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 /r/Pathfinder - Your home for Pathfinder Society Organized Play
Posted: 2015-09-02T20:48:01+00:00
Author: /u/Karthas

Welcome to /r/Pathfinder, a subreddit for the Society-offshoot of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Pathfinder Society (or PFS) is a weekly organized campaign, typically played at a local game store or similar venue. You can find more information on PFS at the official about page on Paizo's site.

Full explanation of the history of the "split" can be found here:

To head off the usual questions:
* No, you can't just merge subreddits.
* No, I'm not closing /r/Pathfinder_RPG and redirecting everyone over here.
* No, I'm not closing this subreddit and opening another one.
* Yes, I do suck. And I am dumb.

– submitted by – /u/Karthas
 Monthly Pathfinder Society Update
Posted: 2022-10-31T04:00:11+00:00
Author: /u/AutoModerator

To help reduce the misconception of what sub this is I will work on a monthly Society update that will be stuck to the top of the posts. I'll be gleaming this from the blog posts, VO Discord, updates to the sub and suggestions from the sub. Here is the link to the Paizo Monthly Update blog post.

Digital Adventure Releases

August 2022

These adventures will be available on August 31, 2022.

Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Society Intro: Year of Boundless Wonder\*
Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-02: Return to the Grave\*
Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-03: Linnorm's Legacy\*
Pathfinder Bounty #20: Burden in Bloodcove

Starfinder Society

Starfinder Society Scenario #5-06: Tarnished Legacy: Historia's Holdout\*
Starfinder Society Scenario #5-07: Planar Bloom\*

September 2022

These adventures will be available on September 28, 2022.

Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-04: To Seek the Heart of Calamity\*

Starfinder Society

Starfinder Society Scenario #5-08: Tarnished Legacy: Star Sugar Superstar!!!\*

*part of a subscription


Newly Sanctioned: Last month we sanctioned Dark Archive for Pathfinder Society and Redshift Rally for Starfinder Society! For Dark Archive, the Character Options are available for use, and the 8 Case File adventures have sanctioning documents

✎ EditSign on the product page. They all grant 2 XP and commensurate rewards. Redshift Rally is sanctioned for play, and its Character Options are available for use as well.

Upcoming: Lost Omens: Travel Guide sanctioning is finished and ready for a street date next week, so look for those Character Options next Wednesday! Crown of the Kobold King and the Dead Suns hardcover have both had their release dates shifted to October, but we should be on track to have them both ready on release. The Drift Crashers Adventure Path should also be sanctioned around the release of the third volume in October.

We do intend to sanction the Kingmaker Adventure Path and associated content for Pathfinder Society! However, it’s a lot of content that we have not yet started reviewing, so we can’t guarantee that sanctioning will be ready for its release at the end of October. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we make progress.

Guide Updates

Pathfinder Adventure Card Society

That’s right, there’s a PACS update! Been a while since we had one of those. We’ve long said that we intended to release one final version of the PACS Guide to cover any lingering issues and close out the program. Well, that day is today! The Guide has been updated to its final form at this time.

Major updates include the addition of Adventurer’s Packs, the sanctioning of content published on Infinite for play, and various other changes. The Guide is available for download now!

GM Recognition

Campaign Service Coins

While at Gen Con, I was able to award a number of additional Campaign Coins. We award these coins to members of the community who have gone above and beyond to provide an exceptional program to the community at large. Campaign Coins are awarded based on nominations; if you believe someone in your community is deserving of this award (whether or not they are a Venture Officer), send an email to organizedplay[at]paizo[dot]com with their name and reasons.

Congratulations to:
Chris Johnson, who now holds a Campaign Coin and Organized Play ID #858
Doug Edwards, who now holds a Campaign Coin and Organized Play ID #859
Kristin Bollerman, who now holds a Campaign Coin and Organized Play ID #860
Jim Crase, who now holds a Campaign Coin and Organized Play ID #861
Rebecca Fehn, who now holds a Campaign Coin and Organized Play ID #862
and Tim Munsie (TMun), who now holds a Campaign Coin and Organized Play ID #863

Order of the Wayfinder

In addition to the Campaign Service Coin, we also have one other award: the Order of the Wayfinder. This award is given out only once per year, and recognizes a member of the community who has provided exceptional service. Typically, we give this award to individuals who have taken on a particular project and knocked it out of the park. Previously, this award has been awarded to the head of our Additional Resources review team and our Regional Venture-Coordinator for the Online region, among others.

I am pleased to finally announce that the 2021 recipient of the Order of the Wayfinder is Barb Wilkins. Since 2018, Barb has been the one-woman show behind sending out volunteer agreements to our Venture Officers. Every year, this involves sending out literally hundreds of agreements to volunteers, ensuring that they’ve been signed and returned, and maintaining the master list of every Venture Officer worldwide. It’s a monumental task, and one that she has done for nearly four years now. Her work is undeniably vital to Organized Play, and I am delighted to have presented this award to her at Gen Con this year.

GM Ranks

Whether stars, novas, or glyphs, achieving a 5 ranking in any program involves a substantial amount of time. To achieve the fifth milestone, a GM must run 150 games, which must include at least 50 unique scenarios and 10 special scenarios, as well as run between one and three games for Venture-Captains (program dependent). A conservative estimate of the time needed to reach the 5th milestone is 650 hours!

This month, we had four GMs earn their 5th Star for PFS1 and two GMs earn their 5th Glyph for PFS2.

5th Star: Zackery Kuehn, Ben Tash, Christopher Waterfield, and Denis Wishnevsky
5th Glyph: Milan Badzic and Robert Bollerman

Upcoming Conventions

Paizo Conventions calendar

Tacticon 2022, 2DCon 2022, Dragonflight, DragonCon 2022, ReaperCon '22, Pacificon Game Expo 2022, Displacement Con 2022, PbP Gameday XI Begins, B-Con 2022, MegaMoose Con 2022, HMGS-SOUTH Hurricon 2022, Nuke-Con 2022, SkalCon 2022, Lone Star Game Expo, SydCon 22, Meeple-a-Thon 2022

Sub Updates

No updates at this time.

– submitted by – /u/AutoModerator
 Combat Gameplay help and tips for Monk requested
Posted: 2022-11-26T12:20:10+00:00
Author: /u/Vangor717

I'm currently playing a Monk of Four Winds with a focus on elemental abilities, but combat seems to be a little different than 5e which is what I'm used to. What tips and tricks in combat Gameplay can you guys offer for me to utilize in my playstyle?

– submitted by – /u/Vangor717
 bulk sale Pathfinder first edition books
Posted: 2022-11-24T03:58:12+00:00
Author: /u/Mephisto_Marquis
bulk sale Pathfinder first edition books – submitted by – /u/Mephisto_Marquis

 Character Conversion Guide For Brienne of Tarth
Posted: 2022-11-21T16:09:01+00:00
Author: /u/nlitherl
Character Conversion Guide For Brienne of Tarth – submitted by – /u/nlitherl

 Is there a way for me to get jpg versions of PF 1e adventure path battle maps?
Posted: 2022-11-18T16:59:32+00:00
Author: /u/Sassy_Drow

I am running games online (Have been ever since Covid hit) and I was thinking of starting to run PF modules starting from season one and while maps are provided in the books I don't know how I can use those maps on an online platform. Are there any sites or such that contain the maps? PS: I use FoundryVTT

– submitted by – /u/Sassy_Drow
 Feat selection help on ruffian rogue
Posted: 2022-11-17T18:03:07+00:00
Author: /u/leorising1

Hey All, I could use some help picking feats on my ruffian rogue that just reached level 3. He primarily fights with a longspear, using trip and demoralize to apply flat-footed. (Or flank if available.)

Level 2 build is as follows: (Trying to include only what’s relevant)

Human Ruffian Rogue Stats: 18/12/14/10/10/14

Expert in Athletics Trained in Intimidation

Incredible Initiative Intimidating Glare Titan Wrestler Toughness You’re Next

Some initial thoughts: (I know I’m mixing general and skill feats) Fleet - good on anyone Canny Acumen - boost Fortitude Dubious Knowledge - just for fun Assurance Athletics - is this any good? Diehard - you never know Weapon Proficiency - get a trip weapon

Any thoughts? Thanks!

– submitted by – /u/leorising1
 Bulk Selling Pathfinder books
Posted: 2022-11-15T19:42:00+00:00
Author: /u/Mephisto_Marquis
Bulk Selling Pathfinder books – submitted by – /u/Mephisto_Marquis

 Anything worth buying for a cloistered cleric at level 3?
Posted: 2022-11-14T18:34:23+00:00
Author: /u/Fed_up_with_Reddit

So my primary PFS character is a cloistered cleric with the wyrmkin domain. I recently got to level 3 and was wondering if there are any magic items worth buying? I’ve got about 100 gold to spend.

– submitted by – /u/Fed_up_with_Reddit
 Character Concept: The Unsettling Sorcerer
Posted: 2022-11-14T16:17:56+00:00
Author: /u/nlitherl
Character Concept: The Unsettling Sorcerer – submitted by – /u/nlitherl

 Wild Order Druid Low Level Items
Posted: 2022-11-14T12:06:02+00:00
Author: /u/cloudylemonss

Hi :)

I'm currently playing a gnome wild order Druid and am only level 2. I am accumulating gold and was wondering if there are any good items for a low level PC like mine at the moment?

– submitted by – /u/cloudylemonss
 Goblin spice latte
Posted: 2022-11-14T02:37:36+00:00
Author: /u/Thumpertack

Is playing a goblin alchemist in 2e basic?

– submitted by – /u/Thumpertack