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 /r/GURPS Monthly Campaign Update
Posted: 2023-12-01T11:00:55+00:00
Author: /u/AutoModerator

This is a monthly r/GURPS thread for anything and everything related to your own campaigns. Tell us how you and your friends are making out. Update us on the progress of your game. Tell us about any issues you've run into and maybe we can help. Make suggestions for other players and GMs.

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 /r/GURPS Weekly Discussion
Posted: 2023-11-27T23:00:20+00:00
Author: /u/AutoModerator

Weekly /r/GURPS Discussion thread. Feel free to talk about anything and everything GURPS related.

  • What are you currently playing or running?
  • What custom rules does your group play with?
  • Have any fun custom items, advantages, skills, or whatever else to share?
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 Import GCA5 Characters into GCS
Posted: 2023-12-02T05:04:21+00:00
Author: /u/Grevillian

I'm running a GURPS 4E game on Foundry using the excellent GURPS Game Aid. I bought, and use, GCA5 for managing the characters and then import them into Foundry.

Nose66 is making a new game aid for GURPS that will use GCS. I'd like to test it without recreating their characters from scratch. Is there a way to export a character from GCA5 and import it to GCS?

– submitted by – /u/Grevillian
 How much damage?
Posted: 2023-12-02T04:34:39+00:00
Author: /u/Glen_Garrett_Gayhart

How much dice of damage would you say this does, and would you have it be cutting or impaling damage?

If you were building this as an Innate Attack, what would be the exact modifiers you would give it?


Thanks for any suggestions!

– submitted by – /u/Glen_Garrett_Gayhart
 Department of Truth
Posted: 2023-12-02T05:37:42+00:00
Author: /u/Jboza

I’m working on a campaign based on the “Department of Truth” comic series. Lots of conspiracy investigation by the players acting as agents in modern times with plenty of pulp action. I’m pulling from Illuminati, Warehouse 23, Gun-Fu, Action Heroes, Mysteries, Horror, and maybe pulling some Monster Hunter and Cabal stuff into it. I love the comic series so don’t want to give too much away especially now that it’s being set up for screen writing. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

– submitted by – /u/Jboza
 Saw-style traps
Posted: 2023-12-01T19:49:01+00:00
Author: /u/Maxton1811

In a game I am running for my friends, they are going to be encountering a serial killer. Does anyone here have any good ideas for horrible traps they might have to deal with?

– submitted by – /u/Maxton1811
 Which Edition covers more rules / mechanics,?
Posted: 2023-12-01T09:14:17+00:00
Author: /u/Bitter_Hotel2217
– submitted by – /u/Bitter_Hotel2217
 A racial template for Others from A Song of Ice and Fire (A Game of Thrones)
Posted: 2023-11-30T00:39:51+00:00
Author: /u/Glen_Garrett_Gayhart

"Other" racial template:

ST +0, DX +0, IQ +0, HT +2 [20]

HP +10 (Unlivng) [20], Per +0, Will +0, FP +2


Freezing Aura [95]: Corrosion Attack 3d-1 (Aura +80%, Malediction 1 +100%, Based on HT (Own Roll) +20%, Low Signature +10%, Side Effect (Brittle [-15], Attribute Penalty HT -2) +35%, Doesn't work on stone/rock/glass/ice/crystaline/semi-crystaline substances -15%, Doesn't work on magical materials -10%, Melee Attack, Reach C, Cannot Parry -30%, Doesn't work on other Others -10%) [76] + Fatigue Attack 1d-1 (Aura +80%, Malediction 1 +100%, Based on HT (Own Roll) +20%, Hazard (Freezing) +20%, Low Signature +10%, Doesn't work on stone/rock/glass/ice/crystaline/semi-crystaline substances -15%, Doesn't work on magical materials -10%, Melee Attack, Reach C, Cannot Parry -30%, Doesn't work on other Others -10%) [19]

Chameleon 3 (Glamor at Will-4 -10%, Psychic -10%) [12]

Control Ice 2 (Psychic -10%, Alternate Ability) [27] + Temperature Control 12 (Cold -50%, Psychic -10%, Alternate Ability x1/5) [5]

Dominance [20]

DR 10 (Cold only -60%) [20]

Immunity to Cold [15]

Fit [5]

Injury Tolerance (Unliving) [20]

Mindlink (All other Others) (Psychic -10%) [27]

Multi-Corpse-Warging [432]: Affliction 1 (Mindlink (Afflictor) [5] +50%, Telekinesis 15 (Use Afflictor's Will instead of Own +20%, Melee Attack, Reach C, Cannot Parry -35%, Contact Agent -30%, Animation -30%, Self only -20%) [15] +150%, Low Signature +10%, Malediction 1 +100%, Melee Attack, Reach C, Cannot Parry -35%, Only on corpses -40%, Psychic -10%) [32] + Possession (Cosmic: No limit on how many targets can be possessed at once +300%, Telecontrol 2 +100%, Mindlink Required -40%, No Memory Access -10%, Corpses only -40%, Psychic -10%) [400] <- Consider giving a version of this without the Cosmic modifier to all Others other than the Night King

Reduced Consumption 4 [8]

Detect Minds (Long Range 2 +100%, Selective Effect +20%, Psychic -10%) [42]

Psychic Talent 1 [5]

Silence 3 (Glamor at Will-4 -10%, Psychic -10%) [12]

Telecommunication (Telesend) (Long Range 1 +50%, Only on willing or sleeping targets -10%, Racial -20%, Psychic -10%) [33]

Terrain Adaptation (Snow) [5]

Unaging [15]

Unkillable 1 (Achilles' Heel (Fire) -50%, Achilles' Heel (Obsidian) -30%, Achilles' Heel (Magic) -50%) [10]


Cannot Speak (Mute) [-25] <- Only apply if you think the Others actually can't talk and aren't just reticent about it

Dependency (Freezing environment) (Constantly x5) [-50]

Fragile (Unnatural) [-50]

Frightens Animals [-10]

Intolerance (All non Others) [-10]

Social Stigma (Other) (Only for non-Others -20%) [-16]

Susceptible 5 (Heat) [-10]

Unusual Biochemistry [-5]

Vulnerability (Obsidian, x4) [-40]

Vulnerability (Fire, x4) [-60]

Vulnerability (Magic, x4) [-60]


Total cost: 512 with Multi-Warging, 212 with Single-Warging

Note: this is based on book Others, not show Others

– submitted by – /u/Glen_Garrett_Gayhart
 Blood Meridian Characters
Posted: 2023-11-29T20:11:24+00:00
Author: /u/Tito_BA

I'm halfway through the book, and I began to think how would the characters in the book could be depicted using GURPS rules.

So far I'm thinking about The Kid, Glanton, Toadvine and the Judge.

The Kid: loads of Luck and advantages to keep him unscathed.

Toadvine: he's a horse-thief, so I'm thinking about good riding skills.

Glanton: apart from being a tough leader and a good shot, he also befriends a dog and talks to his horse.

The Judge: now he's a real puzzle. You can either put him at a high point-level with loads of skills, or go with the theory that he's the Devil, and design accordingly.

Has anybody thought about it?

– submitted by – /u/Tito_BA
 version six: categories appeared
Posted: 2023-11-29T13:53:29+00:00
Author: /u/Adventurous-Art-1161
 how to build a Pile bunker as equippable weapon or innate attack?
Posted: 2023-11-29T16:31:46+00:00
Author: /u/Craftcoat

We are playing in a game largely inspired by XCOM and Phoenix point and i am playing a Combat Mechanoid of about 2,5 Meters in height.

How would i need to build a Pile Bunker style melee weapon As either equippable gear or innate attack?

i want it to consume ammo and a small magazine with a firerate low enough to have at least 1 round of cooldown inbetween uses

In case anyone needs to know what a pile bunker is here is an Article:

– submitted by – /u/Craftcoat
 Is GURPS WWII: Weird War II connected to Savage Worlds?
Posted: 2023-11-29T15:09:04+00:00
Author: /u/Adventurous-Art-1161,preparation%20over%20realism%20or%20detail

– submitted by – /u/Adventurous-Art-1161