by – /u/PrismaticWasteland
 [Introduction] Power Rangers Roleplaying Game by Renegade Game Studios
Posted: 2022-01-19T06:54:34+00:00
Author: /u/KyoshiroKami

Hello everyone!

Pre-orderers have already been able to take a look at the PDF of the new Power Ranger role-playing game. I have taken the trouble to present the most important elements. This is my most detailed contribution so far, because I go into the differences and similarities between the Essence20 system and the 5e and overall there are a few points that I have to criticize.

As always, I am very grateful for feedback. What are your impressions of the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game?

– submitted by – /u/KyoshiroKami
 How do you (like to) ensure there's enough for a whole campaign?
Posted: 2022-01-19T06:33:55+00:00
Author: /u/CallMeAdam2

Or rather, for a campaign of a length you want?

Story time.

I had a D&D 5e campaign that I intended to launch, but didn't. The way I went about things there was that there were four arcs: 1 adventure, 2 adventures, 2 adventures, 1 adventure. Each arc would be within one of the four tiers of play (as defined by the Player's Handbook), and tiers 2 and 3 were split into two adventures.

It'd be milestone levelling, so the party would level up only when I said so.

Now, I'm much more digging Pathfinder 2e. But I also re-discovered the ALexandrian's Don't Prep Plots article, and I got thinking again.

I really like how the Alexandrian put it, but it gave me a thought: what if my party solves the "adventure" too soon? Before I felt like it was a satisfying length? How do I do arcs?

I'm thinking that having gates would be helpful. As in, there's plenty to do, but there's bottlenecks where there's only one node for getting to the next "area." (Your quest is to kill this vampire. But there's only one way to find this info, and it's in this noble's monthly ball. Sure, there's plenty to do in preparation for the ball and plenty to do in the ball, but the ball's a constant.) But that feels like I'm going back to my first, more "plotty" way. Was my way plotty? I can't tell, I never even got to run it!

And then on top of it all, using XP is now feasible and even has merits because I'm thinking about Pathfinder 2e. So whether to use that or not is another layer to everything.

So what about you? Do you plan in arcs, or sections of the story? Bottlenecks? Gates? Something else? Or does it all just work out?

– submitted by – /u/CallMeAdam2
 Should I use this visual combat cue with my players?
Posted: 2022-01-19T05:35:51+00:00
Author: /u/LigmuhVariant

I have this idea, involving an alchemist “mini-boss” whom the players would fight. I think it would be fun to find a plastic beaker, or something similarly thematic, and fill it with gummy root beer bottles. Each bottle represents a potion in the alchemist’s arsenal.

If a potion is used against you, it is expended, and I (or the player) remove a gummy to represent the loss of resources. The intention here is that players will be able to see the remaining combat capacity of the alchemist as though they were removing potions from a pack.

(Maybe at the end you could compare who received the most gummies versus a mutation chart or something?).

I think it might be fun for a one-shot.

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– submitted by – /u/LigmuhVariant
 Help Me Find a Delta Green Scenarion
Posted: 2022-01-19T02:16:04+00:00
Author: /u/cugeltheclever2

Hi - I recall a DG scenario about a boy who reappears in a forest he disappeared in years later without having aged a day. Does anyone recognise this and know in what published book I might be able to find it?

edit: ugh, scenario, not scenarion.

– submitted by – /u/cugeltheclever2
 Which rpgs use all the poly dice?
Posted: 2022-01-18T23:07:21+00:00
Author: /u/chriscdoa

Obviously dnd style games use all the dice, but mostly just for damage.

Most games use d6s or d10

Which rpgs use different dice for normal rolls?

I can think of Savage Worlds and COrtex, but that's it.

What else is there?

– submitted by – /u/chriscdoa