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This site features resources for the tabletop RPG crowd. You'll find adventure ideas, artwork, maps, dice odds, gaming tips, useful random generators, reference materials, industry links and RSS news feeds. There are even a handful of resources for board game fans.

The primary purpose of this site is to support my tabletop and play-by-post roleplaying groups. Players can find important information related to the Lands of Xina, Ascendant, Legend and Dinky Dragons campaigns. If you might be interested in joining, please visit the forums.

Today's featured gaming tool: Newspaper Name Generator
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Gaming Tips
Tips for Players
Teach a skill to another character, allowing them to spend experience points on something new.

Tips for GameMasters
Quick Combat - Unless your players love tactical battles on a hex mat with figurines, use cinematic descriptions of combat actions. Don't let system rules slow down the game to the point where one fight scene takes longer than five roleplay scenes. Reward players who give interesting descriptions of their actions by making them more likely to succeed.

From the RPG Glossary...
Butt break - a brief get-up-and-walk-around break taken late in a game session, for the purpose of recharging energy and restoring feeling to certain parts of the body.
Gaming Humor
When I Am the Evil Overlord...
After I captures the hero's superweapon, I will not immediately disband my legions and relax my guard because I believe whoever holds the weapon is unstoppable. After all, the hero held the weapon and I took it from him.

You Might Be A Gamer If...
You've ever spent more time in a single gaming session than a Jerry Lewis Marathon... and you do this regularly.

Gamer To Avoid
The Loony - Similar to the Joker, his sense of humor damages the plot through bizarre actions. When asked to stun the ogre, rather than casting a spell, he runs up and kisses it.

Things I Learned While Gaming
Polka is not appropriate marching music.