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 /r/Pathfinder - Your home for Pathfinder Society Organized Play
Author: /u/Karthas

Welcome to /r/Pathfinder, a subreddit for the Society-offshoot of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Pathfinder Society (or PFS) is a weekly organized campaign, typically played at a local game store or similar venue. You can find more information on PFS at the official about page on Paizo's site.

Full explanation of the history of the "split" can be found here:

To head off the usual questions:
* No, you can't just merge subreddits.
* No, I'm not closing /r/Pathfinder_RPG and redirecting everyone over here.
* No, I'm not closing this subreddit and opening another one.
* Yes, I do suck. And I am dumb.

– submitted by – /u/Karthas
 I’d like to join PFS Organized play, what do I need to know?
Author: /u/lostgrail

Long time RPG player, played every edition of D&D since AD&D 1e. I loved 1e Pathfinder because it was closer to what I enjoyed about 3e than 4e. Haven’t trie 2e yet.

I’ve DMed for years, and I feel I need to play again. I’d like to try a new group, rather than my existing ones, and obviously “online” is the way to go given the Global Plague.

I’ve perused the previous seasons of PFS, and I like what I see. I also like the idea of organized play, but I’ve never been part of something like this. Closest I’ve been is playing games at Cons.

So, all that said, what do I need to jump in? I assume a character (is 1e still part of organized play? I have a lot of books/ legal PDFs for it, and nothing for 2e). Is there a recommended way to find a group (ie the L4G sub, somewhere else)?


– submitted by – /u/lostgrail
 We're making Dungeon Alchemist, an AI map-making tool for DM's, and we'd love to hear your thoughts!
Author: /u/SirDidymus
We're making Dungeon Alchemist, an AI map-making tool for DM's, and we'd love to hear your thoughts! – submitted by – /u/SirDidymus

 HeroForges color function really my Undine pirate to life! Ahoy Kahu!
Author: /u/Jyatohtah
HeroForges color function really my Undine pirate to life! Ahoy Kahu! – submitted by – /u/Jyatohtah

 [OC][ART] Nickolord - The Dragon Sorcerer (DM-me for more info)
Author: /u/gabteixeira_art
[OC][ART] Nickolord - The Dragon Sorcerer (DM-me for more info) – submitted by – /u/gabteixeira_art

 50% off Black Friday - Cyber Monday!
Author: /u/MadhouseMiniatures
 Looking for a short PFS scenario to use as a tutorial for my board game group. Any suggestions?
Author: /u/BON3SMcCOY

I'm an experienced AP GM and I'll have 2 veteran players and 2 that have never played an RPG, all of them are very very experienced with rules heavy crunchy games.

What I'm looking for in a module:

-adventure that can be completed in 1 session

-something made for level 2-4 PCs

-balance of RP/combat

– submitted by – /u/BON3SMcCOY
 Why do you love Pathfinder Society?
Author: /u/hscholen

Hi all! I'm a huge Pathfinder fan and player, and fairly new to Pathfinder society. I am writing a paper for my composition class about role-playing games and the culture behind them, and specifically focusing on Pathfinder Society! And I figured I'd turn to you: the community that loves it. If you want to help me out, just answer this question:

Why do you love being a part of the Pathfinder Society?

Let me know in the comments. And seriously, thank you all. I love the game and this community, and your help would be very, very much appreciated.

– submitted by – /u/hscholen
 Pathfinder Society for Non-Legal Tables
Author: /u/zanbato13

Hello. I'm going to be using the Society scenarios and bounties to run one shots online, but these won't be legal at all. It's just a series of em acting like a loosely tied together campaign of sorts.

My question; if I use experience points instead of three scenarios per level, what adjustments will I need to make to the scenarios and to loot and gold and such? If it's a normal campaign and not organized play at all, what needs to be done?

I won't be limiting character creation at all (like that Norgorber-worshiping NE Rogue) and won't be taking away anything they get at the end, so what they find, they keep, excluding obvious plot stuff in the scenario. I'd like to match the loot table in the core book as best I can, so advice anyway would be appreciated.

Is there a better source of PF2 one-session adventures I should be using instead?

– submitted by – /u/zanbato13
 Charm vs dominate?
Author: /u/JesseBaize

What’s the difference? If a person fails the secondary charm spell are they essentially dominated? Do they have to leave their party behind in a room to fight the monster that charmed him just because he was told to do so? Isn’t that a little overpowered for a first level spell? Why would you ever take dominate person at 4th level if you could just do that at 1st level?

– submitted by – /u/JesseBaize